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  • Magnetic Excursion and all its innuendos
  • Advanced ancient civilizations are popping up like popcorn
  • Pyramid Safe House?
  • Dire volcano forecast

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Weather and Space Weather

The news on the magnetic excursion is out!  Pssst. This has been in process for 200 years, but you will see it collapse and your life will be disrupted.  Like it or not.



Video Link

Sunspot watch that would usher in Solar Cycle 25, time will tell

Magnetic and Ice Age Prediction Timeline, coming soon

Magnetic progression at 4 miles per month plus magnetosphere loss report video link

Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Is Officially Moving Towards Siberia And Scientists Are Baffled! Read

Your protection for radiation whether it be 5G, nuclear, or cosmic rays:

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions, God's Marvelous Protective Provisions for the coming Nuclear and Cosmic Superstorm CRISIS

Space Weather Dashboard


What happens when the jet stream breaks down?

The atmospheric river, tropical downpours Read

Arctic cold front brings subzero wind chill temperatures Read 

'Category 3' Atmospheric River heading our way. What's that mean?!? Read


See you in Climate Court: Read 

Extinction Watch

Earth has had more major mass extinctions than we realized

All these periods of sudden, drastic species loss-share patterns. That has worrying implications for the climate-driven losses we’re seeing now.


Democratic Candidates Sound Off on China

Three of the seven 2020 candidates at the debate argued the U.S. needs an international coalition to deal with Beijing.  Read more


NIST Creates Biometric Databases to Spur ID Research

The data collections include fingerprints, facial photographs, and iris scans — and they're meant to be just the start. Read more

Food Supply

What happens when your food product glows in the dark radioactive?

Bumble Bee Foods declares bankruptcy

Company to sell assets through court-supervised auction.  Read more

The Egyptian Egg Ovens Considered More Wondrous Than the Pyramids

A hatching system devised 2,000 years ago is still in use in rural Egypt.

Farmers still use the same techniques developed 2,000 years ago.
Farmers still use the same techniques developed 2,000 years ago. Lenny Hogerwerf. Courtesy of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations [2006], Reproduced with permission

Many aspects of Egyptian culture impressed the ancient Greeks, including their mathematics, papyrus-making, art, and egg-hatching. Aristotle was the first to mention that last innovation, writing that in Egypt, eggs “are hatched spontaneously in the ground, by being buried in dung heaps.” But 200 years later, the historian Diodorus Siculus cast Egyptian egg-hatching as wondrous. In his forty-book-long historical compendium Library of History, he wrote:

The most astonishing fact is that, by reason of their unusual application to such matters, the men [in Egypt] who have charge of poultry and geese, in addition to producing them in the natural way known to all mankind, raise them by their own hands, by virtue of a skill peculiar to them, in numbers beyond telling.

Aristotle and Diodorus were referring to Egyptian egg incubators, an ingenious system of mud ovens designed to replicate the conditions under a broody hen. Read more



If you consume fast food or processed food your name is on the depopulation list.  You need your body in tip-top condition for the days ahead that will stretch all biologic life to the breaking point. 

Inside Portland’s Food Cart Culture

The city’s iconic pods are famous for innovative–and often outlandish—culinary creations.

Some of Portland’s best—and most creative—cuisine comes from food carts, tiny mobile kitchens clustered all over the city in collectives known as pods. The offerings are as diverse as the city, and in many ways, these restaurants on wheels make up their own version of Portland in miniature. Read more


Ancient Scottish Tree Rings, a Cautionary Tale on Climate, Politics, and Survival

A 1600s Famine With Echoes in the Age of Brexit

Using old tree rings and archival documents, historians and climate scientists have detailed an extreme cold period in Scotland in the 1690s that caused immense suffering. It decimated agriculture, killed as much as 15 percent of the population and sparked a fatal attempt to establish a Scottish colony in southern Panama. The researchers say the episode—shown in their study to have been during the coldest decade of the past 750 years—was probably caused by faraway volcanic eruptions. But it was not just bad weather that brought disaster. Among other things, Scotland was politically isolated from England, it is a bigger, more prosperous neighbor that might have otherwise helped. Propelled in part by the catastrophe, the two nations merged in 1707 to become part of what is now the United Kingdom. Such a famine-related tragedy was never repeated, despite later climate swings.  More about the Scottish GSM-LIA Famine: Read

