Behind the Scenes with Celeste

January 23, 2020

What is on my radar?


  • Cosmic Rays Highest Level in 400 years (cycle)
  • DNA shows serpents may be cause of CoronaVirus
  • Transition to new food sources
  • Living Robots
  • Earth Opening Up Wide Her mouth

      On January 15th I talked with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM about Extinction Level Events.


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      Thank you to all my patrons who attended my first Q & A live session.  You had great questions and it was wonderful putting faces with your names.  Next Q & A will be February 5th.

      Special Medical Broadcast:  Natural Product Protection for the CoronaVirus.  How can you protect yourself?

      Miracles from the BushFires with Aussie Watcher with encouraging news for any of us going through a wildfire season

      The Shift and the Rift (continuing our discussion the great chasms in scripture)

      Video Special:  Can You Peer into the Great Chasms of God and Live?

      Practical News that Matters:  Patenting of God's Word.  What does that mean to you?

      Weather and Space Weather

      Your space weather for today:  Quiet, Kp is back to flatline, so heads up for health impacts.

      3-Day space weather forecast: Quiet, Near Kp flatline, Possible health impact

      Troposphere Temperature: COLD

      Solar Winds: Quiet 326 km/sec

      Cosmic Rays:  HIGH and going UP

      Space Weather Dashboard

      Education Moment:  When we look at cosmic ray cycles we need to factor in lag time.  This is true in looking at the driving place of our oceans upon our weather, and it is true with solar cycles and sunspots driving earth's weather.


      Video Link

      COSMIC RAYS ARE AT THEIR HIGHEST SINCE THE MAUNDER MINIMUM 400 years ago.  This is one of the cycles I talk about.  True, it is much more fascinating to look at asteroids and near-earth objects but what are you doing to protect yourself against the health implications of the invisible HIGH cosmic rays bombarding you every day?  They can break your DNA, cause mutations, drop a healthy person dead in mere seconds, and cause damage to every cell and organ in your body. 


      London records highest atmospheric pressure in more than 300 years, UK

      With 1 049.6 hPa registered at Heathrow Airport Sunday into Monday, January 19 to 20, 2020, London has set its new atmospheric pressure record -- the highest since records began in 1692. The barometer reached 1 049.6 hPa overnight, breaking the previous record of 1 -Read more


      A bright fireball explodes over Cyprus

      Bright fireball explodes over Cyprus

      A brilliant fireball was spotted across the island of Cyprus on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, at around 20:00 UTC (22:00 LT). The American Meteor Society (AMS) said they received around 144 eyewitness reports.  Read more


      Two interconnected deep cyclones form over the North Pacific Ocean

      Two deep cyclones were spotted forming over the North Pacific Ocean on January 20, 2020-- simultaneously occurring between Asian and North American continents. The twins are expected to head towards the northwestern US and southwest Canada, bringing severe winds  Read more

      UAE: Research underway to help make artificial clouds

      UAE: Research underway to help make artificial clouds

      Research is now underway to help make artificial clouds as a new method of generating rainfall in the UAE, said National Center of Meteorology (NCM) director Dr. Omar Al Yazeedi on January 19, 2020.

      Speaking at the International Rain Enhancement Forum in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, January 19, Al Yazeedi said experts were considering utilizing solar energy to make artificial clouds, aiming to boost cloud seeding.  Read more


      Mere weeks ago I shared with you that since WWII the government and their partner researchers have been experimenting injecting venom into your lives, one way or another.  Now this... (One caveat, I have also heard bats as a source, either way)

      DNA study suggests snakes may be a source of coronavirus outbreak

      Early DNA analysis points to snakes being the animal species that harbored the virus responsible for the current coronavirus outbreak before it jumped to humans
      Early DNA analysis points to snakes being the animal species that harbored the virus responsible for the current coronavirus outbreak before it jumped to humans

      A newly published article in the Journal of Medical Virology is reporting the first results of a genetic study into the DNA of the novel coronavirus currently spreading across the globe. The research suggests the new virus may have originated in snakes, which were known to be sold at the animal market in Wuhan where the outbreak began. Read more


      Probably the biggest geopolitical news is the coronavirus.  Will this be the Big One?

      The next severe pandemic will not only cause great illness and loss of life but could also trigger major cascading economic and societal consequences that could contribute greatly to global impact and suffering. Efforts to prevent such consequences or respond to them as they unfold will require unprecedented levels of collaboration between governments, international organizations, and the private sector. There have been important efforts to engage the private sector in epidemic and outbreak preparedness at the national or regional level. However, there are major unmet global vulnerabilities and international system challenges posed by pandemics that will require new robust forms of public-private cooperation to address.

