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What is on my radar?


  • Rumblings in the Heavens and on earth
  • Signs in the heavens declare cosmic catastrophe coming
  • Killer Electrons
  • Assyrians

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Weather and Space Weather


Sunspots are beginning to emerge.  This translates that Cycle 25 will begin within a year. 

This lull period is your opportunity to get your cosmic threat plan together for dealing with the potentially cataclysmic outbursts that the sun will throw our way.

Your Space Weather for today is:  Quiet with Anticipation.  Hurry up and wait for the next coronal hole sending wind and plasma particles our way.  Space Weather Dashboard

No sunspot flares yet, but it is now only a matter of time.  Such as this magnetic monster interface with the heavens:

Nightside barrier gently brakes ‘bursty’ plasma bubbles

Physicists extend Rice Convection Model with details of magnetospheric buoyancy waves

The solar wind that pummels the Earth’s dayside magnetosphere causes turbulence, like air over a wing. Physicists at Rice University have developed new methods to characterize how that influences space weather on the nightside.  Read more

Solar Effects on the Atmospheric Electric Field During 2010–2015 at Low Latitudes

Solar phenomena such as flares and solar energetic particles events are potential candidates to affect the global atmospheric electric circuit. One can study these effects using measurements of the atmospheric electric field in fair weather regions. The results show no deviation of the atmospheric electric field after solar flares, and an increase of about 10 V/m after solar proton events. The last result suggests possible ionization effects above thunderstorm in disturbed weather regions, which alters the global atmospheric electric circuit.

  Read the full text

Watching the stars to watch as the universal electric sheet disrupts their magnetism ripples from the distant galaxies, solar system planets, earth and yes, our sun.  It is not good news my friends

The Next End of the World: Video Link

Cosmic Ray Updates: Link

Killer Electron Genesis

On one side of the Earth, the Van Allen Probe identified characteristic signs of interaction between ultralow frequency waves and energetic electrons. On the opposite side, at the same point in time, the Arase satellite identified high-energy electron signatures, but no ultralow frequency waves.   The measurements indicate that the interaction region between electrons and waves is limited, but that the killer electrons then continue to travel on an eastward path around the Earth's magnetosphere.  Read more

US Large Hail Trending East: Read peer paper

Solutions for the Cosmic Radiation that will increasingly destroy your health

 Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions, God's Marvelous Protective Provisions for the Nuclear and Cosmic Superstorm CRISIS



 DOJ Starts ‘Operation Relentless Pursuit’ in Seven Cities 

Virginia forms active militia to protect sheriffs, citizens from unconstitutional laws

What is coming up this week in the Homeland Security Newswire:

HSNW will not publish Wednesday, 25 December.

On Thursday, 26 December, HSNW will list and discuss the major security trends and developments in 2019.

On Friday, 27 December, we will publish our predictions regarding the major security trends and developments in 2020. 


David Hasemyer writes that it has exposed the military's vulnerability to extreme weather, shining a light on its failure to prepare adequately and on the consequences this lack of preparation could have for U.S. national security.  Read more

Food Supply

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.  The eye is the lamp of the body. If your vision is clear, your whole body will be full of light.  Matthew 6:20-22

This does not mean that we do not prepare but rather seek first the kingdom of God and then our vision for preparation will be clear.

David DuByne of ADAPT 2030 does an intriguing piece on coins

Coinage, Coin Weight, Food, and Grand Solar Minimums:  Video Link


The Milky Way  

Childhood ear infections, digestive diseases, learning disorders, and food allergies are just a few of the serious health concerns commonly associated with conventionally produced cow milk products.  And, many natural health experts tend to agree,  the modern process of high-heat pasteurization and homogenization is largely to blame for these chronic health issues.  Read more


A massive 2,034-foot asteroid will zoom past Earth just after Christmas

NASA has big plans for returning astronauts to the Moon in 2024, a stepping stone on the path to sending humans to Mars. But where should the first people on the Red Planet land? Read more


NGC 3175 is located around 50 million light-years away in the constellation of Antlia ( Air Pump). The galaxy can be seen slicing across the frame in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, with its mix of bright patches of glowing gas, dark lanes of dust, bright core, and whirling, pinwheeling arms coming together to paint a beautiful celestial scene.  Read more

Earth Changes

ALERT:  Cascadia, Central America, and the Kamchatka Peninsula all have been having earthquake swarms indicative of a major earthquake. 

Scientists find iron 'snow' in Earth's core

The Earth's inner core is hot, under immense pressure, and 'snow'-capped, according to new research that could help scientists better understand forces that affect the entire planet. The snow is made of tiny particles of iron that fall from the molten outer core and pile on top of the inner core.  Read more


Magnetic Field since Life Began:  Greenland rocks suggest Earth’s magnetic field is older than we thought

The analysis finds that the planet’s protective shield was in place by at least 3.7 billion years ago, as early life arose.

