Behind the Scenes with Celeste: Harvest Hell-Suicide Up-Life Expectancy Dropping-Invisible Clothing-Unicorn Puppies

November 18, 2019

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What is on my radar?

Today we we examine quite a mix!

  • Harvest Hell
  • Financial Shifts
  • Suicide Up
  • Life Expectancy Dropping
  • The trend towards expensive invisible (virtual) clothing
  • Unicorn Puppies
  • And more...

Weather and Space Weather

Video Link

Discover how Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) impact our weather.  We have entered a dusty spiral arm of our galaxy.  This affects our weather.  Today, we will look at just this one type of cosmic ray or particles that cause increased nucleation in our atmosphere, causing more precipitation.


The sun is beginning to show that it is waking up from her slumber, but that process may take up to one year.  In the meantime, we can educate ourselves on what the reduced solar maximum will be like and what it means for your life.  We are seeing 'active' regions with filaments but no sunspots as yet. 

We are back to geomagnetic flatline after being buffeted by solar winds and cosmic rays over the weekend.

Learn why some magnetic reversals show up and others do not

One hundred thousand years of geomagnetic field evolution

Includes timelines

There are short and long magnetic reversals the shorter ones happening more frequently and carrying the same power punch.  Our planet has enjoyed thousands of years of moderate temperatures and weather, but we have begun the descent downwards to a hospitable climate on earth. 

Space Weather Dashboard


I am noticing SIGNIFICANT back-channel chatter on changes to the banking system.  Are we about ready to dispense with currency and take the virtual plunge?

  • E-Commerce, Mobile and Cross Border Payment Systems
  • E-commerce landscape with new disrupting business models adding themselves to the traditional ones. Online platforms are major actors of this phenomenon; think of marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms, and even FinTechs.
  • Banking and Payments in the World of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • Banks Find Transformation Success With Advanced Technologies
  • From brick-and-mortar banks and insurance offices to pop-up locations and IoT devices such as ATMs, kiosks, digital signs, and surveillance cameras, digital transformation enables financial organizations to improve their services, extend their reach, and modernize their business operations.

    Whether you’re deploying cutting-edge fintech applications and IoT devices or standard office tools in innovative ways, secure and constant connectivity — including wireless broadband — is essential. The flow of information your company must gather and send cannot be disrupted.

Lawmakers Propose Bill Limiting Government's Use of Facial Recognition

The legislation would require law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant before conducting facial recognition surveillance.

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers on Thursday introduced legislation that would force law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant before using facial recognition software to track American citizens. Read More


The urban sprawl of global social justice

A New Proposal Envisions Federal Help for States and Localities to Reduce Prison Populations

State and local governments would receive financial incentives to take on some of the most challenging aspects of reworking their criminal justice systems, from eliminating cash bail to cutting mandatory prison sentences, in a proposal unveiled by Rep. Ayanna Pressley this week. 

The resolution, a sweeping proposal that imagines changes to criminal justice at the local, state, and federal levels, calls for ending the death penalty, banning assault weapons, legalizing marijuana, and decriminalizing sex work.


Expect protests and cyber news censorship to increase and spread to other countries as things such as food and fuel become in short supply due either to control mechanisms or as in the case of food nonavailability due to production loss.  This is happening around the world.

Protests erupted across Iran on Friday after the government unexpectedly announced its decision to ration petrol and remove subsidies, sending prices soaring. In response to the demonstrations, Iran’s government almost instantly started to shut off internet access for its citizens. 


The military hive complex

How Lockheed Martin Is Trying To Link Everything on the Battlefield 

Experiment by experiment, the company is weaving aircraft, ground vehicles, satellites, and the rest into a network that will someday give commanders unprecedented decision-support options

Food Supply

Is this souring of the sweetener industry natural or by design?  The sector already bumped up prices before the crops went down, and the UN demand to cease the sweetening industry.  It makes one wonder.

Just in time for the holidays:  Sugar Shortage Ahead, not a sweet future! 

Food contracts are broken in a Force Majeure, Act of God, due to climate resulting in crop failures

Farmers are calling this year:  the Harvest from Hell, and it is about to get much worse

Farmers are following the same path as the biblical Joseph model; they are leveraging their land for another season to grow.


Rippling Electromagnetic Sheets in our Galaxy

The Warped Heliospheric Current Sheet.  Learn more

Earth Changes

“Glass Pearls” in Clamshells Point to Ancient Meteor Impact

Mike Meyer recently returned to investigating 83 mysterious objects from his past.

The identities of these microscopic objects, collected while sifting through fossilized clams in a Florida quarry in 2006, were unknown for more than a decade. Many of the glassy spheres, about 200 micrometers in diameter, are translucent, and others have frosty surfaces. Some have bumps or cracks on their surfaces, likely caused by the abrasive action of sand grains, said Meyer, an Earth systems scientist at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. 


