e-Book Bundle- 7 Thunders & EMR Protection

e-Book Bundle- 7 Thunders & EMR Protection

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This special bundle allows you to have my two most recent ebooks, 7-Thunders Revealed and Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions at a greatly reduced price.

As cataclysm sweeps the globe find inspiration and hope with the 7-Thunders Revealed

The 7 Thunders Revealed

Across the span of precious lives and souls, Laws of Nature, elements of creation, calendars, historical events, cycles upon cycles, rise and fall of empires, cultures, religions, government, military, research and development, and biblical prophecy are all pointing to a pivotal period in history between the years 2022 and 2050. 

Every culture and religion agrees that this is the last cycle of time.  Persecution and extinctions are written in the very fiber of our DNA recollection.  Our consciousness may not remember, but our cells do.

Where the different groups proceed after this time period is encoded within their world-view.  

Christians look to the Bible for the framework to understand what is occurring before our very eyes and to bring into our recollection the words of Jesus:

“For at that time there will be great tribulation, unmatched from the beginning of the world until now, and never to be seen again.”  Matthew 24:21

  • The year 2020 is the mid-point of the 70th Jubilee Week on the integrated biblical calendar.
  • The 2000th anniversary of the resurrection occurs in 2030 within the 70th Jubilee.
  • The close of the 70th Jubilee will be in 2045.  

The nuggets and information presented in 7-Thunders Revealed provide inspiration and hope for all peoples.

Whether you embrace it or not, the journey of the End Days cycle has begun. 

The Seven Thunders have been revealed, what will they say to you?

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions

We find ourselves in an increasing Grand Solar Minimum where the sun goes silent with collapsing magnetosphere, earth’s barrier from plagues from outer space, allowing cosmic rays from the sun and distant galaxies to flood the earth.  These cosmic rays have been a factor in the rise and fall of kingdoms and empires, great migrations, six previous extinction-level events, set off earthquakes and volcanic upheaval, and have the power to drop a healthy person unto death in mere seconds.

We slowly entered this tumultuous cycle 200 years ago, but within the last few decades, the rate of speed of the magnetic excursion and diminished magnetosphere has increased multi-fold.  This leaves each one of us vulnerable to cosmic ray induced damage to our bodies.  Add to this the synergistic effect of 5G (or higher), nuclear radiation, aerosol particulates from geo-engineering, and nanoparticles carrying different payloads in our air, and you have a perfect storm arrayed against your body and health.

What are these cosmic rays?  What damage do they do to the body?  Is there any hope for a healthy life?

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions offers you practical and easy to afford solutions that will provide you with layers of natural protection from cosmic rays.  Those protection solutions come in the form of supplements and foods that are arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference.  Glean valuable nuggets from space-age technology and cutting-edge peer-reviewed studies.

Whether you like it or not, you are in a battle that spans the whole electromagnetic spectrum.  You are not merely an observer, but a warrior, who must make wise situational decisions if you and your loved ones are to survive this escalating extinction-level event.