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  • If you die abroad can your remains come home?
  • Secretary For Military Influence Operations
  • No antibiotics for secondary infections due to One Health global policy on Antibiotic Stewardship.
  • DHS Preparing for Agroterrorism in Food Supply Chain
  • As we deepen into the Extinction Level Event Cataloging life as we know it is in full swing.
  • Return of the Great Comet of 1844
  • The healing Flowering Ointment of Tribulation

Celestial Report

This week our focus will be on getting a good deal of understanding about the Global Governance system being put into place as the world grinds to a stop due to disruptions from the novel "virus".  Real or perceived, we have transitioned into the new global system, and you need to understand the landscape of what lies ahead.

Weather and Space Weather

Your space weather for today:  Very Quiet-Flatline

3 Day space weather forecast: Quiet today & tomorrow, Possible Instability Wednesday

Troposphere Temperature:  3.86x1010 W Cold

Solar Winds:  Quiet, speed: 392.5 km/sec

Cosmic Rays:  today: +10.5% Very High, 7-day change: -0.7%

Space Weather Dashboard


Your data is the new oil of the emerging final empire of Global Governance.  Using the Novel Corona Virus the "Regulators" are going to get your data if you travel and use enforcement measures if necessary to pry privacy from your hands whether you are alive or from your cold, dead hands.  It begins with airlines and as the virus moves through the population, it will expand.  This is in the pipeline:

CDC requires airlines to collect and submit via electronic means to CDC, beginning within 24 hours of an order from the Director, certain data regarding passengers and crew arriving on flights arriving in the United States from foreign countries. CDC believes that this is the only mechanism by which it can efficiently obtain the information it needs for a public health response to outbreaks of communicable disease and that current regulatory requirements are not sufficient, especially in public health emergencies. CDC will exercise enforcement discretion where appropriate. We note that implementation of this interim final rule will entail technical and logistical difficulties for airlines. We are confident that all airlines will make every effort to comply with it. CDC, and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) more broadly, will in the exercise of its enforcement discretion take into account the good faith attempts at the compliance of any airline which may have difficulty in implementing the interim final rule in a timely fashion. Read more


If you die abroad from Novel Coronavirus or other reasons, can your remains come home?

In the regulatory pipeline:

HHS/CDC's role is to ensure that human remains imported into the United States do not contain a communicable disease or an infectious biological agent that could threaten public health. In recent years, HHS/CDC has received an increased number of notifications regarding the importation of body parts that are improperly packaged (e.g., contained in garbage bags or coolers susceptible of leaking fluid) or that lack proper documentation (e.g., importers stating only that the remains are to be used for “training.”). In some cases, importers have misrepresented the contents of the package or the remains were found to be leaking.  Read more


Enhancing Privacy in Today's Internet of Things

People navigating the digital landscape of today's internet are bombarded with notices about how their data is being collected. But in the physical world — where the internet of things (IoT) technologies increasingly track our activities — few, if any, notices are provided. A team of researchers has created an app and an entire infrastructure to change that. Read more

Getting Ready for IED's in America:  A booming business in American towns

Powerful explosives can be made from common consumer goods, like pool sanitizers, fertilizers, and paint removers, that are bought and sold every day in communities across the United States. With the increase in the use of these common items to make homemade explosives (HME) and improvised explosive devices (IED), an educated and proactive public is the key to prevention. To establish a national outreach program in partnership with states, the Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP)


You should be wary of the census.  The bible says to refuse to be enumerated except in a census called by the Lord.  King David paid a terrible cost when he disobeyed God in this matter.

One-Third of Residents Suspicious of Census, Survey Finds

More outreach to communities is needed, researchers say.  Read more


This is the first time in history that antibiotics will not be used except in a few cases to battle secondary infections that propagate with a viral infection.  This will catapult the death associated with any viral outbreak.  This is a One Health depopulation mechanism. 

Canada Establishes the One Health Network for the Global Governance of Infectious Diseases and Antimicrobial Resistance (GGRID)  Link

This has been deployed in the US also.  What is the bottom line?  The Covid19 or whatever one calls the new virus has comorbidity associated which means other viruses and bacteria are associated with the outbreak.  In the past, a person was given antibiotics to treat secondary bacterial infections.  This is critical to understand, in this pandemic due to antibiotic stewardship global mandates antibiotics will rarely be given. 


Can you say disruption?

