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Includes 1 HelixLife LightTower Vest for hands-free use. Choose the same as your t-shirt size when ordering. Note: Due to high sales volume exceeding our production, we are currently shipping about 12 days after the order is processed. Thanks for your patience. The HelixLife Team

EMFs effect living systems at the quantum level, causing damaging disruptions and are on the list for Class 2B "possible" carcinogens, according to the World Health Organization.  

The HelixLife LightTower applies quantum physics to neutralize EMFs by delivering coherent biophotons vital for EMF shielding and the body's natural healing and immune functions.

Benefits include:

  • - LightTowers produce a beam of coherent biophotons with a range of 40 feet.
  • - LightTowers are ultra-portal - no wires or electricity needed. They fit in your hand, purse or pocket, and can be worn in our specially made vest for all day hands free protection.
  • - Ideal for people who live and work in high EMF environments, athletes, EHS sufferers, and those struggling with wellness issues.
On the face of the LightTower is the design of a nautical compass rose with the middle directional arrow pointing towards the magnetic North.
Due to the underlying quantum physics at work in these elegant devices are uni-directional and the compass rose helps users point the device in the right direction. To learn more, click here to go to HelixLife's site.
It should be noted that there is no religious symbolism or mystical meaning in the compass design, rather a straightforward function to improve the usability of the uni-directional LightTower.




Learn a more about biophotons, click here.

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  • Size: 3.5"x 3.5"x3/8". 
  • Material: Made from 316 medical grade Surgical Stainless Steel. Because the quality and process of how the steel is made is very important to how the Tower produces the effects, our research lead us to source our steel in Sweden. The factory we found there has a proprietary process that produces a superior hypoallergenic stainless steel that holds the molecular bonding in alignment. This alignment is very important to how photons react to electrons in producing the shielding effects. 316 Stainless steel is waterproof, sweatproof & rust proof.

People, pets, plants and water. Placing LightTower under a glass of water will structure the water in a few seconds.

The LightTower is powered by photons (light particles) and earth’s natural, healing magnetic fields. No crystals, magnets or electricity are required. Any EMF products that require power are adding to the problem of EMF not healing it.

Since the LightTower is powered by photons and the eraths magnetic fields it will last for decades.

Best when used between 50°F and 105°F.    Outside those temperatures, the molecules are too close or too far apart to ‘talk’ and they rest until temperatures come back into that range. If you are in cold conditions it is permissable to use a DC (12volt) heater to keep the LightTower functioning. Any use of AC electric heaters nearby has the potential to create faint magnetic fields that neutralize the effects of the Towers and as such are not recommended.

For specific use, place LightTower on or under body part that needs attention and use it as much as possible.

For long term use and to enjoy the cumulative effects , use it often and for longer periods of time. The more you use and the longer the sessions are with the LightTower, the more cumulative the benefits are. This is powerful focused technology, be conservative when first using the LightTower. For general use we recommend starting out with 5-15 minute sessions and, based on how you feel, continuing and working your way up to 60 minute or longer increments, with the goal of wearing it all day. Multi day wearing of the LightTower with the included vest will result in the effects being felt even when you remove the LightTower for a long periods of time. This is your body adjusting and operating at optimal EMF free levels!

Must be worn or aimed at any part of the body, pet or plant. For more detailed instructions, view our included Quick Start manual and the in depth potential applications summary included with the purchase.

The LightTower is a more focused effect than the Pendant, and is roughly 16x stronger than the Pendant. What the Pendant will do in 6 months, the LightTower will do in 1 month. It can be used in your hand, set on top of a desk or table, resting your arm or hand on it or worn in our LightTower vest.

  • 20+ feet in the direction the LightTower is facing. Obviously the closer to the Tower the better, but the effective range is quite good.The engraved compass rose designates the face of the LightTower. When focusing it on the body, the arrow should should be pointing up, towards the heart or head. PLacing it under your arm, the arrow would face up the arm towards the shoulder. It can also be placed under a seat cushion and you can sit on it. The effects will easily pass thru any number of layers of textiles and the full effects will be enjoyed.
    • Photons are sub-atomic in size and are very fast. Because the LightTowers are using plasmonic technology and creating a coherent environment, the photons are uniformly accelerated and are able to pass thru textiles, walls, wood, metal, traveling through and around virtually any substance and acting on that environment over 100,000 times per second.

Safe for use with any on-board medical devices- pacemakers etc. Safe for use on aircraft, trains, cars or any vehicle. The LightTower effects in no way interact and are completely safe to use with any medications or prescriptions you may be on. Safe for babies, nursing moms, children at home or at school and senior citizens. There are no age restrictions young or old from the benefits of our technology. Safe for use any size animal from the smallest to largest.

If you are wearing or using a LightTower in the provided vest, do not , at the same time, wear the Pendant. If the devices are pointing at each other, their effects are canceled out.  Devices must be pointing towards different areas of the body, not at each other.  If the Light Tower is used on another part of the body away from the pendant, that is fine, as long as the devices are not facing each other.  This doesn’t affect the devices themselves but it does cancel the effects. As soon as you point them away from each other, their full performance is immediately restored.

  • Magnetism, even a faint magnetic field, will ‘turn off’ the LightTower. Make sure any nearby metal in belts, necklaces, watches or clothing is not magnetic. Using a LightTower near an Apple Watch or similar device on the wrist may cause the LightTower to stop working. A simple orienteering or field compass can be used to detect faint magnetic fields. First, find true North with the compass (preferably outdoors where there is no magentic interference) and then moving the compass around the suspected interferring location or device, check for any slight deviation from North as an indication of magnetism. You can also test magnetism by passing your compass near your referigerator or an outlet to give you an idea of how far out magnetic interference can spread.

In our over 22 years of research and development there are no instances of negative effects on any biological systems; people, plants or animals. The LightTowers and Pendants are perfectly safe and only produce a positive beneficial environment for the human body, plants and animals to function in.

Since the LightTower is photon powered, it will maintain 100% of its healthy energy benefits for many decades. This is something that you can pass on to your loved ones.

Included with your LightTower purchase:  One LightTower and the hands-free vest. Also included will be a PDF manual on the many uses of the Lightower and a few fun things you can demonstrate to others to show how the interference of EMF impacts our lives and how sheilding from EMF can have an immediate affect. You will have the opportunity to select your vest size at checkout. Please choose one size larger than your tee-shirt size to allow for the vest to fit over the light shirt. Additional vests can be purchased separately. Please contact us at for additiional vests or questions you may have.


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