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Weather and Space Weather

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All the while, they scream global warming agencies and government knew the bitter chill of a coming ice age was coming upon us.

If you watched the above video, you would understand that there is more to be concerned about with the collapsing magnetosphere and space/earth weather.  The Grand Solar Minimum and collapsing magnetosphere have a propensity of dropping space junk onto our heads.  Falling Fireballs Crashed in Chile Last Week. They Weren't Meteorites; Experts Say

For those who would like to track space weather your welfare: Space Weather Dashboard


The moment I learned about 9-11 as I was getting ready for work, I knew the country we knew had changed and not for the better.

7 Ways That 9/11 Created a Dystopian Security Landscape That Americans Are Still Living in (Joseph Zeballos-Roig, Business Insider)
The American public was angry and frightened after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks that killed 3,000 people, a seismic event that fueled calls for immediate government action to hunt down the group responsible. At home, the federal government under the George W. Bush Administration drastically expanded its surveillance powers to combat terrorism and ramped up efforts to secure its borders — creating new government agencies, federalizing airport security, and combing tens of millions of phone calls.

Almost two decades later, that counterterrorism structure remains firmly in place.

It's embedded within American life, and Americans have largely grown comfortable having traded off a portion of their civil liberties in return for security.

Here are seven ways that 9/11 created a dystopian security landscape that Americans are still living in.


In the CIA classified document, Adam and Eve Story, it discusses the massive violence and refugee migration that would occur.  We will look at the violence later in this briefing.

Internal displacement
Jan-June 2019: More Than 10M Internally Displaced by Violence, Extreme Weather Events
More than 10 million new internal displacements were recorded between January and June 2019, according to a new report. Of the total, 3.8 million were triggered by conflict and violence, while disasters triggered a record seven million new displacements. The fact that the vast majority were associated with storms and floods suggests that mass displacement by extreme weather events is becoming the norm. 

Food Supply

Predator alert!  The prudent person looks at the physical and spiritual domains not individually in a compartmentalized fashion but in a more holistic way.  The way God created it.  When you see something in either domain, be alert for occurrences in the other domains as well.  Case in point.  As I was returning home from Maui, my chickens were being attacked by birds of prey.  This happened for three consecutive days and so now my chickens are penned up in their sealed coop for the winter.  This alerted me though attacks and fiery darts by the prince of the power of the air.  Henceforth, I am extra vigilant, and my situational awareness is heightened. To make a long story short, you are going to see more predators and attacks from 2 legged, four-legged, and the birds of the skies. Just imagine, it is just as Holy Scripture described.  I will be discussing this tomorrow on The Hagmann Report.


Seen nearly edge-on in this Hubble image, spiral galaxy NGC 3717 sits about 60 million light-years distant from Earth, appearing in the constellation of Hydra, the Sea Serpent.

Earth Changes

The insidious thing about volcanoes is the ash that encircles the world.  This ash drops global temperatures and increases precipitation because the ash increases nucleation.  We see this many times throughout history.  Recently I watched a documentary about a town in Scotland where archeologists found large numbers of dead people suddenly.  After an extended search, they discovered that the people starved to death and froze due to one of the world's largest eruptions in the Indonesia area. 

Volcanoes Kill More People Long after They First Erupt – Those Deaths Are Avoidable

You may think of volcanic eruptions as spectacular but brief explosions. But in reality, these destructive forces wreak havoc before headlines are made and continue long after they fade. As our new research shows, it is the drawn-out nature of volcanic eruptions that can be most fatal – and understanding why is the key to saving lives.


You are not safe: Being "very online" is killing us

Addictive design is making it increasingly difficult to log off.

“As tech creators can make their offerings more immersive with fewer natural ‘stopping points,’ we will be even less aware than we are now of how dependent we have become.”

— Psychologist Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee, on our growing addiction to tech. Keep reading.

Ancient Civilizations

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History is littered with violence.  The time we are entering as Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars.  The masses of humanity are beginning to erupt into violence.  Latin America, South America, and Europe are seeing increasing violence.

Angry mob ties mayor to back of a truck drags him through town

Haiti unrest: Protesters forced back from president's home

Ecuador violence: Protesters agree to talks with government

Dumpster Diving in Egypt nets archeological treasure


I have felt pain.  I have experienced brokenness.  I have known wealth and poverty.  I have undergone temptation and overcoming.  I testify to you that in the very second of your trial, whatever it may be, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there to comfort, guide, and carry you when necessary.  This is the overcoming that will be forged into your life as we sojourn the End of Days.


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America has forsaken all manner of production, but the one thing we are increasing production is the bioeconomy.  Translated, the bioeconomy is breaking everything down to its molecular level and rebuilding in differently than God's original design and purpose.  The back-channels are saturated with molecular everything.  For this new bioeconomy, you will pay extra, similar to the higher prices for organic food; only these prices will be much higher.  The bioeconomy is being normalized, and its foundation is the thin air of fallen angel technology. I am providing a couple of examples below.  

The US Bioeconomy: Strategies to Maximize and Integrate Biotechnology in the Economy

A special feature in Health Security will be devoted to an analysis of methods, programs, policies, and systems, as well as ongoing and future research and policy efforts that focus on maximizing the potential of the bioeconomy, expediting its growth, and further integrating biotechnology into new fields. The journal seeks scholarly papers that address a wide range of policy, practice, and research issues relevant to this topic. Additionally, narrative or conceptual reviews of specific policies related to the bioeconomy are welcome. Read more 

Molecular point-of-care testing for influenza A/B and respiratory syncytial virus: comparison of workflow parameters for the ID Now and cobas Liat systems (medRxiv) Point-of-care (POC) tests for influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) offer the potential to improve patient management and antimicrobial stewardship. Studies have focused on performance; however, no workflow assessments have been published comparing POC molecular tests.

Are you aware that the supposed sterile transgenic mosquitoes are now breeding with wild populations and creating hybrid monster mosquitoes? Transgenic Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Transfer Genes into a Natural Population

Remember that back in 1999 the Tropical Disease Medical Association had a convention whose theme was Ushering in the New World Order with Tropical Disease

Management of insecticide resistance in the major Aedes vectors of arboviruses: Advances and challenges (PLOS: Neglected Tropical Diseases) The landscape of mosquito-borne disease risk has changed dramatically in recent decades, due to the emergence and re-emergence of urban transmission cycles driven by invasive Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus.

Mount Sinai Receives U.S. Military Contract to Identify Exposure to Weaponized Infectious Agents (Global Biodefense) Rapidly determining exposure to weaponized infectious agents, chemicals, or radiation is one of the greatest challenges of force protection and homeland security. (I would say this already exists, just not for the general population.)

I see and hear the Mark of the Beast on the horizon.....

Mark Zuckerberg says brain-reading wearables are coming, but certain functions may require implanted devices (CNBC) Mark Zuckerberg said on Thursday that he wants to work on brain-controlling wearable and implantable technology, and Facebook’s recent acquisition of CTRL-labs was a step in that direction.

 Xenobiology is being used in people as well as dinosaurs.  In the 1990s, my physician wanted to cross my genes with pig genes.  I politely decline as my blood is holy unto God.  Everyone in the Duke study died.  

Fact-Checking Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Can you give a blood transfusion from a T. rex to a velociraptor? We asked the experts.

Last Word

Yesterday we saw how the very heavens themselves were engaging in thievery.  It is interesting that Peter had a prophetic vision of this about a time when the heavens will pass away.  As we head towards eternity, let us engage in holy conversation and emulate our Savior in all of His ways. 

10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which, the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.

11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness.  2 Peter 3

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



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