4" HelixLife Bioplates

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Bioplates are a series of plates precisely imprinted using plasmonic technology to create a resonate frequency and coherent beam of biophotons to counter the effects of EMF pollution at the molecular level.  This frequencies produce two amazing results:
  1. EMF-free environment where ever it shines, allowing any biological system in its beam to experience life in a stable, natural state. 
  2. Beneficial frequencies that carry balancing, restorative and regenerative performance enhancing fields shown to boost the bodies systems, restore optimal performance and increase oxygen saturation levels.


  • Ultra-portable
  • fit in your hand, purse or pocket, or in our hands-free HelixLife Bioplate Vest (included with purchase)
  • Ideal for people who:
    • live and work in high EMF environments
    • athletes
    • EHS sufferers
    • those struggling with wellness issues.

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