Behind the Scenes with Celeste 10-11-2019

Thank you all for your patience while I traveled, restored and revitalized for the chaotic days ahead.  Brace for impact!  I enjoyed meeting many of you at Branson, in Washington, and Maui!  Each of you are truly a blessing and encouragement.   I was honored and blessed to meet you.

Thank you and welcome to my new patrons who are so faithful to Jesus and my minstry and who make my writings, briefings, and news possible.  Now, back to work.

What is on my Radar?

Weather and Space Weather

What is on my Radar?

Polar Coaster Winter Has Arrived 10 Weeks Early - Cosmic Rays Are Charging The Magma - Prepare Now

Over 3000 record low temperatures across America this morning.  Eyes on the power outages in California and Texas, wildfires are burning up Southern California, the Rockies and Midwest are freezing with snow piling up, and the 20% of crops that managed to get planted were not able to be harvested setting the stage for the UN food command and control grid where you will be charged by the 1/1000th of a calorie and coming soon by the molecule.  

This is only the beginning of our journey to extinction that promises to be historically catastrophic.  It calls for spiritual preparation for eternity and physical preparation to occupy until you go to your heavenly abode. 

The dynamics and mechanism are described here:



This is the snow coverage albedo map for today!

Patrons:  Check out my coverage about winter preparation, Winter Cometh!  Winter will touch Texas and snow will fall even into the middle of Florida.  Be prepared.

The sun is quiet, but the plasma filaments are beginning to dance.  There are no sunspots.  Geomagnetic is quieting also. 

‘Hard to believe': Historic October snowfall forecast as storm hits the Northern Rockies and Plains

First snow of the season leads to more than 300 crashes in Denver and Aurora

This weekend's snow and cold will top off a miserable year for Minnesota farmers

Cold temperature records were broken in B.C. on Thursday


The Big and Urgent Task of Revitalizing Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications

A few weeks ago, Adam Lowther co-authored an article proposing the use of artificial intelligence in nuclear weapons launch decisions. The article was met with pointed criticism. “Our sole concern is achieving the desired end-state — strategic stability and American supremacy, which are not mutually exclusive. We believe that trends in technological development will ensure artificial intelligence plays a central role, but the exact shape of the future is yet to be determined,” Lowther writes. “I would ask those who are serious about ensuring the survivability of the American nuclear deterrent to join us in thinking about new approaches to guaranteeing that its adversaries never, even for a moment, doubt that the United States can command and control its nuclear forces under any set of conditions. Whether it is through an artificial intelligence-based NC3 system or some other means will be decided over the coming decade — and only after several technologies reach maturation.”

The Strange Career of “National Security”

National security—it’s an unusual phrase. Americans use it to frame war, terror, and everything else. Refugees fleeing violence and destitution are considered a “national-security threat.” So too are imported automobiles, as the Trump administration declared last year. Chinese ownership of the dating app Grindr “constitutes a national-security risk.” And Greenland, Senator Tom Cotton asserts, is “vital to our national security.” One might think the country has always been obsessed with national security. This is not the case; Dexter Fergie writes: “Americans didn’t begin using the phrase with any frequency until the 1940s. The Cambridge historian Andrew Preston has counted a mere four mentions of national security by U.S. presidents from 1918 to 1931. That is an average of one utterance for each of the presidents who served during that period. It’s also fewer than the number of times I wrote national security in the opening paragraph of this essay.”


India-Pakistan Nuclear War Could Kill Millions, Lead to Global Starvation

A nuclear war between India and Pakistan could, throughout less than a week, kill 50-125 million people—more than the death toll during all six years of World War II, according to new research. The researchers calculated that an India-Pakistan war could inject as much as 80 billion pounds of thick, black smoke into Earth’s atmosphere. That smoke would block sunlight from reaching the ground, driving temperatures around the world down by an average of between 3.5-9 degrees Fahrenheit for several years. Worldwide food shortages would likely come soon after. Today, India and Pakistan each have about 150 nuclear warheads at their disposal, and that number is expected to climb to more than 200 by 2025.

Food Supply

What does the UN, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), 9-11, Famine, Command, and Control have to do with one another? 

Join me on Monday with Steve Quayle and Doug Hagmann to connect the dots. Here is a teaser:

FDA: New Food Safety Dashboard to Track FSMA Progress

To enhance compliance with the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) launched a new dashboard that will track and monitor how companies are implementing parts of the law, and how those changes are affecting the food safety system.

Climate Change Could Cause Drought in Wheat-Growing Areas

In a new study, researchers found that unless steps are taken to mitigate climate change, up to 60 percent of current wheat-growing areas worldwide could see simultaneous, severe, and prolonged droughts by the end of the century. Wheat is the world’s largest rain-fed crop in terms of harvested area and supplies about 20 percent of all calories consumed by humans.


Magnetic Reversals Chart

Earth Changes

Strange force swept over America in 2014.  Check out the 2-minute link

Many people are inquiring whether the California power outages and wildfires are planned.  Yes.  This article came from the Homeland Security Newswire on October 1.  I am leaving the full link so you can see this for yourself instead of hyperlinking:

UN Warns Rising Sea Levels Could Cause 60 Million American Toilets to Stop Flushing (Ellie Bufkin, Washington Examiner)
A report from the United Nations released this week warned that rising sea levels caused by climate change could affect septic systems in America and cause 60 million toilets to stop flushing.

