Strategic Garden Planning

Strategic Garden Planning

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This 60- page reference guide will walk you through the basics of strategic gardening.  A truly successful garden does not come with a snap of the fingers but through carefully though-out and small, deliberate steps.

What is strategic gardening?  It is revealing and discovering nuggets from your life, personality, and gardening goals.  You then implement them into the garden style that produces delicious and nutrient-dense foods and a pleasing environmental oasis.   Each of us is unique, and so our garden-style will be unique too.

I briefly cover garden design, philosophy, and ideas that maybe you have never before dreamed could be incorporated into a garden.  Gardening is a vast topic, so this is an introductory guide to inspire you to the possibilities and potential lie in wait for you to dig in to begin planting.  

I share some of my successes and disasters that come with the gardening journey.  You will see images of my gardening efforts.

Please join me in the garden adventure towards good health!