Behind the Scenes with Celeste 9-12-2019

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Space Weather

While the sun was quiet, the sun-earth connection pouring radioactive particles into earth atmosphere the first days of September converged with Hurricane Forian intensifying the winds for both of them.  It is the highest solar wind we have had in two years. 

At least four plasma and static weather events have occurred in the last two months.  Suspicious Observers


On September 11th the government website had a provocative list on a wide range of topics.  Being a frequent flyer of government sites, I have not seen this many articles that impact your life:

FEMA Officials Charged With Bribery Over Puerto Rico Power Contracts

NIST Wants Public Input on Protecting Personal Privacy

In the regulatory process, the purpose of getting your input is to reduce the barriers for implementation.  Privacy does not mean privacy.  PIA and PIA!! have been in place for years.

CDC Program Is Changing Behavior

Agencies begin to use behavior modification to get us to do what they want.  It is always sold as a public good. 

Study: More than half of Americans Trust Law Enforcement to Use Facial Recognition Responsibly

This State's Parks are Full of 'Happy Little Trees'

A Public-Private Partnership known as PPP that uses some of the slave labor volunteers that I mentioned in my 9/11 Special. 

A Ticket to Ride: Will Busing the Homeless Help or Move the Problem?

Your tax dollars at work.  King County (Seattle) is always free with your money, this time to the tune of $1 million. 

Interior Official: Land Bureau Relocations Are Not Intended to 'Drain the Swamp'

 Alienstock and the Military

The creator of “Storm Area 51” has pulled out of his event 👽

After a public falling-out between organizers the weird story of the Area 51 craze even weirder, months after the meteoric rise of a joke Facebook event that got more than 2 million to say they’d raid a secretive Air Force base for rumored extraterrestrials. Dueling accusations of dishonesty and sabotage have derailed “Alienstock” — a Woodstock for alien watchers — which creator Matty Roberts promoted as alternative programming to any plans to storm the base on Sept. 20 despite officials’ warnings. 

The military is ready for any attendees who might decide to invade Area 51

Food Supply

The more we learn about ancient cultures, the more they fo not appear as barbaric ape-like creatures that evolutionists would have us believe are our ancestors.  They even knew how to process the mil to reduce the casin so that they could consume milk without unpleasant side effects. It was a meaningful way to get calcium.

Prehistoric Farmers’ Teeth Show Humans Were Drinking Animal Milk 6,000 Years Ago

A new study suggests Neolithic Britons processed raw milk to reduce its lactose content. 

Geopolitical or Mother of All Schemes

Let's see, tax people and spend trillions for a problem that is caused by the terrestrial and solar causes, primarily the sun.  The problem can't be fixed by money, so a few selected individuals have sacrificed so that the funds will go into their coffers.  It does not sound like a good plan. 

If we spend $1.7 trillion on climate adaptation, we could make four times that much back

Investing $1.7 trillion over the next decade to prepare for climate change could produce more than $7 trillion in economic returns, according to a new report. It will also save many lives.

The background:

Advocates for climate action have argued that bolstering our defenses would ease the political pressure to cut greenhouse gas emissions. But the Global Commission on Adaptation, led by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, says it's now too late not to do both.

OK, where do we start? The report highlights five areas that could provide more than $7 trillion in economic returns between 2020 and 2030. Most costly at $4 trillion will be rebuilding shorelines, roads, power systems, and other infrastructure so they can hold up to rising temperatures and sea levels. 

So, how does spending money make money? It is partly down to losses that don’t occur when cities are better equipped to withstand extreme weather events. 

Why do economic returns matter?: Climate change could kill or harm millions of people around the world, which should be all the incentive we need. But our meager collective response to date shows it's not. A financial motive might help. Read more here.

Earth Changes

The Pacific Ocean has been dying since the Fukushima 2011 event, and this blow may finish off all life in the vast ocean.


Japan might have to dump a load of radioactive water into the sea ☢️🌊

It’s running out of storage space for the tens of thousands of tons of water pumped into the Fukushima nuclear plant.




This color-changing ink can be reprogrammed with light.


Don't you find it a little 'coincidental' that dust and ink used to write the Bible, the judgment of the Plague of Boils, and technology are converging to set the stage for a replay at the End of Days?    Much like in Star Wars, the final battles will including the Light battle dark light. 


Biblical and Spiritual


Two foundational concepts in the bible are free will and also that man, due to sin, has a defined life expectancy.  We are not immortal.  Notice that the headlines of today are coming against the Word of God, especially in these two areas. 

A Famous Argument Against Free Will Has Been Debunked

 “Old age” is made up—and this concept is hurting everyone 

This article wants to mine the aged not for wisdom but their wealth and that the elder must be producer's or face the old chicken facing the hatchet end for supper. 

Don't panic: The economic consequences of aging societies might be far more benign than assumed. It’s strange, for instance, that employers face a retirement crisis while many older workers still have to fight ageism to prove their value.


Another paradox: There’s a profound mismatch between products built for older people and the products they want. It isn’t because older people don’t have money. The 50-plus population controls 83% of household wealth in the US. And it isn’t because they aren’t tech-savvy, either.


So why then? The root of all this is that “old age,” as a concept, is made up. Two hundred years ago, no one thought of “the old” as a population-size problem to be solved. That changed thanks to a mix of since-debunked science which said we have limited energy supplies (like batteries,) and frenzied institution-building. The effect was the impression that to be old meant to be always a taker, never a giver.


A suggestion: By treating older adults not as an ancillary market but as a core constituency, the tech sector can do much of the work required to redefine old age.


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