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November 1, 2019

What is on my radar?

Events are hurling at us at an alarming rate.  I am changing Behind the Scenes with Celeste to Week in Review, so that I can prepare for the True Legends conference, finish books, and write articles.

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Celestial Report

On my show this week, I will walk you through the space weather dashboard, herbal and influenza homeopathic remedies for influenza, and A Rainbow of Colorful Health and radio-protection.

Weather and Space Weather

Today, let us learn about the gravitation effect on the earth and how it will play an important role in the End Days as God, who once separated the continents, will now begin to break them apart.  It seems everything is being broken up in these days of judgment.  We will look at the Dzhanibekov Effect and also the formation and break up of super continents under Earth Changes.

Dzhanibekov Effect applied to Earth Gravitational Model

Background Video

Part 1

Part 2

All is quiet on the sun, and solar streams have ceased for now.  The big news in the weather is the bitter cold and snow around the country.  Take time to get informed about the space weather that will be slamming into all of us and disrupting your life, for the rest of you life.  The duration depends upon who you ask but quotes go from 100 years to 1000 years.  This is an Extinction Level Event that we have entered.  Be prepared.





Space Weather Dashboard On my show this week I will walk you through the basics of the space weather dashboards.


Lastly, today: U.S. Interior Department is grounding its new Chinese-made drones. In July, against the warnings of the Department of Homeland Security and outside experts, Interior officials approved the purchase of two types of consumer drones made by China's DJI. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports, the department is grounding all of its 800-plus drones. The Verge has a non-paywalled account, here.


California to ban the use of all Ham radio repeaters unless operators pay the massive state fees http://bit.ly/2BXEDZL


Lots of closed-door meetings on the Hill and in the White House, including a Science and Technology meeting.  When the doors start shutting to the public, there has been a shift in our government. Our government has been operating in two modes for some time:

  • In your face
  • Behind closed doors

Once behind the doors, we have moved to a more authoritarian, unaccountable, form of government.

From the closed-door impeachment hearings: National Security Council staffer Tim Morrison has already arrived for his day with House lawmakers today, The Hill's Olivia Beavers tweeted today from Capitol Hill. Morrison is the second White House official to testify who heard President Trump's quite problematic phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart in July


Critical to Understand!

A proliferation of potential threats and attacks is facing the average citizen

Every citizen is now a de facto combatant, no matter how unwelcome this thought maybe. Consequently:

- Every citizen must begin to think and respond like a combatant.

- Every citizen must be a sensor, able to apply critical thinking and scientifically-informed education and rationalism to their daily lives and to the information they encounter.

Competition and Conflict are Blurring: The dichotomy of war and peace is no longer a useful construct for thinking about national security or the development of land force capabilities. There are no longer defined transitions from peace to war and competition to conflict. This state of simultaneous competition and conflict is continuous and dynamic, but not necessarily cyclical. Potential adversaries will seek to achieve their national interest short of conflict and will use a range of actions from cyber to kinetic against unmanned systems walking up to the line of a short or protracted armed conflict. Authoritarian regimes can more easily ensure unity of effort and whole-of-government over Western democracies and work to exploit fractures and gaps in decision-making, governance, and policy.

The globalization of the world - in communications, commerce, and belligerence (short of war) - as well as the fragmentation of societies and splintering of identities has created new factions and "tribes," and opened the aperture on who has offensive capabilities that were previously limited to state actors. Additionally, the concept of the competition itself has broadened as social media, digital finance, smart technology, and essential online services add to a growing target area.

Adversaries seek to shape public opinion and influence decisions through targeted information operations campaigns, often relying on weaponized social media. Mad Scientists

Are you preparing yourself for Personalized Invisible Warfare?

Science and history prove that keeping ahead of the competition is essential to individual and group survival. Our adversaries have inspected both our vulnerabilities and our strengths and are designing, building, and applying hybrid strategies and capabilities to exploit the former while avoiding the latter. The Operational Environment is now ubiquitous, and our adversaries’ work is often unseen. No longer is a war fought "in faraway places against people of which we know nothing," to modify Neville Chamberlain's quote from 1938; the fight is here. Battle lines are no longer linear and on foreign soil; our adversaries operate in the light of day through cyber lines of communication and are even now reaching into governments, businesses, homes, and devices right here in our homeland. Smart bombs can attack single buildings, but weaponized information can facilitate personalized warfare, precisely targeting specific devices and attacking individual brains.

Disposable versus Exquisite: Current thinking espouses technologically advanced and expensive weapons platforms over disposable ones, which brings with it an aversion to employing these exquisite platforms in contested domains and an inability to rapidly reconstitute them once they are committed and subsequently attrited. In LSCO, with a near-peer competitor, the ability to reconstitute will be imperative. The Army (and larger DoD) may need to shift away from large and expensive systems to cheap, scalable, and potentially even disposable unmanned systems (UCS). Additionally, the increases in miniaturized computing power in cheaper systems, coupled with advances in machine learning, could lead to massed precision rather than sacrificing precision for mass and vice versa.

This challenge is exacerbated by the ability for this new form of mass to quickly aggregate/disaggregate, adapt, self­-organize, self-heal, and reconstitute, making it largely unpredictable and dynamic. Adopting these capabilities could provide the U.S. Army and allied forces with an opportunity to use mass precision to disrupt enemy Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act (OODA) loops, confuse kill chains/webs, overwhelm limited adversary formations, and exploit vulnerabilities in extended logistics tails and advanced but immature communication networks.

Dept. of Interior Grounds Its Chinese-Made Drones 

Agency leaders green-lit the purchases in July despite warnings from DHS and outside experts that Beijing might collect data from the drones.


Chandra's X-ray Files on Nova remnants

Your awe-inspiring images for today!

