Behind the Scenes with Celeste 10-20-2019

What is on my radar?

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Weather and Space Weather

Today we will begin a double-header plasma stream as the plasma from two coronal holes hits earth.  Heads up for earthquakes and solar storms!

Climate Shockers

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Notice how those who do not believe the global agenda are labeled terrorists, even if they are academia with data to prove their case.

Space Weather Dashboard

Situational Awareness

I am noticing that companies in the supplement business have begun reducing supplement strength, for the same price or higher.

At least in my neck of the woods, I am noticing some futuristic unmarked, black law enforcement vehicles.

Heads up for mold and fungus!  Many of us have had higher humidity and more rain this year.  I am noticing a crow-sourcing of mushrooms that are invading the garden crowding out established plants, not to mention any new annual crop plantings.  On the same topic, foodstuff home-grown and Costco products have a mold/fungal count. Mold lays the foundation for various cancers, and if you have a mold allergy, you may notice being more symptomatic (especially during high cosmic ray fluxes). 

Indoor planting front.  I have a large number of established plants dying in the house.  The leaves look at though they have been fried by something.  They also lack their normal green color, a condition called chlorosis.  I had hoped when I brought my trees in for winter that they would respond to the generous TLC.  As 5G was sneakily installed, I am not sure if it is 5G or some other electrical field.


Feeling tired? Many of us are, and the Holy Spirit shared with me that work will only intensify (BTW-NASA says this also).  The image below says it all:

 This is dated but is a sign of the times

Along the same lines as above, coming to your town soon

Food Supply

The following is propaganda fr the One Health agenda under Agenda 21 (2030) but are other goals also, and one of those is to increasing engineer mankind to believe that animals are reservoirs for disease and not to be trusted.  A campaign has begun that the only trusted food is lab-generated, nothing from God or His creation (which many people call nature).


Do galaxies have weather? Check this out!

Stormy cluster weather could unleash black hole power and explain lack of cosmic cooling.

Credit: Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

An artist’s impression of the jet launched by a supermassive black hole, which inflates lobes of very hot gas that are distorted by the cluster weather.

“Weather” in clusters of galaxies may explain a longstanding puzzle, according to a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge. The scientists used sophisticated simulations to show how powerful jets from supermassive black holes are disrupted by the motion of hot gas and galaxies, preventing gas from cooling, which could otherwise form stars. The team publishes their work in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Typical clusters of galaxies have several thousand member galaxies, which can be very different from our own Milky Way and vary in size and shape. These systems are embedded in very hot gas known as the intracluster medium (ICM), all of which live in an unseen halo of so-called ‘dark matter.’

A large number of galaxies have supermassive black holes in their centers, and these often have high-speed jets of material stretching over thousands of light-years that can inflate very hot lobes in the ICM.


Have you ever pondered where electromagnetic fields began?

Electromagnetism was discovered 200 years ago, but the origin of the very large electromagnetic fields in the universe is still a mystery.

Next year is the 200 years anniversary of the discovery of electromagnetism by the Danish physicist H.C. Ørsted. Even 200 years after its discovery, the existence of electromagnetism still brings up new puzzles about their origin.

One such mystery is the origin of electromagnetic fields on the very largest scale in the universe.

While researchers have believed for some time that magnetic fields of Femto-Gauss strength extend to the largest scales in the universe — to scales larger than the largest clusters of galaxies — it is an unresolved mystery how such magnetic fields can have been created in the early universe.  Read more


I am sensing a trend here.  Earth has reversals, the sun has reversals, and now galaxies have reversals.  Ummm....

NGC 4631 is an interacting galaxy that exhibits one of the largest gaseous halos observed among edge-on galaxies. We aim to examine the synchrotron and polarization properties of its disk and halo emission with new radio continuum data.

The field reversals in the northern halo of NGC 4631, together with the observed polarization angles, indicate giant magnetic ropes (GMRs) with alternating directions. To our knowledge, this is the first time such reversals are observed in an external galaxy.  Read more:


What happens in the heavens happens upon the earth.  This article demonstrates that the more connectivity, the larger the cosmic we.  This will translate during the End Times to the more connectivity between nodes in the beast system, the larger it will expand. 

The impact of the connectivity of the cosmic web on the physical properties of galaxies at its nodes

We investigate the impact of the number of filaments connected to the nodes of the cosmic web on the physical properties of their galaxies using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. We compare these measurements to the cosmological hydrodynamical simulations Horizon-(no)AGNand SIMBA. We find that more massive galaxies are more connected, in qualitative agreement with theoretical predictions and measurements in the dark matter only simulation. The star formation activity and morphology of observed galaxies both display some dependence on the connectivity of the cosmic web at fixed stellar mass: less star-forming and less rotation sup-ported galaxies also tend to have higher connectivity. These results qualitatively hold both for observed and virtual galaxies and can be understood given that the cosmic web is the main source of fuel for galaxy growth. The simulations show the same trends at fixed halo mass, suggesting that the geometry of filamentary infall impacts galaxy properties beyond the depth of the local potential well.

Based on simulations, it is also found that AGN feedback is key in reversing the relationship between stellar mass and connectivity at fixed halo mass. Technically, connectivity is a practical observational proxy for past and present accretion (minor mergers or diffuse infall).

Earth Changes

cloud clouds daylight 1058633


How aerosols affect our climate

Greenhouse gases may get more attention, but aerosols — from car exhaust to volcanic eruptions — also have a major impact on the Earth’s climate. Using a massive NASA dataset, Yale researchers have created a framework that helps explain just how sensitive local temperatures are to aerosols.

Naturally, occurring aerosols, like volcanic eruptions, cause a cooling effect that masks a significant portion of warming caused by greenhouse gases.

