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The most popular, powerful and portable EMF-free technology device we make.  Ideal for people who live and work in high EMF environments.  First-hand experience shows improved Oxygen Saturation levels, reduced scar tissues, better peace of mind and clarity of thought.  Ultra-portal - no wires or batteries.  Comes with a comfortable vest for hands-free uses. 

LightTowers are a series of plates precisely imprinted using plasmonic technology to create a resonate frequency and coherent beam of biophotons to counter the effects of EMF pollution at the molecular level.  This beam produces two amazing results:

EMF-free environment where ever it shines, allowing any biological system in its beam to experience life in a stable, natural state Beneficial frequencies that carry balancing, restorative and regenerative performance enhancing fields shown to boost the bodies systems, restore optimal performance and increase oxygen saturation levels.  

Enjoy modern tech like electric cars, smart watches, Bluetooth® and wi-fi without headaches, fatigue, brain fog or weakened performance.   

 If you travel in airplanes or work in buildings with wi-fi and fluorescent lights you are inundated with EMFs that are shown to have affects such as headaches, fatigue, brain fog, tight breathing.  Imagine if you could enjoy modern technology but live in an EMF-free environment? 

Used by customers for quick relief of pain and injuries or as a full-day therapy   Improved oxygen saturation levels are known to improve health, performance during exercise, speed up recovery time after physical activity.  A life shielded from RF/EMFs allows you to experience life in an EMF-free state.  If the studies that show the impact of EMFs are true, then the EMF-free state will allow for your personal biofield to heal, increasing energy, stamina, clear thinking, better sleep, vigor and vibrant well-being.  Produces a broad set of harmonic frequencies that cancel harmful effects of 5G, Bluetooth®, wi-fi and all manmade EMFs.  Lightweight and easy to wear with included vest

Anecdotal benefits reported by user

Helps restore optimal integrity of biological Systems   Energize, strengthen and regenerate the body  Promotes alertness for long driving,  Reduces jet lag and travel fatigue  Blood oxygen levels rise and hold consistent  Circulation improves  Asthma attacks are reduced  Faster recovery from exercise and muscle use  Improved concentration  Less brain fog  Faster injury recovery  Faster healing from surgeries, cuts etc  calmness which improved adrenal issues  more restful sleep  Wear it daily to enjoy consistent oxygen levels, which may have cumulative positive effects on your biological systems- immune, endocrine, Lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, brain and circulation  

Product Details

Size: 3.5"x 3.5"x3/8".   Material:  Made from 316 Surgical Stainless Steel.  Proprietary process produces hypoallergenic stainless steel that is waterproof, sweat proof & rust proof.  There is a small amount of nickel in 316 stainless steel, however, LightTowers do not require skin contact.  If you are extremely sensitive to nickel or any alloy metal you can simply wrap the tower in cloth or use the bag it arrives in.  The effects are not stopped by clothes or textiles.  Benefit Application: People, pets, plants and water.  Power: LightTower is powered by photons (light particles) and earth’s natural, healing magnetic fields. No crystals, magnets or electricity.  Temperature: Best when used between 50°F and 105°F.  When worn against the body, body heat will keep the pendant in the correct temperature range.  Outside those temperatures, the molecules are too close or too far apart to ‘talk’ and they rest until temperatures come back into that range.  For Specific or short-term use:  The more you use the LightTower the more cumulative effects.  If worn too long, there have been reports of intense detoxification causing discomfort.  Be conservative when first using the LightTower.  We recommend using it in 15 - 60 minute increments.  Application: Must be worn or aimed at any part of the body, pet or plant.  For more detailed instructions, view our How-to page.  Sizing: The LightTower is a more focused effect than the Pendant, and is roughly 16x stronger than the Pendant.  It can be used in your hand, set on top of a desk or table or worn in our HelixLife LightTower vest.  See the Vest product page for more information on the vest.  Effective range: 40+ feet in the direction of the arrow emblem on the face of the LightTower.  Photons are sub-atomic in size and travel through substances such as clothing, wood, concrete, lead and steel, acting on the environment over 100,000 times per second.  Safe for use with any medical devices- pacemakers etc. Safe for use with any medications or prescriptions you may be on.  Safe with babies, nursing mom’s and children at home or at school.  Neutralizing effects:  When wearing or using a LightTower in conjunction with the pendant, be sure it is pointing to a different part of the body and not at the pendant.  When the devices are pointing at each other, their effects are canceled out.  Devices must be pointing towards different areas of the body, not at each other.  If the Light Tower is used on another part of the body away from the pendant, that is fine as long as the devices are not facing each other.  This doesn’t affect the devices themselves, so as soon as you point them away from each other, their full performance is immediately restored.  Magnetism, even a faint magnetic field, will ‘turn off’ the LightTower. Make sure any nearby metal in belts or clothing is not magnetic. Using a simple orienteering compass will detect magnetism by moving the needle.   No Known Negative Effects: Over our 22 years of research and development there are no instances of negative effects on any biological systems; people, plants or animals. The pendants are perfectly safe and only produce a positive beneficial environment for the body, plants and animals to function in.  Lifetime energy guarantee: Since the Pendant is photon powered it will maintain 100% of its healthy energy benefits for many decades. This is something that you can pass on to your loved ones.  Included: one LightTower and the hands-free vest. You will have the opportunity to select your vest size at checkout.  Please choose one size larger than your tee-shirt size to allow for the vest to fit over the light shirt.  Additional vests can be purchased separately

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