Military Family Members and Retirees Could Lose Medical Clinic Access under Pentagon Plan

The Defense Department this week published a plan to downsize dozens of military treatment facilities and make many accessible only to active-duty troops.


Should the U.S. Have a Secretary For Influence Operations?

Two former top special operations officials say their job was too junior and the Pentagon isn’t taking information warfare seriously enough.

In this new age of information warfare, the military art of influence ops — otherwise sometimes called psychological ops, information ops, or most-recently, military information support ops — lacks the senior-level leadership it deserves, say two former Pentagon officials who were in charge of special operations policies. According to them, the position they once held is too junior for the seriousness of the threat and mission, and influence ops are spread so wide, that nobody is sure who is really in charge.  Read more


'Paint' that Purports to Regrow Wounded Troops' Bones Moving Toward FDA Testing

Medics talk about how to help a simulated victim’s leg injury.
Medics talk about how to help a simulated victim’s leg injury during a mass casualty exercise Feb. 5 at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla. (U.S. Air Force/Samuel King Jr.)

The latest proposed bone regenerative therapy is a paint-like substance that coats implants or other devices to promote bone regrowth. It’s designed for use in treating combat injuries and lower back pain, among other issues.

After about $9 million in grants from the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the substance, called AMP2, made by the company Theradaptive, is moving onto the next trial phase, a step ahead of testing on humans. Creator Luis Alvarez, a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served a year in Iraq, said coating an implant is much better than the current, more dangerous therapy for bone regrowth.  Read more

Food Supply


With winter wheat plantings down, is a shortage looming?

While it is possible an agroterrorist event can occur what is really happening is a tightening of control over the food supply for imaginary demons and covering for what will be a plummeting of food supplies as we enter Global Governance and the Grand Solar Minimum. 

What You Sow: The Case for Better Agroterrorism Preparedness

For years, interest groups, academics, and policymakers have sounded the alarm on the vulnerability of U.S. crops to a terrorist attack. This article briefly reviews the history, risks, and consequences of agroterrorism attacks targeting crop yields and suggests how the recently established DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction Office could play a role in countering this threat.  Read more


Astronomers are keeping a close eye on Comet ATLAS (C/2019 Y4). Currently, beyond the orbit of Mars, the dirty snowball from deep space is falling toward the sun--and it has recently tripled in brightness, possibly signaling an explosion of dust and gas in the comet's core. In late May, it will swoop inside the orbit of Mercury and could become very bright, indeed.

On Feb. 24-25, the Owl Nebula and the comet will be about 1 degree apart.

Comet ATLAS may be the signpost of ... a dying comet. Its orbit is strikingly similar to that of the Great Comet of 1844, which was visible in broad daylight when it passed very close to the sun in the 19th century. Comet ATLAS may be a fragment of that Great Comet--or perhaps a sibling comet, spawned by an even greater parent disintegrating 1000+ years ago.


A study suggests some meteors could be traveling near the speed of light when they enter Earth's atmosphere

Study suggests some meteors could be traveling near the speed of light when they enter Earth's atmosphere

A new study by Harvard astronomers suggests there could be small meteors (1 to 100 mm / 0.04 to 4 inches) traveling at close to the speed of light when they hit the Earth's atmosphere. Such meteors are likely the result of nearby supernovae that speed up particles to sub-relativistic speed-- from several thousand times the speed of sound to a fraction of light speed.  Read more

Earth Changes

Read more


As the Extinction Level Event deepens cataloging life on earth is throttling into high gear.  What they do not say is COBOL is barcoding much of life at equal speed.

See 500 Years of Artful Nature Illustrations.  Over 57 million pages of wildlife are cataloged.  Read more


This 6-Foot Brachiosaurus Fossil Hitched a Ride With Two Clydesdale Horses

One day last May, Brian Engh was trying to spot dinosaur bones along a rock ledge in the Morrison Formation, a famed fossil site in the western United States, when he noticed something strange at his feet. It was the faint outline of what appeared to be a limb bone, and it was more than six feet long. Engh, a paleoartist who was there to observe dinosaur fossils in the field, couldn’t believe his eyes. “It was just way too big,” he writes in an email. The bone looked bigger than any bone he’d ever seen. So Engh hollered to his colleague Matt Wedel, an anatomist and paleontologist at the Western University of Health Sciences, who was studying fossilized poop nearby. Wedel came over and knew that a bone that big could only have come from one thing: Brachiosaurus, a gigantic, rare sauropod that lived in the Late Jurassic. Read more


Promoting biosecurity by professionalizing biosecurity or bioeconomy will be exploited by actors for malevolent purposes or subverted to cause harm.   New biotechnologies have the power to transform medicine, new sources of energy, and fill an expand laboratory biologically derived products (the “bioeconomy”).


