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Partners For EMF health and Privacy

Freedom Phones

Say Hello to Privacy.

Simple, Intuitive and Easy to Use DeGoogled Smartphone

Without the spying eye and tracking of Big Tech.

OS developed & supported in North America ..Not China.  
・Secure Text and calling with Signal App
Tracking/ Tracing apps cannot be loaded by your carrier or big tech
・Familiar Android smartphone interface with built-in privacy and security by default
・Use most any app on Google App Store. including Telegram, Twitter, Parler, Gab etc  
  • ・Swap your current Nano SIM card over from iPhone or Android in minutes
  • ・Simple to move contacts and data from current phone to the Freedom Phone
  • ・Works with any carrier in North America.
  • ・Two Options: Buy a loaded phone or send us a Pixel phone to load the secure OS
  • ・Optional 30+ app starter pack installed to get you started right away
  •                 Your clean, secure, private smartphone

Your Personal
EMF-Free Oasis

Restore Your Zest For Life

Balance EMF in any environment.

Celeste and HelixLife have teamed up to bring this unique solution to protecting your body, home and conditioning your devices and environment.

A complete solution against the growing EMF threat.

Complete Personal and Home protection from 5G

Visit us at Helix-life.com

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