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Highlights include:

  • Legally Composting Humans and using them as fertilizer
  • Cannibal Cave
  • DOD Religion Vaccine

Celestial Report

We will discover the unique attributes of biblical incense and what it means to be the fragrance of Jesus. 

Weather and Space Weather

Geomagnetic conditions are quiet

Steve over the picket fence

Steve – a strange shimmering ribbon of light in the night sky – became the subject of debate in 2017. Steve can be seen accompanied by smudges of green lines – nicknamed ‘picket fences’ owing to their appearance. Credit: Janis Smith Photography

Strange ribbons of purple light that appeared in the sky—known as Steve—became the subject of debate in 2017, as their origins were unbeknown to scientists. ESA's Swarm mission, which showed that Steve actually comprises a fast-moving stream of extremely hot atomic particles and that Steve and the picket fence align with each other along very similar magnetic field lines. 

How are you going to protect yourself?


Ever-increasing risk of solar storms taking down the grid are under-estimated. Read Paper

Ammo for your holiday Geo-Engineering Debates Read Paper

Space Weather Dashboard


If you are a Christian keep your eyes on this story:

Are We Entering a New Era of Far-Right Terrorism?

The newly released U.S. Department of Homeland Security Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence specifically highlighted the problem of increasing terrorist attacks perpetrated by individuals who are not affiliated with any organization and who are motivated by white nationalist propaganda readily available online. “Policymakers and practitioners need to find new and creative ways to undermine far-right ideology, breaking down its conspiracy theories and severing its ability to recruit new followers.


What is on the mind of government as the year winds down?  Illegal immigration, what they call migrants.  The Homeland Security Newswire was saturated:

Report: DHS Lacked Technology to Track Separated Migrant Families

DHS OIG Report on Family Separation: Summary

Political Preferences Play a Role in Migrants’ Choice of Destination Country


70th anniversary of NATO Summit in London

  • Turkey & Erdogan: In or out?
  • Defending Europe — without the US?
  • Winning public support (in the age of Trump)
  • Plugging the leaks: How China is seeping inside NATO
  • How much building up is really necessary to face Russia?
  • The Arctic question
  • Alliance stress: sharing the burden, but for what threats?
  • NATO enlargement
  • Brexit… of course


Russia's Military Is Writing an Armed-Robot Playbook

The Russian military is gathering proposed tactics, techniques and procedures for using robots in urban and coastal combat, the RiaNovosti state news agency said Sunday.

Food Supply

Satellites Track Status of Nation’s Food Supply

Farmers across the Midwest are in a race to finish harvesting their corn, soybean, and other staples of the Thanksgiving dinner table before the first crop-killing freeze sets in. September rains made a late harvest even later. Heavy spring rains flooded millions of acres of cropland around the Mississippi, Wisconsin and Missouri rivers. Some farmers never seeded; others started three weeks behind schedule.

This video can be downloaded for free at NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

Save the Date:  February 20th Celestial Report will cover Foraging and Wildcrafting

Foragers have it easy: Study reveals hunter-gatherers who switched to farming worked longer hours

NEVER put compost human on your crops, unless you know they are drug and hormone free and also organic (that means forget commercially recycled humans).  Just because it is legal, does not mean it is safe.

“Composting” dead humans create bio-goo that gets flushed down sewage pipes, turned into biosludge, then deposited on crops

Human composting legalization now promoted as “organic” fertilizer, just like biosludge sewage sludge from cities


Analysis of the different features of the Pleiades in the astronomical, astrological, and calendrical interpretation as well as their mythical and cultural background in ancient Mesopotamia. According to cuneiform sources, the Pleiades are among the most important stars. They are simply known in Sumerian as ―the Stars (MUL.MUL), while their Akkadian name, ―the Bristle (zappu), links them to the imagery and the cultural context of the ―Bull of Heaven constellation (Taurus), to which they belong. The pleiades are frequently depicted as seven dots or seven stars and identified on a mythological level with groups of seven divine beings.  In particular, they show a close relation to a group of demons, called the Seven (Sebēttu), that, according to an etiological myth, causes the eclipse of the moon. The relation of the Pleiades to the war and death sphere is strengthened by their association with the Netherworld god Nergal/Erra, as well as their identification with the god's planet (Mars). Finally, the Pleiades are among the few celestial bodies that receive a cult, and specific prayers are dedicated to them.  Read Paper