Earth's magnetic field, computer artwork

Earth’s magnetic field, shown here as white lines, helps the planet hold on to its atmosphere. Credit: SPL

Magnetic minerals in ancient Greenlandic rocks suggest that Earth’s magnetic field arose at least 3.7 billion years ago. The finding pushes back the time of the magnetic field’s birth to about 200 million years earlier than the commonly accepted estimate — around the time life first appeared on Earth.

Scientists think that having a magnetic field makes Earth more hospitable to life. The field, which is generated by liquid iron sloshing about in the planet’s core, shields Earth from energetic particles flowing from the Sun. It helps the planet hold on to its atmosphere and maintain liquid water on its surface.  Read more


New electromagnetism models and experiments are momentous both for fundamental science and for diverse applications. It makes a hitherto unexplored connection between electromagnetism, material science, and condensed matter physics—one that could lead to further theoretical and experimental discoveries in all related fields, including chemistry and biology.  Read more


Amazon Echo speaker goes 'rogue,' tells scared mom to 'stab yourself.'



Pole Shift (aka Crustal Displacement) and the Maps that shouldn’t exist

Ancient maps like the one by Piri Reis (above) have been validated by scholars who remain baffled and cannot explain their precision and level of detail.

Some of them were created as if the cartographer was able to see the land from the air before drawing the charts, yet many of these maps are thousands of years old, their mere existence adding credence to the theories of Hapgood and Thomas about “Crustal Slip.”  Read more


Cuneiform in America 4000 years ago:  Native Assyrians?

Many Assyrians believe there's a historical connection between themselves and Native Americans. They see many similarities  -- tremendous bravery, a sense of homeland protection, eagle symbols, nature-inspired themes and designs, group dances, and music. 

Others think the idea is crazy. Assyrians and Native Americans are two different peoples from two different continents.

But how do we explain Chief Joseph's cuneiform tablet?

Chief Joseph, a revered Nez Perce leader, was a man of great honor. When he was captured by the American Army in 1877, he had an actual Assyrian cuneiform tablet in his medicine bag.  What Chief Joseph said about the tablet can only be considered the truth:

"The chief said that the tablet had been passed down in his family for many generations and that they had inherited it from their white ancestors," said Mary Gindling of History Mysteries.  "Chief Joseph said that white men had come among his ancestors long ago, and had taught his people many things. His story echoes those told by Native Americans in both North and South America about white culture bringers. But in this case, Joseph had a souvenir to demonstrate the truth of his story."

The ancient tablet is made of baked clay and is one square inch in size. The cuneiform writing translates into a receipt for a lamb and dates it to about 2042 B.C.

The tablet was presumed to have been made in southern Iraq.

The mystery of Chief Joseph's tablet also has supporting evidence. In 1963, a cuneiform tablet was found in Georgia by Mrs. Joe Hearn as she dug in her garden. It was written in the Sumerian language by a scribe named Enlila and dates to about 2040 B.C.  The Hearn tablet records the sale of sheep and goats, which were transported to America for sacrifice to the Gods.  Read more


The Chief Joseph Tablet


In 1877 the respected leader of the Nez Perce tribe surrendered to the U. S. Government. At his surrender, Chief Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain (known by his Christian name Joseph), presented General Nelson Appleton Miles with a pendant, a 1-inch square clay tablet with writings unrecognizable to General Miles. The writing, which was translated by Dr. Robert D. Biggs, Assyyriology Professor at the University of Chicago, turned out to be a sales receipt dating back to 2042 B.C. in Assyria. It read:

“Nalu received one lamb from Abbashaga on the 11th day of the month of the festival of An, in the year Enmahgalanna was installed as a high priestess of Nanna.”

Chief Joseph said the tablet had been passed down in his family for many generations. How would his family come into possession of a nearly 4,000-year-old tablet? According to the Chief, they inherited it from their white ancestors.  Read more


Ancient Civilizations

Ancient 300,000-year-old nanostructures found in Ural mountains are out of place and time

An Oopart (out of place artifact) is a term applied to dozens of prehistoric objects found in various places around the world that, given their level of technology, are completely at odds with their determined age based on physical, chemical, and geological evidence. Ooparts often are frustrating to conventional scientists and a delight to adventurous investigators and individuals interested in alternative scientific theories.

In 1991, the appearance of extremely tiny, coil-shaped artifacts found near the banks of Russia’s Kozhim, Narada, and Balbanyu rivers brought about a debate that has continued to this day. These mysterious and minuscule structures suggest that there may have been a culture capable of developing nanotechnology 300,000 years ago. Read more



Archaeology dig in Spain yields prehistoric ‘crystal weapons’ from the Megalithic Site.