      The Event 201 pandemic exercise, conducted on October 18, 2019, vividly demonstrated a number of these important gaps in pandemic preparedness as well as some of the elements of the solutions between the public and private sectors that will be needed to fill them.


      Hypersonic Weapons Summit
       March 31- April 2, 2020 in Arlington. 

      Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week

      Over the next two years, the Space Development Agency is looking to put dozens of satellites into orbit.

      Food Supply

      A huge cash injection makes cultured meat closer to reality
      Memphis Meats plans to open a production facility to scale up. Read more


      Major disruptions are coming into the food marketplace-are your ready?  If you purchase any commercial products they will soon be mixed with approved adulterants that will not be labeled.  After the transition process, the food you know will be erased, unless you grow it yourself. 

      Tyson Foods the maker of hot dogs and chicken nuggets, will soon offer vegan protein. There’s even a meatless version of canned tuna.

      The new chicken protein:  Larvae (maggots) from the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens) are a perfect protein source for chicken production
      Chicken that contains 15% larvae still tastes good and has the same juiciness, tenderness and aroma.

      Locusts entering the food supply:  Candied and ice cream made from locusts (of course you will not see Bill Gates or Soros eating them, they are just peasant food)


      As temperatures plummet iguanas are falling out of trees and the frozen meat is replacing Chicken of the Sea (tuna) with Chicken of the Trees

      We are being urged to forget chicken of the sea! Iguana meat is 'chicken of the trees'

      16 hours ago ... Iguana meat is listed on Facebook Marketplace for $1. ... And now, you buy a peculiar protein dubbed "chicken of the trees." Iguana meat, or "garrobo" as the Read more


      Tight supply ideas boost wheat, especially soft red winter | 2020-01

      12 hours ago ... Concerns about tighter U.S. wheat supplies, specifically soft red winter, as well as higher international wheat prices, sent U.S. wheat futures  Read more


      Fascinating mysteries abound on Neptune including the sky raining diamonds!

      Video Link


      New evidence suggests active volcanoes still present on Venus

      Research led by the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) showed evidence indicating the surprising probability that there are still active volcanoes on Venus. If confirmed this would make Venus and Earth the only planets in our solar system with recent...... Read more »

      Earth Changes

      According to NOAA’s own historical data, of the 50 U.S. state all-time record high temperatures, 23 were set during the 1930s, while 36 occurred prior to 1960 — climate change proponents are feeding us a fairy tale, and I’m sick of it…


      'The blob,' food supply squeeze to blame for largest seabird die-off. Michelle Ma. UW News. dead common murre. A recently dead common   Read more


      The Mountain Sphinx

      Conspiracy theories and occult legends surround this mysterious natural rock formation. 


      In the Bucegi Mountains of Romania, there lies a rock formation shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories. From a certain angle, its outline resembles that of Egypt’s Great Sphinx of Giza.  Read more

      Practical Tips

      Think outside the box.  We all have our favorite news items to monitor but these days it is what is not on your radar that might change your spiritual and physical life forever.


      Inside America’s First All-Biometric Airline Terminal

      People still need more than their faces to enter and exit America on international flights, but Brandi Vincent writes that a growing number of early-stage facial recognition deployments that aim to screen passengers with little human intervention are rolling out at airports across the country. Read more


      Robots are mastering the art of levitation

      An ultrasonic gripper could let robots “hold” things without actually touching them. Read more


      Strange creatures to come...

      Not Bot, Not Beast: Scientists Create First Ever-Living, a remarkable combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and biology has produced the world’s first “living robots.”

      This week, a research team of roboticists and scientists published their recipe for making a new lifeform called xenobots from stem cells.  Read more


      The oldest book of the Bible, Job, talks about the whirlwind.  There are lessons to certainly be learned from the whirlwind.  More and more you will see the intensification of whirlwinds and vortices in nature.  Man has always had a fascination with spirals and vortices.

      30 of the World's Most Spectacular Spirals

      Swirls and curls and whorls—with an enchanting twist.


      Some of the planet’s most captivating coils are more than just design eye candy. The Treetop Tower of Rüge, for instance, lets you explore a forest canopy. The puquios of Peru, on the other hand, were once part of a sophisticated, ancient hydraulic system. Still others, such as the Great Salt Lake’s Spiral Jetty, well, that’s eye candy for those dedicated enough to get to it. From the symbols carved into a Neolithic tomb in Ireland to a dazzling staircase in a lavish 16th-century mansion, here are 30 wondrous whorls sure to set your head spinning. Read more



      The sophisticated hydraulic system of the Nazca civilization.