Montezuma Castle

Ninety feet off the valley floor is an ancient dwelling put under the protection of the U.S. government by Teddy Roosevelt. 

Thanks to Theodore Roosevelt, the United States Congress passed the Antiquities Act of 1906, giving the office of the president the power to create National Monuments. Although that ability has changed by legislation over time, Teddy bullishly took on the task and picked the first monuments that same year, including Montezuma Castle in Camp Verde, Arizona.

This cliff dwelling is remarkably intact for a structure nearly a thousand years old, and naming the site for Montezuma reveals an error in the early archeology of the site: It wasn’t built by Aztecs, but by the indigenous Sinagua, the pre-Columbian people who lived in the Verde Valley of central Arizona.  Read more

Ancient Civilizations

Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered

Neanderthal-Denisovan ancestors interbred with a distantly related hominin 700,000 years ago

A new study documented the earliest known interbreeding event between ancient human populations -- a group known as the 'super-archaics' in Eurasia interbred with a Neanderthal-Denisovan ancestor about 700,000 years ago. The event was between two populations more distantly related than any other recorded. The authors proposed a revised timeline for human migration out of Africa and into Eurasia. The method for analyzing ancient DNA provides a new way to look farther back into the human lineage. Read more


Discovery at 'flower burial' site could unravel the mystery of Neanderthal death rites

Illustration of primitive man in cave (stock image). | Credit: © Kovalenko I /
Illustration of primitive man in a cave (stock image).
Credit: © Kovalenko I / Adobe Stock

The first articulated Neanderthal skeleton to come out of the ground for over 20 years has been unearthed at one of the most important sites of mid-20th century archaeology: Shanidar Cave, in the foothills of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Researchers say the new find offers an unparalleled opportunity to investigate the "mortuary practices" of this lost species using the latest technologies.

Shanidar Cave was excavated in the 1950s when archaeologist Ralph Solecki uncovered partial remains of ten Neanderthal men, women and children.

Some were clustered together, with clumps of ancient pollen surrounding one of the skeletons. Solecki claimed this showed Neanderthals buried their dead and conducted funerary rites with flowers.  Read more


What I see is the letter of what is known as Peratt's Squatter Man indicating a plasma discharge found in petroglyphs and hieroglyphs around the world.  Did the ancient Caanite peoples witness a cosmic event and integrate it into their alphabet?

Archaeologists receive a letter from the biblical era

A Canaanite storage jar with an inscription bearing the letter "Samek." Credit: T. Rogovski

"And the Lord delivered Lachish into the hand of Israel, which took it on the second day, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and all the souls therein..." —Joshua, 10:32

The Biblical Book of Joshua tells the story of the ancient Israelites' entry into the Promised Land after a 40-year sojourn in the desert. Now, a team of archaeologists led by Professor Yosef Garfinkel at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Archaeology and Professor Michael Hasel at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee, have opened a window onto the Canaanite society that inhabited the land during that era. Read more


The mapping discussed is not for your information so you can make wise decisions but is part of the Global Governance system for certain actors to redistribute wealth.

Mapping the Spread of Coronavirus

Researchers are using mathematical models to better understand and predict the spread of COVID-19 and to quantify the effectiveness of various efforts to stop it. The goal of the “mathematical epidemiology” model is to help the public health community understand and anticipate the spread of the infection and evaluate the potential effectiveness of different approaches for bringing it under control.  Read more

Last Word

Because of the savor of thy good ointments, thy name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love thee. Songs of Songs  1:3

This flowering oil of the bible is pivotal to our End Day walk of faith in Jesus as we esteem His Name it troublesome days. Today I will be examining how this oil ties into Jesus first miracle, and the command not to touch the oil and wine in the seals of Revelation, and how it also gives deeper meaning into the 10 virgins awaiting the bridegroom-some of whom had oil in their lamps and some did not.  We also see inference that the Name of Jesus is a healing balm that is poured forth into our lives when we allow Him to heal us which is good news in a day of pestilence!


God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.




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