More Greenhouse Gas From Organic? Read

Six companies are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history Read


"New" Kind of Magnetic Explosion:

Chandra Colliding Galaxy Groups:


Coherent Galactic Field & Current Sheet:

Earth Changes

Pacific Northwest Volcano Forecast To Erupt Within 4 Years 

Scientists are forecasting that the Pacific Northwest’s most active volcano will erupt sometime between 2020 and 2024. 

The volcano isn’t one you’ll see driving along the Cascade Range, instead, you’d have to look 1.5 miles deep in the ocean to find it.  It’s called the Axial Seamount and it’s located about 300 miles due west of Astoria at the edge of the Juan de Fuca plate. If the volcano were on land, it would be one of the taller mountains in Oregon’s Coast Range. 

Worldwide Volcano News and Updates 

The study explores the density of the tectonic plates and why they sink in the Earth's mantle

Scientists uncover the world's oldest forest


A Sea Lily Fossil in Utah Just Solved an Evolutionary Mystery

[whatever scientists, and certainly the media, do not understand they call evolutionary]

“This tears off one branch in the tree of life and rearranges it another way.”

A sea lily, spotted off the Northwest Guam Seamount.


A sea lily spotted off the Northwest Guam Seamount. NOAA Ocean Exploration & Research/CC by 2.0

In the early 1980s, Tom Guensburg was working as a geologist for Getty Oil, but he was thinking like a paleontologist. Getty had a private geological library, and one day, while poring over a geologic map of Utah, Guensburg spotted what could be a gold mine for fossil hunters. He’d noticed an area in the Great Basin with extensive swaths of ancient, fossil-studded rocks. He didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, only that he might find something extraordinary. “Of course, this was a gamble,” he says. “But it paid off.”  Read more

Practical Tips

 Vitamin C benefits include reversing blood poisoning

Vitamin C is being hailed as a safe, inexpensive and effective way to reverse the course of sepsis, a potentially life-threatening type of blood poisoning.  Read more

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Display Dome Covering Russian Meteorite Mysteriously Lifts Off

The celestial origin of a meteorite fragment sparked some light-hearted speculation about why the dome covering it in a Russian museum mysteriously lifted up while bemused visitors looked on.

The piece lay pride of place in Chelyabinsk's state historical museum and was a key draw to visitors who wanted to find out about the meteorite that strained retinas and dazzled the sky above the city nestled near the Ural Mountains in February 2013. 

the museum's public relations head Aivar Valeev pointed out that recently, another meteorite, which he called the Chelyabinsk's "twin" had flown close to the Earth.

"We joked that the brother of the Chelyabinsk meteorite said 'hi' to our space rock and ours was simply exhaling in response," he said, according to

However, he did emphasize that "we don't believe in mysticism," suggesting that the incident was simply down to a "technical failure."

Equally prosaic was the explanation is given by the region's minister of culture, Alexey Betekhtin, who said, "I think it's probably a technical failure, from which no one is immune."    Read more


Extinction Safe House?

There is potential for the pyramids to have been a true shelter for cosmic events long ago whether that was the intended purpose or not.  Obviously the wind is not going to tear down these great structures pretty much a check-mark there.  It would even be difficult to argue against its flood
safety given that its internal chambers would have the air sealed in and given that the region drains off hard on a larger scale due to geography. The weight would not be long for the recession of the waters but of course, the critical question would be the cosmic rays what happens when the ionosphere is in glow mode when the aurora is global.
Is this structure capable of blocking out:
  • DNA breaking
  • Cell function disrupting
  • Brain process interfering
  • Radiation-induced organ killing
  • Potential of the great flash itself
The answer is yes. The images that you are about to see are three images on this topic top line of the images are the electric fields and
the bottom line of the magnetic fields created when the pyramid is subjected to increased radiation.  As the pyramid endures harsher radiation it not only creates protective fields around itself and in the surrounding zone but it directs that energy down into the ground.

