new emf products

Your Personal EMF Oasis

Protect yourself in any environment

  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
  • Radio frequencies (RF)
  • Ionizing & Non-Ionizing Radiation
  • Chemicals in the air, soil and food
  • Current & Emerging Wireless Technologies

Shepherds Heart and HelixLife have teamed up to bring this unique solution to protecting the bodies systems against the growing EMF problem.

As technology has grown from the early days of AC electricity (alternating current) powering our cities to the newest millimeter wave, WiFi and digital 5G, we have been bathed in EMF/RF ( electroMagnetic Radiation). Even as we try to protect ourselves and loved ones, we are involuntarily exposed to EMR as we go about our lives at home, around town, traveling and daily living. As the technology and our exposure to more disruptive frequencies increases we need an immediate preventive action plan to protect against this wide array of environment assaults.

Experience a "Garden of Eden" experience free from the disruptive energy produced from today's modern technology and household appliances.


Shepherds Heart and Helix Life are leveraged to offer you a balanced, secure, and safe system that when used good sense living, will optimize your health!

Enjoy physical health, mindful living, and peace of mind today!