Earth Changes

These two videos are a MUST WATCH! 

What makes the earth move?



Supercontinental Formation Video Link


Supercontinent Breakup Video Link


Get ready for a surge in thunderbolts from the heavens as plasma discharges increase!

CLOSE ENCOUNTER WITH A GIGANTIC JET: When you see lightning, run! That’s what NOAA advises in lightning safety brochures. On Oct. 15th, however, pilot Chris Holmes had no place to go when the lightning started to crackle in thunderstorms around his aircraft.

"I was flying 35,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico near the Yucatan Peninsula when a supercell started pulsing with light," he says. "It wasn't just ordinary lightning, though. The cell was creating lots of sprites and jets leaping up from the thunderhead." At a distance of only 35 miles, he video-recorded this:

"It was the most amazing thing I've seen in my aviation career," he says.

Holmes had a close encounter with a Gigantic Jet. Sometimes called "Earth’s tallest lightning," because they reach to the ionosphere ~50 miles high, the towering forms were discovered near Taiwan and Puerto Rico in 2001-2002. Since then, only dozens of Gigantic Jets have been photographed. In previous images taken by cameras on the ground, it's almost always impossible to see the base of the jet over the edge of the thundercloud. That’s why Holmes’s video is special. He was filming above the storm at practically point-blank range.

"His clip shows very nicely the top of the cloud where the jet emerges, which is usually hidden from view," says Oscar van der Velde of the Lightning Research Group at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya who examined the footage. "I split the video into individual frames so we can see exactly what happens."

Van der Velde’s deconstruction reveals the order of events: “First, relatively cool blue filaments spring up. These are streamers akin to Saint Elmo’s Fire,” he explains. “Next, after the Jet reaches its maximum height, another feature crawls more slowly out of the cloud-top–a white-hot ‘lightning leader.'”

It turns out, this is a bit of a surprise. For years, some researchers thought that Gigantic Jets could reach such extreme heights only if their streamers got a boost from the lightning leader. Holmes’s video shows just the opposite: The Gigantic Jet reaches the ionosphere before the lightning leader even leaves the cloud.

“This suggests that there may be a much more powerful electric configuration inside the thunderstorm than was previously thought–perhaps as much as 200 million volts," says van der Velde.

It just goes to show, we still have a lot to learn about Gigantic Jets. spaceweather.com

Plasma Discharge, more coming:  Lightning strike leaves a 15-foot hole in Fort Worth parking lot http://bit.ly/2PDVjxk


AI to Measure & Assess Applicant Cultural Alignment

An introduction into how HR and recruiting professionals can attract and retain top talent by showcasing their company’s unique culture. The discussion focuses on leveraging AI applications to measure, re-engineer, and monitor applicant values and to score each individual’s alignment with the company’s culture—before the hire.

Participants will learn how engineering value-cultural alignment can benefit.

Ancient Civilizations/History

Hidden History of America

Many petroglyphs show celestial wonders that the ancients witnessed around the world.  They left these as a witness for those who have begun to experience the last Extinction Level Event that will be accompanied by signs in the heavens according to scripture.

Mesa Prieta Petroglyphs http://bit.ly/2N3I4o2

Archaic Petroglyphs of Mesa Prieta, Northern New Mexico http://bit.ly/2PD3Kc8



Supper’ Makes Its Museum Debut in Florence

Plautilla Nelli was likely the first woman in history to paint the iconic biblical scene.

Plautilla Nelli's restored "Last Supper," painted around 1568, newly installed in the old refectory of the Santa Maria Novella Museum.
Plautilla Nelli's restored "Last Supper," painted around 1568, newly installed in the old refectory of the Santa Maria Novella Museum. Rabatti & Domingie


Those not in the AI matrix of the beast system might not have access to food unless they provide blood first. 

Something that I am keeping an eye on is a new thrust towards a personalized Phytochemical Index within the Personalized Medicine program.  What that means to you is a requirement for you to submit your DNA to your physician.  You may see the day that not only will your food be sold by the 1/1000th of a calorie and molecule, but also by the global agenda and what AI says your DNA says you require.

"In theory, the practice would have people receiving free vaccinations through the Bill Gates foundation if they have an ID chip implant. In turn, these implants would carry encrypted, blockchain-backed data that allow for easy access to services you can’t normally get without an ID.

It could also help social workers and researchers keep up with who is up-to-date on their vaccinations."

Last Word

Promise: Protection from Attacking Demons Flooding the Earth
Psalm 91:7-8

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Psalm 91:7-8

In Jesus, you will be spared even from calamities that will fell masses of humanity round about you.  This refers to the left hand, which is limited in power as it is the unclean hand in Middle-Eastern cultures.  The right hand, however, is the preferred hand and is known for its enhanced strength and can fell ten thousand.

One Hebrew commentator says this means that thousands and myriads of demons will fall before the person who is shielded by God's truth.  

Another commentator perceives this as a description of the enemies of God who fall before them in battle.  Despite the fact that the pestilence..and the destroyer....lay waste to a thousand...at your left side and a myriad at your right hand, nevertheless to you it (i.e., the pestilence) shall not approach you. For the person of faith is shielded from the forces of evil by a vanguard of angels on is left and right sides. Ordinarily, a master who controls thousands of servants is expected to sustain them.  Not so a person with guardian angels for they are sustained by God.  No protection payment is required.

Myriads of angels have been created especially for your protection.  Lord, please give us eyes to see their protection given at the command of Almighty God.  You shall be protected from the myriads of attacking demons flooding the earth.


God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

  • Train-the-Trainer
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  • Rapid Evaluation of Structures-Earthquakes
  • Weather Spotter for National Weather Service
  • Logistics, Operations, Communications
  • Community Emergency Response Team Leader
  • Behavior Recognition

Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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