Behind the Scenes with Celeste 9-10-2019

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Space and Earth Weather

While the sun is quiet let us look at some other space and weather news.

Super lightning bolts form over the worlds oceans impacting the worlds weather. These intense thunder storms will be intensifying in the next few years due to nucleation from cosmic rays and the collapsing magnetosphere. The season most common for these super thunderstorms is November to February. 

New Beast from the East to hit UK during ‘coldest winter in 30 years’

Asteroid to pass by Earth once again.

Bill Gates Is Funding a Chemical Cloud That Could Put an End to Global Warming

Days of Noah with a twist.  Bill Gates is currently backing dispersing a chemical cloud around the world using the technology of solar geoengineering.  LOL!  He is a few decades late but he will claim he cooled the planet when, in fact, it was the cyclical cosmic terrestrial cooling cycle of planet Earth.

Extinction WatchNevertheless, not all hope is lost. Leaders, and companies from across the world are working hard to combat climate change. One of the most recent examples of this can be tied back to the enigmatic Bill Gates. Bill Gates is currently backing a potential solution to global warming that centers around the technology of solar geoengineering. 

Solar geoengineering

Now you might be scratching your head a bit as solar geoengineering sounds like a plot point from a disaster movie. It is both a radical plan.but potentially effective means of stopping global warming. For the uninitiated, this technology would go on to mimic the effects of a massive volcanic eruption during a time when the earth is exploding with volcanic atmospheric injections.  The will affect regional weather patterns. Even more so, it could potentially eradicate the blue sky. 


Gates claims the process is affordable (for him) and creates things such as mass famine, mass flooding, drought of kinds that will affect very large populations.

Extinction Watch

A team of scientists has concluded that earth experienced a previously underestimated severe mass-extinction event, which occurred about 260 million years ago, raising the total of major mass extinctions in the geologic record to six. “Notably, all six major mass extinctions are correlated with devastating environmental upheavals—specifically, massive flood-basalt eruptions, each covering more than a million square kilometers with thick lava flows.”   

The article is about volcanoes, this study got the mechanism wrong.

Mars was once an ocean-covered planet with a thick atmosphere like Earth’s and mankind wants to terraform the planet to "bring it back to life,"  while destroying the atmosphere of earth. 


According to the Homeland Security Newswire and the head of Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO) the mystery surrounding 9/11 has been solved!  The World Trade Center Building (Twin Towers) Did Not Collapse Due to Fire Study finds foreign interference and hostile state espionage was responsible.

I worked 9/11 and the activity before and after I could tell stories...lots of stories, and it has nothing to do with foreign interference or espionage.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Matthew 24:12

Charity has been plummeting over the last ten years.  The federal government wants to change that trend. 


Is civilian control over the military a good thing?  Contrary to popular belief, there is little oversight or accountability in the private sector but that also includes the military sector too, unless you are low person on the totem pole who ends up being a scapegoat.

Food Supply

The prestigious multidisciplinary MIT Media Lab built a “personal food computer” that worked so poorly that demos had to be faked Theranos-style, per a weekend report in Business Insider. Word of the project’s troubles comes as the Media Lab’s attempts to cover up its extensive financial ties to late financier and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein have seriously damaged its credibility and led to resignation of its director, Joichi Ito.

Ancient Civilizations and Cultures


This exquisite life-like sculptures were created by supposedly primitive man at a time they were confined to caves due to the last extinction event due to a cosmic deluge the likes of which we are beginning to experience and earth changes.
Modeled out of clay from the walls of the cave, the bison's stand next to each, propped up against a small boulder in the darkness. Although they stand at a diminutive 18 inches tall by 24 inches long, their craftsmanship and durability is remarkable. Until they were discovered in the early 20th century, the bison stood alone in the damp French cave for thousands of years.
 The marks of the artist's hand and the tools used to draw the details of the face and mane are still clearly visible. Objects such as these clearly show that man was using clay for artistic expression long before the actual firing of clay was discovered. The walls of these caves also are covered with drawings of bison and other game animals, marked in carbon from the fires, as well as the earth minerals such as iron oxide and manganese, showing that these ceramic coloring materials that we still use today were known to our earliest ancestors.

 Practical Tips

Heath Benefits of Elderberry Flower and Berries

This morning I shared with my patrons some of the health benefits and ways that I use elderberries.  Each spring I venture out to wildcraft the Elderberry.  Sometimes, I collect the flowers and at other times I collect the berries themselves.  There are many species of elderberries.  The ones you want are the black and blue not the red varieties because they are more toxic.  I ferment my flowers or berries but people also make a healing tonic that addresses many health problems. 


NIST Team Shows Atoms Can Receive Common Communications Signals. Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have demonstrated a new type of sensor that uses atoms to receive commonly used communications signals. This atom-based receiver has the potential to be smaller and work better in noisy environments than conventional radio receivers, among other possible advantages. (NIST, 9/5/19)

Biblical and Spiritual

The rise of the robot priests They can bless you, give you advice, and even perform at your funeral. (Vox)



 Will we allow Google as a regulator in the filed of medicine?  The invasive spread of the Public-Private Partnerships.

Life Expectancy Plummets in US

It is interesting that as charity plummets in the US so is life expectancy.  Of the developed countries we are near the bottom of the pack.  


God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



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