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What is on my radar?


  • Magnetic Excursion off the charts
  • Cosmic Ray Zeroth-Day is Here
  • Cold Moon and Twelve
  • Mermaids
  • Volcanic uptick
  • Mind-reading SpecOps
  • Algorithm warfare
  • Ochre and ancient civilizations

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Weather and Space Weather


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Your space weather forecast today:  Breezy.  Mild solar wind buffeting as a series of coronal holes connect with earth sending cosmic ways our way.  Space Weather Dashboard

The final full moon of the decade is called Full Cold Moon and was seen this morning,  12/12 at 12:12 a.m. Is God communicating a message to us?  The number twelve or a derivative of twelve is mentioned 212 times on the Bible.  From Genesis to Revelation we see this number popping up and most of America is experiencing a cold chill.  This coming at the time when the magnetic pole excursion is going crazy and is modeled by (you guessed it) a 12 spherical harmonic model. 


Magnetic Pole Excursion is off the charts!

You may have heard that the World Geomagnetic Model for 2020-2025 has been released.  The implications of the current speed of the magnetic pole excursion will impact all of us for the rest of our lives.  Scientists around the world are scrambling to interpret the data. Within the next week onward as the data is interpreted I will bring you the news on what this means to you.  Such as when will the poles shift, where will they meet, and how will this impact you.

Irregular changes in the Earth’s core field limit the lifetime of any predictive model such as the WMM. The current version (WMM2020) was released on December 10, 2019, and is valid for the period 2020.0 to 2025.0. The model was produced by BGS jointly with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA/NCEI), with funding from the Defence Geographic Centre in the UK and the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

WMM2020 consists of a degree 12 spherical harmonic model of the Earth’s main field (MF) at 2020.0, and a mean rate of change estimate (called secular variation, SV) over the period 2020.0 to 2025.0. Both parts of this model were produced collaboratively by combining models of the magnetic field derived BGS and NOAA/NCEI, as described in the technical report, hosted by NOAA/NCEI.


The strangest part of a thunderstorm may have finally been explained

Previously thought to be unrelated, two natural phenomena are both spurred by lightning.

West Texas Lightning Storm

Thunderstorms can excite and inspire us, putting on a show. The flashes and crackles we see from Earthlight up the sky and send your dog into hiding. But what’s going on high above the clouds during a storm maybe even more intriguing.

Strange phenomena light up the place where, roughly speaking, the atmosphere ends and space begins. There, terrestrial gamma-ray flashes, short bursts of incredibly high-energy photon radiation, burst during thunderstorms. These flashes were discovered in the 1990s, but why exactly they occur has been debated for years.  Read more


Low-Frequency Sound May Predict Tornado Formation

How can you tell when a storm is going to produce a tornado even before the twister forms? Research indicates that prior to tornado formation, storms emit low-frequency sounds.  Read more


This is a very positive DHS/FEMA presentation.  It is not if, but when you will be in a disaster.  This 26-minute video provides you with new insights on what you can expect the federal government.

Video Link


China and Russia duel it out for polar supremacy

China's first observation satellite providing coverage of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, and their high latitude (i.e., polar) equipment. Our near-peer competitors -- China and Russia -- understand the geostrategic ramifications of global climate change and are positioning themselves for the coming race to tap the vast (and as of yet relatively unexploited) energy and mineral wealth of the Arctic. Similar signals, like Russia's mini-subs planting a Russian flag on the seabed beneath the North Pole and deploying their first floating nuclear power plant to the Arctic coast, are harbingers that the Arctic is an emergent zone of great power competition in the Operational Environment's (OE's) Era of Accelerated Human Progress.]  While,  “China’s first polar observation satellite supports polar research,” Xinhua, 9 October 2019 and China’s New All-Terrain Vehicle to Join 36th Antarctic Expedition,, 9 October 2019.  China’s self-developed all-terrain vehicle will set off to the South Pole, contributing to the country’s upcoming 36th Antarctic expedition.


Special Operations Command Made a Mind-Reading Kit for Elite Troops

As tomorrow’s elite soldiers work to persuade local populations to support them, they may be able to sense how their messages are being received by detecting invisible biometric signals. Or when pinned down by enemy fire, they may make hand gestures to designate targets for close air support or operate swarms of drones with just a few voice commands. Read more


ALGORITHMIC WARFARE: Annual Exercise Flexes Cyber Warfare Muscles

Illustration: Getty

The Army — working alongside Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force — demonstrated its cyber warfare capabilities during a bilateral exercise known as Cyber Blitz-Orient Shield 2019.

The event — which took place in September — married the Army’s annual Cyber Blitz experiment with Orient Shield, a yearly bilateral exercise hosted by U.S. Army Pacific and Japan. It took place simultaneously at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, and at various locations across Japan.  Read more

Food Supply

This week, Seeds for Life,  I will be doing a show and tell presentation on the best seed catalogs, seeds to grow, and a walkthrough on planting, germination, and when to transplant. 