The report suggests that the one in five Americans currently dependent on a septic system could face problems as the rising sea levels could stop septic tank water from being absorbed into the soft earth. The report suggests that as sea levels rise, they will saturate previously dry land and cause septic tanks to break and cease functioning.

Practical Tips

During the cosmic ray catastrophe and the ensuing chaos of the world as Satan attempts a power grab and God unfolds His judgment, can we have orderliness during chaotic times?  Embedded in a Hebrew word, the answer is yes. 

Balagan is the Russian-derived Hebrew word for “mess.” It applies to anything from a disorderly desk to geopolitical woes.

Researchers have found that working in a very orderly space encourages conventional production, whereas messier environments seem to inspire creativity. A messy space also seems to force people to come up with simple solutions (pdf) to problems as if streamlining their thoughts.

It’s precise because kids face danger and chaos when “set loose among inappropriate objects” that they organically develop the skills necessary for living spontaneously and for entrepreneurship, including creativity, risk management, independence, dealing with ambiguity, conflict resolution, and teamwork. Later in life, these initial engagements teach Israelis to thrive in a state of chaos.


Perspective: Pandemics

Global Pandemic Threat: “Human Error” Leak of Lab Virus Now a “Substantial Probability”

Lynn Klotz, Senior Science Fellow at the Centre for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, said: “There is a substantial probability that a pandemic with over one hundred million fatalities could be seeded from an undetected lab-acquired infection.” Laboratories run by Ron Fouchier in the Netherlands and Yoshihiro Kawaoka in Madison, Wisconsin has begun a “research enterprise” aimed at creating mammalian-airborne-transmissible, highly pathogenic, avian-influenza live viruses. Such viruses could be transmitted through the air, similar to seasonal human influenza.

Reliable Single Cell Outgrowth: Dark Art or Science?

Successful cell line development (CLD) for the production of biotherapeutics could easily be described as a ‘dark art’ rather than a science. Up to this point, success has often relied on experience, expertise, and a little serendipity. While there is no one magic answer that fits all scenarios, new technology exists that can enable CLD teams to dramatically improve on their workflow robustness and consistency of outcomes.

In this GEN webinar, we will discuss how the VIPS (Verified in-situ Plate Seeding) system, in combination with the SAL Scientific single-cell cloning supplements, offer customers a high-efficiency solution which ensures plates are populated with high numbers of healthy single cells that grow into resultant colonies for screening, expansion and further selection to master cell banks.

Blood vessels are the lifeline of any organ.

The dense web of channels, spread across tissues like a spider web, allow oxygen and nutrients to reach the deepest cores of our hearts, brains, and lungs. Without a viable blood supply, tissues rot from the inside. For any attempt at 3D printing viable organs, scientists have to tackle the problem of embedding millions of delicate blood vessels throughout their creation

The technology, SWIFT (an eyebrow-raising backronym of “sacrificial writing into functional tissue”), is a creative push into a new generation of 3D biofabrication. Although OBBs have been around, the team explained, little attention was previously paid to putting the Lego pieces together with blood vessels...

Artistic Inspiration (Remember, there are no rules or censorship with artistic expression.  Anything can be done.)

Here’s where the lost-wax technique comes in.

First, a very brief explainer. Throughout the Renaissance, the majority of Italian sculptors used the technique to fabricate bronze statues. In the simplest method, a statuette is first modeled in beeswax and covered in potter’s clay. Once dried, the assembly is heated—the clay is “fired” into ceramics, and the wax melts and flows away (hence, “lost”). Once cooled, the entire project is now a hollow ceramic mold, through which the artist can pour in molten metal.

Now, replace beeswax with “sacrificial bio-ink,” and that’s pretty much how SWIFT carves out its intricate tunnels of blood vessels.

The entire fabrication process is two main steps. The team first grew hundreds of thousands of proto-organoids inside culture dishes. These tiny blobs are so small they don’t yet need to be churned inside a bioreactor, but they’re mightily packed with roughly 200 million cells every milliliter—about the bottom bit of a teaspoon. These make up the technique’s building blocks or OBBs.

Next, roughly 400,000 OBBs are mixed with a dense, gel-like liquid with the consistency of mayonnaise at a low temperature. The liquid is filled with collagen, a protein that keeps our skin elastic, and other synthetic versions. The OBBs are now somewhat suspended inside the gel-like matrix, which is “ideally suited for creating vascular channels,” the team said. Altogether, the organoids and gel are compacted into a density similar to human tissue, making up the raw material for further sculpting.

Lost-Wax Vessels

Now the fun second step. Using a 3D printer, the team moved a tiny nozzle containing both harmless red ink and gelatin into the mixture, depositing both in a pre-programmed manner. In this way, the team was able to “draw” intricate branch-like patterns into the organoid-gel mixture. Similar to squeezing frosting out of a bag, the team was able to adjust the diameter of the gelatin ink by nearly two-fold, mimicking the usual structure of blood vessels—thick main channels that increasingly become tinier.

Once the network was fully printed, they then gently heated the mixture to body temperature.  The matrix stiffens, and the gelatin ink—acting like Jello left under the sun for too long—melts and is washed away. What remains is a network of OBBS, or organoids, linked with a vascular structure that can now be filled with blood.


God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



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