Dino-Soaprus Rex

Dino-Soaprus Rex


  Rich       Beneficial     Unrefined


Shepherds Heart soap artisans have discovered the Dino-Soaprus-Rex! 

Dino-Soaprus-Rex lived in the misty dawn...

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  Rich       Beneficial     Unrefined


Shepherds Heart soap artisans have discovered the Dino-Soaprus-Rex! 

Dino-Soaprus-Rex lived in the misty dawn of planet earth.  The world was vital with potent minerals.  Dinosaurs freely roamed nourishing landscapes of verdant forests and lush steppes.

Dino-Soaprus-Rex habitat was mountains, valleys and swamps filled with aromatic and alluring combinations of evergreens, flowers, and vegetation.  Tall balsam trees majestically reached into the firmament with pleasure but they wept golden tears down their bark for they thought it sad that humanity would never know healing power and aromatic sensation of the Dino Soaprus Rex.

Imprinting from the T-Rex’s bold and complex characteristics, Dino-Soaprus-Rex reveals the nature of this fierce beast.  Are you ready to excavate a truly remarkable creature?

The Dino Soaprus Rex has a leathery skin in a hue of red, brown, and yellow resulting in a camouflage sandy color.  Dino Soaprus Rex is a heavy, tenacious, and aromatic creation.

Each Dino Soaprus Rex has distinct characteristics and aroma:


  • Spicy, reflecting his dynamic and diverse character
  • Earthy, grounding and promoting his sense of well-being
  • Musky,  a derivative  from his moisture-laden domain
  • Smoky, harkening back to primeval volcanoes veiling the earth with smoke.  His smoky camouflage veil adds to his mystic.
  • Warmth, an inner warmth emanates from his being
  • Rich, this King has a commanding presence
  • Spicy-balsamic, reveals sassy notes for the adventurous
  • Sweet balsamic undertone, singing a sweet melody in a fragrant symphony
  • Soft balsamic,  shimmering with supple moisturizing oils
  •  Lemon, a tartness of spirit
  • Camphor note, penetrating the spirit and the body
  • Green-woodsy, pine aroma reminiscent of lingering fragrant forests,
  • Sweet, honey-like, a peculiar endearment drawing you to experience healing pleasures

These fragrance qualities are well blended into coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil and rich Kinder goat milk for raw moisturizing power. 

Crystalline salts are harvested from ancient Dead Sea mineral deposits.  These minerals are swirled into 15 abundant moisturizing oils leaving intricate designs and patterns.   

The Dino Soaprus Rex is an exotic medicinal specimen.  In brief, the unusual combination is healing for the nervous system, aroma-therapy, olfactory (nose), heart, veins, blood, respiratory system, metabolism, skin, and uplifts and draws forth a spiritual connection.  As this bar infuses health to the immune system as it fends off dangerous pathogenic predators.

It is particularly valuable for people trapped emotionally or spiritually and who desire to move forward in their lives. This soap seems to lift feelings of weakness, apathy and lack of incentive and yet has a cooling effect, taming savage and unbridled emotion.

What is the DNA of this creature?  We can’t say, but you will find that each Dino Soaprus Rex has Frankincense, Myrrh, Balsam, Clove, Galbanum, Cassia, Spikenard, Saffron, Costus, Aromatic Barks, Cinnamon essential oils, as well as white wine, lye (which makes it real soap), mineral-dense Dead Sea Salt, and Kinder goat milk that moisturizes and whitens each soap while facilitating a lofty fragrance that can restores the soul.  Each person will discover pleasant and familiar fragrance notes.

Dazzle yourself, your family, and friends by gifting this Dino Soaprus Rex artifact.  Fun for kids of all ages!

The Dino Soaprus Rex revelation is a once-in-a-lifetime handcrafted soap rarity.

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