      The puquios are an old and extensive system of subterranean aqueducts, surface channels, reservoirs and spiraling holes that allowed the Nazca civilization to distribute water in one of the aridest places in the world. Read more


      Roman trading post (4th century B.C.E. to 3rd century C.E.) on Tunisian Jerba island coast has been surveyed

      Roman bathhouse in Meninx

      Archaeologists excavating the Roman bathhouse of Meninx. (Photo: Stefanie Holzem/MAP)

      2,000 years ago, at the height of the Roman Empire, Meninx was an important port off the coast of North Africa, with trading ties to Italy Spain, Greece, Asia Minor, and Egypt. It apparently enjoyed great wealth from trading textiles dyed with purple from the native snails.

      As announced by the Ludwig Maximilians Universitat Munchen, using magnetometer surveys, a joint German-Tunisian team has completed a mapping of the city of Meninx.  Read more

      Ancient Civilizations

      Australian Bushfires Reveal Hidden Sections of Ancient Aquaculture System

      The eel-farming system of the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape is older than both Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids

      Budj Bim
      Blazes at Budj Bim National Park in southeastern Australia unearthed a previously unknown channel. (Mertie via Flickr under CC BY-SA 2.0)

      The Budj Bim Cultural Landscape presented a special challenge for firefighters battling Australian bushfires in recent weeks. Crews normally use heavy machinery to contain blazes like the one started by a lightning strike near the national park in December. But at the Budj Bim Cultural Landscape—the site of a 6,600-year-old aquaculture system designed for harvesting short-finned eels—firefighters had to fight on foot. Now, with the brush cleared by flames, a new section of the ancient network has emerged.  Read more


      Greta, the child climate monger is telling society to elevate children to the status of gods and goddesses.   Pure wickedness.


      The Leech’s Journey, From Welsh Lab to American Hospitals

      Disgusting? Sure. But invaluable in today’s post-surgical ward.

      The modern medical leech is no myth.

      The modern medical leech is no myth. Maksim Ozerov / Getty Images

      It takes a village to run a hospital, and Duke University Hospital is no exception. There are doctors, nurses, medical technicians, administrative staff, an “infection preventionist”—even a handful of service dogs. Read more


      Anticancer Activity Discovered in Dozens of Existing Noncancer Drugs

      Scientists at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute harnessed a DNA barcoding technology, PRISM, which allowed them to screen thousands of existing noncancer drugs against 578 cancer cell lines. The results identified anticancer activity in 49 drugs that are currently used to treat conditions such as diabetes, inflammation, alcoholism, and even canine arthritis. The findings also highlighted novel potential targets and unexpected anticancer mechanisms.  Read more


      Wordplay with sun/Son and healing both spiritually and physically? 

      “But for you who fear My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its wings, and you will go out and leap like calves from the stall.  Malachi 4:2


      Sunning Your Fat Cells Could Improve Your Health

      When researchers were studying how mice control their body temperature, they found that light exposure regulates the function of adipocytes found deep in the body. The study, which has implications far beyond describing how mice stay warm, notes that disruptions to this fundamental metabolic process appear to reflect an unhealthy aspect of modern life—spending too much time indoors.  Read more


      Electrified artificial skin can feel exactly where it is touched

      New Scientist Default Image
      A gel that mimics skin has been electrified so that touch can be felt


      Electrified artificial skin made of strange orange jelly can tell when you are touching it and can heal itself. It could someday be used in prosthetics or to cover robots so that they can sense their surroundings. Read more: Subscription required

      Last Word

      Big cracks form around Taal volcano after a major eruption, Philippines

      Open Wide its Mouth

      Numbers 16: 32 in scripture says the “earth opened its mouth,” and is seemingly repetitious because in verse 31 it says, “the ground under them split.”

      There is a slight variation in Hebrew that does translate well into English. Here, the ground opened up ‘her’ mouth, wherein Judges 35:16, the word is changed to the masculine,” doth open his mouth.”  What are we to understand about this? 

      Verse 32 indicates that first, the earth split such as we are seeing with the Taal volcano. 

      Then, those splits opened wide their mouth, which in the case of Korach and the rebels, engulfed [ or swallowed] them and their possessions.  The rebels and those who sided with the assembly, their rebellious family, households, and belongs swallowed up and rebellious people were buried alive in a liquefaction-type divine action. 

      The earth then closed in such a manner that no trace of their downfall remained visible.  They had disappeared completely from among the people.

      Is this what happened to various advanced civilizations such as Atlantis?

      Are we witnessing the beginning of the earth opening up her mouth to engulf the wicked?

      God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



      Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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