The safest place of all.  Descended and has also been shown that there is nothing special about the exact shape or the materials of the pyramid while other shapes will produce different shaped fields they do notice this energy reflection and concentrations occurring within around and in interesting patterns amongst the locale of just about any kind of large structure it should even work for mountains and some large modern buildings. 
The specific pyramid shape, however, is a lightning protector as well and that might include blasts up to the cosmic discharge as we hear about in like the stories of Thor or those by Velikovsky even an atmospheric loss and ionosphere drop would dissipate the energy received down through the wider pathways of the pyramid itself the engineering to purposely design it like this is unlikely to have been possible unless they had help or advanced civilization as much older than most scientists believe winked but as an unintended consequence of their activity potentially unintended they have indeed undeniably created a formidable stronghold against this disaster.

Artist’s rendering of a cross-section of the Great Pyramid showing the newly discovered void (represented as a white area) above the large inclined corridor known as a grand gallery.

Some 4500 years ago, the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza as a tomb for the pharaoh Khufu, also known as Cheops, one that would ferry him to the afterlife. Now, using subatomic particles raining down from the heavens, a team of physicists has found a previously unknown cavity within Khufu’s great monument.

“Such a big void can’t be an accident,” says Mehdi Tayoubi, president of the non-profit Heritage Innovation Preservation Institute in Paris, who led the research. The discovery has already stirred the interest of archaeologists and particle physicists alike.

Made of an estimated 2.3 million stone blocks and standing 140 meters tall and 230 meters wide, the Great Pyramid is an engineering mystery, much like its two smaller sister pyramids, Khafre’s and Menkaure’s. Archaeologists know that it was built for Khufu, who died in 2566 B.C.E. But they have long wondered exactly how the pyramid was constructed and structured. Read more

Ancient Civilizations

Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages

Orientation patterns of more than 910 ancient pyramids, sites, and temples, randomly spread around the world, correlates with the temperature changes of the last series of glaciation cycles. Most ancient monuments are hundreds of thousands of years old. Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact. The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very potent mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth.

 Why Orientation is the Key to Unlock Ancient Mysteries

The orientation of a building is purely mathematical because orientation is dimensionless, i.e., not physical. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties. 

Many astronomical, religious, and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican, are cardinally oriented. Their architects oriented them to our current cardinal system, and that means to our existing geographic pole.  Read more


Archaeologists uncover 12,500-year-old site in Avon, showing evidence of the earliest known population in Connecticut Read more


Earliest known cave art by modern humans found in Indonesia

Cave art depicting human-animal hybrid figures hunting warty pigs and dwarf buffaloes have been dated to nearly 44,000 years old, making it the earliest known cave art by our species.

The artwork in Indonesia is nearly twice as old as any previous hunting scene and provides unprecedented insights into the earliest storytelling and the emergence of modern human cognition. Read more


This cliff dwelling is remarkably intact for a structure nearly a thousand years old, and naming the site for Montezuma reveals an error in the early archeology of the site: It wasn’t built by Aztecs, but by the indigenous Sinagua, the pre-Columbian people who lived in the Verde Valley of central Arizona.  Read more


Archaeological Discovery Points to Obscure Biblical Character

Inside a recently unearthed building seemingly burned down during the Babylonians’ 586 B.C. invasion, archaeologists discovered a seal bearing the name of an official of the biblical king Josiah.

In describing the religious reforms Josiah enacted when he ascended to the throne, 2 Kings 23:11 says, “He did away with the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun. They had been at the entrance of the Lord’s temple in the precincts by the chamber of Nathan-melech, the eunuch.”


Microdosing LSD for Alzheimer’s proves safe in early human trial Read


God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



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