Earth Changes

Quite frankly, as men's hearts wax cold to Jesus, the biggest earth change news are the frigid global temps:

'Brutal' freezing November temperatures spread across northeast Russia

Unusual, record-breaking storm slams West Coast as extremely active weather pattern continues across much of the United States

Major snow and cold threaten parts of Atlantic Canada as Colorado low takes an unusual path

Denver sees snowiest Thanksgiving since 1979, dense fog on Black Friday, Colorado

Massive avalanche surges down a road in Vallemaggia, Switzerland

San Francisco ties a century-old record for coldest November day as North Bay freezes, California

Snow engulfs high desert area of Antelope Valley, California


How undersea “dark fiber” spotted hidden faults in the ocean floor

The same fiber-optic cables we use to get online are being repurposed to detect earthquakes and study the ocean floor. The technique has been used to find a previously unknown cluster of faults off the coast of California.  Read more


Alexa’s voice can now express more emotion

The software can now show varying degrees of excitement and disappointment. Read more


This is an interesting look at 19th century Egypt. 

The Strange Emptiness of Egypt in 19th-Century European Photographs

John Beasley Greene photographed early European archaeology in Egypt—but he paid little attention to those who lived there.

In the 1850s, when he was in his early 20s, John Beasley Greene packed up his equipment and headed to Egypt. From Alexandria, the young photographer lugged his supplies onto a ship bound for Cairo, and then transferred to a smaller, private vessel that could navigate the Nile’s cataracts. Greene, born in France to wealthy American parents, would go on to visit Egypt twice in total—each time, training his lens on monumental structures, sweeping swaths of desert, and the go-on-forever sky.  Read more

Ancient Civilizations

Ana Kai Tangata (Cannibal Cave)

The ominously named cave is home to some remarkable ancient art. 

On the remote island of Rapa Nui (Easter Island), the shark oil-based paintings of Cannibal Cave are often overlooked. But the mysterious site is worth the short, though treacherous, trek.

The native name for this site is Ana Kai Tangata, which loosely translates into “Cave Eat Man” and can be interpreted in a number of ways. It has been proposed that the cave’s name could mean “cave where men eat,” “cave that eats men,” or “cave where men are eaten.” Rapa Nui has a rich history of tribal warfare, resource depletion, spiritualism, and famine, so stories of cannibalism are common.  Read more


Food for thought from Homeland Security Newswire

Prayers May Crowd Out Donations for Disaster Victims



People who offer prayers for victims of natural disasters may be less likely to donate to those victims, according to research. The results suggest that the act of praying is a substitute for material help -- in other words, prayers crowd out donations, at least in some contexts, Professor Linda Thunstrom says.  Read more


First spider goats who milk is spun to make Kevlar we now have 3D organ printing from silkworms

Wild silkworms produce proteins that can help build 3D-printed organs
They can be turned into “ink” and used instead of more costly collagen. Read more


I attended the conference below and can verify its presentation

Video Link

Flu Vaccine Use to Modify religious fanatics people and human behavior

Last Word

Give thanks to God for He is good.  Psalm 136:1

Think about this for a moment!  In the beginning, as God created, He would say, "And it was good."  Some versions of Holy Scripture say:  "Avow it to the Lord that He is good."  We are avowing to the Lord, using His own words, to declare that He is good.  We declare (in the line-manner of a vow) it to ourselves and to the world at large that He is good.  What an honor to be able to reflect God's own word back to Him.  

We could also view this psalm as, "the great praise emanating from His mighty acts."  Why?  Because He is portrayed as the Lord enthroned in the heights of the universe, giving sustenance to every living thing.  In truth, the verses portray the Lord in all greatness and majesty of His universal rule both in nature and in history, which is linked and teaches us to grasp in all of its significance the great truth that every piece of bread a person earns for himself and all his or her dear ones through honest, conscientious toil is to be viewed only as another dimension of all the great ways of God's rule.

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in a military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

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