Food system collapse (Nature: Climate Change) Food security is uncertain under future climate change, but is there a threat of food system collapse? Now research assesses the probability of weather hazards occurring at the same time in the world’s major breadbaskets and reveals that the weather-related component of this risk could be increasing. Read more

 Changing risks of simultaneous global breadbasket failure (Nature: Climate Change) The risk of extreme climatic conditions leading to unusually low global agricultural production is exacerbated if more than one global ‘breadbasket’ is exposed at the same time.

Canola, soybeans, and potatoes left in fields after weather and trade war deliver 'brutal' year for farming


Shock and Awe 

Gas and Dust do not act normal during space explosion causing shock waves.  Read more


The European Space Agency will launch CHEOPS (CHaracterising ExOPlanets Satellite) a space telescope looking for life-bearing exoplanets.  Remember, CHEOPS is also known as Khufu who commissioned the Seven Wonders of the world.  Many of the probes sent into the heavenlies are names after the Egyptian gods.  Video Link

Earth Changes

Alert:  There is an uptick of volcanism in the western part of the Pacific Rim.

NASA’s Operation IceBridge Completes Eleven Years of Polar Surveys  Read more

Thousands of Mysterious Holes Have Been Found in The Ocean Floor Off The Californian Coast LINK

Thanks to Parker Probe visiting the sun shows the rippling effect.  What is so shocking?  The probe demonstrates that within the plasma stream or solar wind it undulates with magnetic reversals as it shoots out into the solar system.  This is new science, never before seen or known about.  How do the magnetic reversals of the plasma wind impact earth?


MUST READ:  Dr. Google Will See You Now

Authoritarianism has emerged in Silicon Valley. Google no longer helps you find what you are truly looking for. Instead, they now customize results to satisfy their wants and needs. Individual results might vary.

Google's audacious tyranny, which includes censorship, surveillance, and mind control, is accelerating at a wicked clip. It's hard to keep up. The planet's leading search engine is stealthily infiltrating areas/sectors of our society, including elections, news, finances, health, not to mention your mind, all the while 'vacuuming' and usurping data, to become a megalithic repository.  Read more


A floating array of mermaids are about to reveal Earth's inner secrets

Robots are going to tackle the mysteries of the Earth's mantle. Meet the MERMAID.

Mermaid in the ocean

Scientists are set to send a fleet of 50 mermaids out onto the high seas, to analyze and uncover some of the biggest secrets about the Earth’s inner workings.

If images of something out of The Little Mermaid come to mind, rest assured it involves a fair fewer human-fish combination. These MERMAIDs, also known as Mobile Earthquake Recording in Marine Areas by Independent Divers, are floating sensors that act as seismometers. A team working with the South Pacific Plume Imaging and Modeling program announced Thursday plans to send 50 of them out into the Pacific Ocean. Read more


My grandfather won the Purple Heart for his injuries in the line of duty at the Battle of Verdun.  I think he would smile that it is now a refuge of sorts.

In France, a Bloody WWI Battlefield Has Become a Wildlife Refuge

Toads, orchids, bats, and hundreds of millions of unexploded shells.

Welcome to Verdun, where toads live in bomb craters.

Today, the Verdun forest in France teems with so much charming life that it seems straight out of a storybook. Wild marsh orchids and white swallow-wort sprout. Pear and plum trees pop up every now and then among the pines. Small, furry bats take up residence in the many underground hollows, which are perfect for hibernation. And tiny toads with mottled yellow bellies stay cool in the little pools that dot the forest floor. Read more

Ancient Civilizations

Step up to the ochre

Why did these skilled people, all around the Earth, perhaps for tens or hundreds of thousands of years, manufacture this pigmentation? Read


Biblical Hebrew Phases: A Case Study

The contrast between Classical and Late Biblical Hebrew is best illustrated by juxtaposing two extracts of biblical prose narrative, one from each corpus.  Read more


Do you actually own your DNA?

Property rights get messy when DNA is involved.

The battle on whether you own your body began in academia in the 1990s as well as the establishing primacy humans or animals. It was determined by academia that animals hold primacy on earth.   Read this critical article

Last Word

Looking back to Genesis 1:6 when the Creator firmly established the earth it can be read as to tread down, to flatten out, hence make a floor. He establishes the ground, the land masses, upon the waters.  Earth and mankind were prepared and initiated by the separation of the landmasses from the waters.  I am firmly convinced that the same forces at work at creation take part as actors during the End Times.  The prophets certainly saw this to be true as mountains flatten and seas are displaced. Is God beginning to lay a new foundation for His thousand-year reign?  It is an interesting fact that throughout the world cities build upon the crumbled foundations of previous civilizations, only in time, to become decimated themselves, whereupon a new generations builds upon the last.  In Israel, these layered cities are called tells.

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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