The most scientifically advanced wellness and EMF shielding technology available today.
The smallest product that combines biophotonics and ion research into an ultra-portal device for every day EMF shielding and physical performance improvement.
On the face of the pendant is the design of a engraved nautical compass rose with the middle directional arrow pointing towards north. This is actually important for some of the uses of the pendant as the arrow in the center needs to be point north to pick up the earths magnetic lines.
The compass arrow direction of North also relates to the polarity and the directional flow of the highly coherent biophotons. When using on yourself or holding it vertical, the arrow needs to point up and when using in a horizontal position it needs to point to magnetic north.
There is no religious symbolism or new age meaning in the design.
Comes with a beautiful stainless steel necklace chain in either Adult or Child size.
With a proper placement over the Thymus gland and the embossed compass facing away from the body, pointing up, this Pendant provides a gentle, consistent source of protection and wellness.
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Our immune system is massively underrated as an instrument of good health. It is severely hampered by the environment we have created."

​- Dr. Jeffery Scholm, PhD Head, Immunotherapeutics Group, Center for Cancer Research, USA.


Today your immune system is underattack. Whether it's vaccines, GMO's, climate change, electromagnetic radiation or the stress of our busy lives. Your immune systems needs to be protected or you are living with an underperforming system. Now you can take control and fight back.

HelixLife Pendants use advanced quantum physics and biophotonics to produce a 3D harmonic shield around your systems at the quantum level.

We support you at the very genesis of your health, so that your immune system, nervous system and cognitive systems are no longer suppressed.  




Anecdotal benefits reported by users

  • - Helps restore optimal integrity of biological Systems 
  • - Energize, strengthen and regenerate the body
  • - Promotes alertness for long driving,
  • - Reduces jet lag and travel fatigue
  • - Blood oxygen levels rise and hold consistent
  • - Circulation improves Asthma attacks are reduced
  • - Faster recovery from exercise and muscle use
  • - Improved concentration
  • - Less brain fog
  • - Faster injury recovery
  • - Faster healing from surgeries, cuts etc
  • - Calmness which improved adrenal issues
  • - More restful sleep
  • Wear it daily to enjoy consistent oxygen levels (measured by a fingertip pulse oximeter), which may have cumulative positive effects on your biological systems- immune, endocrine, Lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, brain and circulation 

Product Details

  • Size: 1.5" x 1.5"  x 1/16"

  • Material:  Made from 316 medical grade Surgical Stainless Steel. Because the quality and process of how the steel is made is very important to how the Pendant produces the effects, our research lead us to source our steel in Sweden. The factory we found there has a proprietary process that produces a superior hypoallergenic stainless steel that holds the molecular bonding in alignment. This alignment is very important to how photons react to electrons in producing the shielding effects. 316 Stainless steel is waterproof, sweatproof & rust proof.

  • Benefit Application: People, pets, plants and water.

  • Power:  Pendant is powered by photons (light particles) and earth’s natural, healing magnetic fields. No crystals, magnets or electricity.

  • Temperature: Best when used between 50°F and 105°F. When worn against the body, body heat will keep the pendant in the correct temperature range. Outside those temperatures the molecules are too close or too far apart to ‘talk’ and they rest until temperatures come back into that range.

  • For Daily use: Can be worn 24/7. The more you wear the pendant the more the cumulative effects grow. If you are using the LightTower, the pendant is used to 'maintain' progress made in clearing the effects of EMF on the body. It is a more gentle, slow improvement device for EMF.

  • Application: Must be worn or near touching to be effective. Skin or near skin contact is best for full effects.

  • Sizing: Adults & Children –one size fits all

  • Effective range: With emblem facing away from skin, the backside of the pendants field is treating the body with coherent frequencies. Radiating outwards from the front, the emblem creates a 3D catalyst field that shields the body from incoming EMF stressors.

  • Safe for use with any medical devices- pacemakers etc. Safe for use with any medications or prescriptions you may be on. Safe with babies, nursing mom’s and children at home or at school.

  • Neutralizing effects:

    • When wearing or using a LightTower in conjunction with the Pendant, be sure it is pointing to a different part of the body and not at the pendant. When the devices are pointing at each other, their effects are canceled out. Devices must be pointing towards different areas of the body, not at each other. If the Light Tower is used on another part of the body away from the Pendant, that is fine as long as the devices are not facing each other. This doesn’t effect the devices themselves, so as soon as you point them away from each other, their full performance is immediately restored.

    • Magnetism, even a faint magnetic field, will ‘turn off’ the Pendants effects. Make sure any other necklace or nearby metal is not magnetic. Using a simple orienteering field compass will detect magnetism by moving the needle.

  • No Known Negative Effects: Over our 22 years of research and development there are no instances of negative effects on any biological systems; people, plants or animals. The Pendants are perfectly safe and only produce a positive beneficial environment for the body, plants and animals to function in.

    Lifetime energy: Since the Pendant is photon powered it will maintain 100% of its healthy energy benefits for many decades. This is something that you can pass on to your loved ones.

    Included: one Pendant, one installed 1mm Stainless Steel necklace chain & Instruction manual

    NOTE: Do not replace the chain the Pendant comes with, with one you purchase or have on hand. The power of the Pendant comes from photonic power and the earths natural magnetic fields. Even a small manmade magnetic field embedded in a chain you might add will CANCEL the effects. We have experimented extensively during our research and even silicon cord can carry a slight charge that will neutralize the effects. Sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you of chain options coming soon. We are working on having a sterling silver option very soon.