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Castile Soap Making Video Class

In this video class, Celeste will guide you through how to make your own gentle, Castile soap. This is the purest and simplest soap that you can make, safe for everyone. Going into hard times you may not have access to luxury oils so, I want to teach you how to make a basic soap.

This is a video class you can download and keep. Purchase of the class will include a PDF download with password link to the video and, with a list of the simple supplies you will need to make your own soap!

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Dark Winter:

Navigating The Global Biological Warfare eBook

147 Page Information packed PDF

Dark Winter is about global biological warfare. It includes the latest, cutting-edge, peer-reviewed, scientific news that you need to make wise decisions.

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Dark Winter E-book cover

The 10 Commandments
& The vaccine

42 Page PDF.

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Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions E-book

God’s Marvelous Protective Provisions For the Coming Nuclear & Solar Storm Crisis

240+ Pages

Includes: Free 20 page Guide to Nutrition , local sourcing and preservation tips.

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E-Book $19.95

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The 7 Thunders Revealed

Across the span of time, every culture and religion seems to agree that this is the last cycle of time. We must look to the Bible for the framework to understand what is occurring.

The Seven Thunders have been revealed, what will they say to you?

290+ Pages

E-Book $24.95

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7 Thunders Paperback version  $24.95

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7-Thunders Revealed + Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions

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WEEKLY Broadcast

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The Celestial Report

The Celestial Report includes: Weekly Broadcast, Special Reports, and Live Breaking News as it happens.

This is a community supporting each other, a weekly Prayer thread, we encourage one another, we study scripture together.

We are reconnecting and networking as a community of faith

Your Personal
EMF-Free Oasis

Restore Your Zest For Life

Protect yourself in any environment.

Celeste and HelixLife have teamed up to bring this unique solution to protecting your body, home and environment, against the growing EMF threat.

HelixLfe . Protect your Person, Home and Loved Ones.

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