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Pathos of Our Deadly Delusion

This is the companion documentation
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All your questions answered, in graphic detail,
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Documentation Includes:

◦ The Original Homeland Security 88 page Government Document

◦ Celeste's easy to understand, fully and easily searchable 600+ Page In-depth Investigative Reference Manual

◦ Documentation for all information Including: Video, Professional Studies, Media
◦ Vaccine info included: Name of vaccine, Country of Origin, Manufacturer, Ideology of Manufacturer, Platform Used, Ingredients, Technical Discussion, Dose
◦   Bonus Module: Long Term Effects
◦ Bonus Spiritual Toolkit: Claiming Gods Promises, Spiritual Warfare against very specific spirits associated with this pathogen and treatment, spiritual cleansing prayers, biblical promises and more
◦ Free: Glossary of Biotechnological Terms


600+ pages of searchable documentation

A Wealth of Information For Only


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Webinar Series- Pathos of Our Deadly Delusion  

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Module 1: Dose – How much agent will make a healthy individual ill

Module 2: Transmissibility – How does it spread from one host to another?

Module 3: Host Range – How many species does it infect? Can it transfer from species to species?

Module 4: Incubation Period – How long after infection do symptoms appear? Are people infectious during this time?

Module 5: Clinical Presentation – What are the signs and symptoms of an infected person?

Module 6: Protective Immunity – How long does the immune response provide protection from reinfection?

Module 7: Clinical Diagnosis – Are there tools to diagnose infected individuals? When during infection are they effective?

Module 8: Medical Treatments – Are there effective treatments?

Module 9: Vaccines – Are there effective vaccines?

Module 10: Non-pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs) – Are public health control measures effective at reducing spread?

Module 11: Environmental Stability – How long does the agent live in the environment?

Module 12: Decontamination – What are effective methods to kill the agent in the environment?

Module 13: PPE – What PPE is effective, and who should be using it?

Module 14: Forensics – Natural vs intentional use? Tests to be used for attribution.

Module 15: Genomics – How does the disease agent compare to previous strains?

Module 16: Forecasting – What forecasting models and methods exist?

Module 17: Long Term Effects of C0VID

Module 18: Spiritual Toolkit