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Reduce stress caused by electromagnetic radiation so you can move better, think clearer and sleep sounder. Wear this pendant and have the confidence to know your body is at peace in the midst of today's chaotic environment.

This precision-engineered stainless steel pendant comes with an adjustable necklace and lobster clasp for easy fitting. Applied quantum physics really can support your body and give you freedom and hope you may have lost years ago due to chronic pain or illness.

This beautiful square pendant is permanently encoded with harmonic frequencies using a technology called plasmonics. The programming creates an environment that balances ions in your system and, as it is located over the Thymus, your body can begin to repair and rebuild.

EMR interferes by causing unbalanced ions in biological processes which slow and disrupt natural biological systems .   With the pendant creating a buffer, your body is able to improve blood oxygen levels and optimize intercellular communications. Other EMF products only address a narrow set of frequencies and dont create a beneficial environment leaving you at risk of exposure. 

  • Improved oxygen saturation levels improve performance, speed up recovery time after physical activity, boosts immune systems and improve iron levels to fight against anemia.
  • Life free from EMFs allows your personal biofield to heal, increasing energy, stamina, clear thinking, better sleep, vigor and vibrant well-being.
  • Produces a broad set of harmonic frequencies that protects against 5G, Bluetooth®, wi-fi and manmade EMFs.
  • Lightweight and easy to wear as a necklace.
  • Can also be wrapped and worn under wrist to treat blood circulation


Some of the benefits reported by users

  • Better energy and well-being
  • Subtle, yet noticeable alertness for long driving
  • Reduced jet lag and travel fatigue
  • Blood oxygen levels rise and held consistent
  • Circulation improved
  • Asthma attacks reduced
  • Faster recovery from exercise and muscle use
  • Improved concentration
  • Less Brain fog
  • Calmness which improved adrenal issues
  • More restful sleep

Wear it daily to enjoy the opportunity for consistent oxygen levels and oxygen's proven cumulative positive effects on your biological systems- immune, endocrine, lymphatic, digestive, respiratory, brain and circulation.

For best performance, with arrow pointing upwards, positioned over the thymus (face pointing away from the body) or on your wrist or inside elbow (face pointing up the arm ).  Benefits are still realized if positioned below the thymus, though variations by individual may result in less impact the further from the thymus the Pendant is positioned.  Benefits are still realized while sleeping even if the Pendant slips out of position during sleep. 

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