For many, the word “aerosol” might conjure thoughts of hairspray or spray paint. More accurately, though, aerosols are simply particles found in the atmosphere. They can be human-made, like from car exhaust or biomass burning, or naturally occurring, from sources such as volcanic eruptions or sea spray.  Read More



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A disturbing sight awaits hikers exploring the forest above the village of Želízy in Kokořínsko, a protected landscape area in Czechia. There, two enormous demonic faces carved from the native stone stare back with empty eyes.

Created by Vaclav Levy in the mid-1800s, the nearly 30-foot-tall stone heads are known locally as Certovy Hlvy or the “The Devil Heads.” They have been a local attraction for generations. Other carvings by the artist, including artificial caves and scenes inspired by fairy tales, adorn nearby rock faces.

Now suffering slightly from the ravages of time and weather, the faces have grown less distinct over time, but no less disturbing.  Atlas Obscura


For those of you who follow Skywatch TV, here is an excellent perr-paper by Derek Gilbert.

The Double-Headed Eagle: Scottish Rite Freemasonry's Veneration of Nimrod


'Enhanced humans.'

Augmented humans aren't starry-eyed visions of the future—they're walking among us right now. From cochlear implants to robotic limbs controlled by our minds, the fields of biotechnology and gene editing are allowing us to dictate evolution and engineer a new kind of human. Here, we’ll take a look at the scientific and technological breakthroughs that are transforming our bodies and reshaping the future of humanity.
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Last Word

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty



Psalm 91:1

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

As a child I enjoyed the simple pleasure of playing shadow tag with my friends. You remember. You would try to catch someone's shadow by standing upon it as they ran around trying to escape you. I always enjoyed the game and so did my grandchildren. I wonder if anyone plays shadow tag any longer? 

The Psalmist began talking in Psalm 90 about the turning point of Moses mission which marked the history of mankind, and declared that the nation he had been called by God to lead would be marked to receive freedom and loving guidance of the Word., and thus had been given assurance that this nation would attain a state of sublime bliss on earth. Moses sings of the protection and the spiritual immortality that God's people would find under direct guidance from the Almighty.

To achieve this God took the Jewish people on a 40-year arduous trek through the wilderness with each encampment being given and name that parallels our spiritual walk and spiritual warfare even unto this day. I collaborated on a book in this topic entitled, The 42 Journey Pattern of our Spiritual Growth & Prophecy, by Yosef Viel. 

Each of us, on our own must:

Recognize Abba Father and Jesus, the Most High Who surpasses all other powers on earth that men worship. We must come to know in our heart and in our mind that He is the God of gods. That there is in fact a Being known as the Most High. 

Furthermore we must hold the view that this Supreme Being was not simply the Most High among the gods (pantheon) but that, in fact, the Only God. 

There are others who viewed Him, as being so exalted that He sat enthroned in splendid isolation, secret and covert far above the world and its affairs, and they thought that the world was therefore left to be ruled solely by the blind forces of nature. 

To us though He is revealed as the One Who although hidden and invisible, sets His limits engagement and is sufficient to all things, Who assigns definite bounds, laws, and goals to govern the development of every power and force in the universe. 

This counters the conventional forms of protection and the person seeks only the refuge of the Most High, his faith will be rewarded. When we are enveloped by God's providence, by the blood of the Lamb we can seek holiness and wisdom without fear of those who would do us harm. I will sit in the refuge of the Most High. 

God reveals Himself to each of us is the God Who guides the natural order of things for His own purposes. We see Him in Jesus Who has set us free, His personal essence, and showed Himself in His direct power which is not subject to the laws of the world order which He Himself created and ordained. Jesus demonstrates to us that He is near. He trains us with His goal of salvation for all who will accept Him. 

Once we have accepted Him in this way, as we have already discussed in our preliminary peek at Psalm 91 that our relationship is very much like the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. For the true tabernacle is our Spirit. The tabernacle is not considered truly established until the Most High dwells and makes it His intimate refuge. 

God dwelt in the covert of the Most High, i.e. He sat enthroned in secret as the Most High in the shadow, it was to keep Himself invisible except to the one who accepts His salvage. Then He makes known His:

  • Refuge
  • Fortress-Who      guides you and protects you against all your enemies
  • Who has become your personal God, your guide and leader of His acts and destinies

Therefore, we can trustingly commit our lives to Jesus for our future and the future of our mission for Him on earth.

Also, hearken back to creation. If God had not said enough and that the world needed to be finite and limited none of us would have free-will. Creation would have been unlimited, perfect, and filled with the light of Jesus. However, since this potential perfect was arrested, there are dark areas in the world where Gods light is obscured in the shadows and His presence is not readily evident. Only the devout believer of Jesus detects the presence of God even in the secrecy of the shadows. 

Quite possibly the invisibility and God dwelling in the shadows may trouble you. In our culture shadows have a negative concept. Invisibility and shadows in the Bible can reveal some significant biblical nuggets to us. For instance, in the Book of Esther there is no mention of God. We have to dig deeply with great effort to find the signature of God. When we do take the time we are rewarded for the Book of Esther demonstrates to us what living in the End Days will be like. We will not see the face of God splashed upon billboards. We will have to diligently search and then preserve that relationship in times that will darkness and wickedness. 

It takes a special person such as yourself, who dwells with Jesus even in the shadows, formed by Jesus the Word and the Creator, that represents hiddenness, and yet you stand firm that He is the Most High. 

Jesus, our Savior, is prepping us for mighty things my friends.  But we will have to scratch His Word and be attentive to the Holy Spirit.  Much like laying hens scratching the earth for those nutritious nuggets to fortify us for the days to come.

What do you see in this first verse?  How does it speak to you?  

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



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