More than 60% of Americans think it’s impossible to go through daily life without being tracked by companies or the government, according to a new Pew Research study. The results provide important context on the long-running question of how much Americans care about privacy



The Emperor's New Clothes come to life:

Designers Are Selling Expensive Clothes That Don’t Exist—and People Are Actually Buying Them

Earlier this year, a digital-only dress sold at auction for $9,500

Digital dress
The $9,500 digital dress (Shogo Kimura/The Fashionista)

In 1837, Hans Christian Andersen regaled audiences with the tale of a clothes-loving emperor who commissioned a suit made from cloth that would be invisible to anyone not clever enough to see it. As weavers pretended to craft the custom creation, the emperor—too embarrassed to admit he couldn’t actually see anything—similarly pretended to admire their work. When he finally debuted his “invisible” attire, the tittering public was well aware of the fact that their ruler was completely naked. Today, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” acts as a cautionary tale—at least to some readers. Others, it turns out, are still paying a hefty price for clothing that doesn’t actually exist. Read More

Ancient Civilizations

Spanish Archaeologists Discover The Ruins Of A 4500-Year-Old "Circular" City Located On The Banks Of The Euphrates River At Tall Qabr

Near The Center of The Northernmost Section Of The Fertile Crescent. The Trade City Was Part Of The Semitic Kingdom Of Mari Where Over 25,000 Akkadian Tablets Have Been Discovered Shedding Light On Hundreds of Ancient Cities. The Inhabitants of Mari Worshipped Sumerian Deities Like Dagon, Ishtar, and Shamash.

The link does not work


Interesting, but pro-evolutionary...

Ancient teeth show some early humans came to Israel from Europe 40,000 years ago

New Tel Aviv University study attempts to put to rest an ongoing debate over when, and from which direction, the elusive, artistic Aurignacian culture was brought to the Levant

  • A view to Manot cave with a mark of the area where some of the 40,000-year-old teeth were found. (Prof. Israel Hershkovitz)
    A view to Manot cave with a mark of the area where some of the 40,000-year-old teeth were found. (Prof. Israel Hershkovitz)
  • Tel Aviv University's Dr. Rachel Sarig. Credit: (TAU Spokesperson's Office)
    Tel Aviv University's Dr. Rachel Sarig. Credit: (TAU Spokesperson's Office)
A map of Manot cave excavations cites with indication for the location of the 40,000-year-old teeth. (Dr. Rachel Sarig)
A map of Manot cave excavations cites with an indication for the location of the 40,000-year-old teeth. (Dr. Rachel Sarig)

Upper and lower molars from Manot cave, dated to 38,000 years before present, showing a mixture of  characteristics. (Dr. Rachel Sarig)
Upper and lower molars from Manot cave, dated to 38,000 years before present, showing a mixture of characteristics. (Dr. Rachel Sarig)

Bone fragments belonging to an assortment of Paleolithic ungulates found in Manot Cave (photo credit: Judah Ari Gross/Times of Israel staff)
Bone fragments belonging to an assortment of Paleolithic ungulates found in Manot Cave (photo credit: Judah Ari Gross/Times of Israel staff)

First the first time, scientists have uncovered rare 40,000-year-old human teeth dating to the period of the elusive Aurignacian culture in the Levant, which indicate these early humans came to the region through reverse migration from Europe, according to Dr. Racheli Sarig, of Tel Aviv University’s School of Dental Medicine and Dan David Center Center for Human Evolution and Bio-History Research.  Read more


Mutations on the rise (I have had similar mutations occurring on my farm)

Meet the ‘Unicorn Puppy’ With an Extra Tail on His Head

Narwhal’s unique appendage may be the remnant of his parasitic twin

Sweet Narwhal will be adoptable soon, but he is not for sale. He is a very good boy, of course. (Courtesy of Mac’s Mission)
As the owner of a Missouri shelter for dogs with special needs, Rochelle Steffen has encountered her share of pooches who require unique care. Some have had birth defects—like spina bifida, and even an extra leg, she tells Today’s Scott Stump—and others have been injured or abused. But Steffen had never seen a dog quite like the puppy who came to her shelter, Mac’s Mission, last week.  Read more


8 Proven Health Benefits of Saffron

This exotic spice has been used to treat more than 90 illnesses over 4,000 years. Here are just eight healthy reasons to use more saffron  Read moreThis fall bulb is easy to grow to collect your saffron!


The suicide rate in the US has gone up 33 percent in less than two decades; we’re three times more likely to kill ourselves than we are to be killed.

To Reinvent Healthcare, Stop Treating Patients and Start Building Communities

The average life expectancy in the US is declining for the first time since 1918.

The solution comes from a team at Deloitte came up with five consistent themes for how communities can reduce costs while improving the health of their people.

1. Empower proactive health and well-being management (compliance with the UN Millennium Goals and management by those ascribing to UN policies.)

2. Foster a sense of community and well-being.  (Well-being as defined by the UN living in compliance with the Hive.)

3. Engage digital technologies with behavioral science.  (All disease now is considered "your fault" due to poor lifestyle choices.)

4. Meaningfully use data to improve outcomes.  (Policy at AI will save the planet from the burden of disease)

5. Enable new innovative models for the way these societies work (Integration of AI and spawning innovation (AI) startups that support global governance.)  Read more

Last Words

With long life will I satisfy him...Psalm 91:  16

I will satisfy him with long life-God will fill out the days of the person of faith.  His life will not be cut short in this world until your mission for Jesus is complete.

Some people live long lives but they are filled with frustration and disappointment.  The person of faith will live out a satisfying and meaningful life.  

As a child of God, you actually live through all the times of history.  Time really becomes irrelevant once you accept His salvation for you have stepped into eternity and the land of immortality.  He provides us with insights into His providence and His plan for mankind.  

I see this verse as a promise that if when we Honor our Father (who is in heaven) who established the Ten Commandments then we tap into the promise He established, Honoring thy Father and Mother, with that the blessing, that you will have length of days and live long in the land that I (the Lord God) will give you (in this life or the eternal life).

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming..

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