When you see a beautiful crystal, how do you feel? Perhaps the perfection of the diamond, or the vivid colors of the different gems are your thing? The fact is that people have been fascinated by crystals ever since they had first discovered them.

The gems ‘ names come from ancient cultures that were obsessed with them pretty much, adding them to their jewelry, kitchenware, and weapons.

Do you know that even the Bible describes the new Jerusalem after the apocalypse built all in gems and crystals?

An archeological excavation in Spain reveals that even in the 3rd millennium BC, crystals were an object of fascination and ritual.  Read more


There are two predominant models in play in America, one is the Chinese model and the other the Assyrian model.  The Assyrians were a barbaric and vicious people.  When they conquered, they would mix up peoples and forbid history, cultures, languages, all normalcy of the captives.  They would target the vulnerable first and then spread as metastatic cancer throughout the land.  It is troubling that America has Assyrian roots for the territorial spirits of these people are being animated and inhabiting certain populations such as politicians.  The bad news is that it will get significantly worse before Jesus returns, and it gets better.

Who Are the Assyrians?

Dated from the beginning of the seventh century B.C., it shows Assyrian slingers in action at a siege of the Israelite city of Lachish in 710 B.C.
Dated from the beginning of the seventh century B.C., it shows Assyrian slingers in action at a siege of the Israelite city of Lachish in 710 B.C.
(Image: © British Museum)

The Assyrians are a people who have lived in the Middle East since ancient times and today can be found all over the world. 

In ancient times their civilization was centered at the city of Assur (also called Ashur), the ruins of which are located in what is now northern Iraq. The city had a god that was also called Assur or Ashur. The territory that the Assyrians controlled could be vast, stretching at times from southern Iraq to the Mediterranean Coast. 

The city of Assur first gained its independence about 4,000 years ago. Before independence, the city was controlled by a people known as the Sumerians and only gained its independence after the Sumerian civilization declined. Read more


Why Some People Think Ancient Sumerians Were Visited By Aliens

The Anunnaki were ancient Sumerian gods, descended from the supreme deity An. But, some historians claim the Sumerians may have believed them to be extraterrestrial.

Annunka Carving Magic Wheel

Public Domain A carving depicting ancient Anunnaki mystics.

Before the great pantheon of ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian gods, there were the ancient Sumerian gods of Mesopotamia. These people lived in the Middle East in present-day Iraq and Iran. The Anunnaki served as the chief gods of these ancient Sumerians.

The Anunnaki came from An, the chief god of gods who ruled over all gods in ancient Sumeria. They were sky gods who came from the heavens, and Babylonian creation myths say that there were 300 Anunnaki assigned to guard heaven and another 300 to guard the underworld. The Anunnaki make an appearance in the Epic of Gilgamesh as the hero is so fantastic and worthy that he judges the great gods.  Read more


Who Are the Nephilim?

The mysterious beings of Genesis 6

Genesis 6:1–4 tells the readers that the Nephilim, which means “fallen ones” when translated into English, was the product of copulation between the divine beings (lit. sons of god) and human women (lit. daughters of Adam). The Nephilim are known as great warriors and Biblical giants (see Ezekiel 32:27 and Numbers 13:33). Read more


A Rival to Solomon’s Temple

The Place of Worship at Tel Moẓa Explained


THE NEWLY BUILT HIGHWAY 1 runs through the archaeological site at Tel Moẓa. It was during the surveys preceding the planned road construction that an Iron Age II temple was discovered at the site in 2012.
Credit: Courtesy of the Tel Moẓa Expedition Project

The Bible credits kings Hezekiah and Josiah (late eighth and late seventh century B.C.E., respectively) with authoritatively consolidating Jahve’s worship to Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, eliminating all other cultic activities in the territory under their control (2 Kings 18, 23; 2 Chronicles 29–31, 34–35). So what could a rival temple be doing less than 4 miles northwest of Jerusalem during the Iron Age II—the time of Solomon’s Temple—when the Bible says the only temple in Judah was in Jerusalem?


2019 was nuts for neuroscience.

A showdown pitting man against technological beast is underway:

Brain organoids also had a wild year. These lab-grown nuggets of brain tissue, not much larger than a lentil, sparked with activity similar to preterm babies, made isolated muscles twitch, and can now be cloned into armies of near-identical “siblings” for experimentation—prompting a new round of debate on whether they’ll ever gain consciousness.


The next two articles reveal the UN depopulation engineering is active and proceeding forward:

A new study shows an animal’s lifespan is written in the DNA. For humans, it’s 38 years (from the UN)

Extrapolating from genetic studies of species with known lifespans, we found that the extinct woolly mammoth probably lived around 60 years, and bowhead whales can expect to enjoy more than two and a half centuries of life.

Our research, published today in Scientific Reports, looked at how DNA changes as an animal ages – and found that it varies from species to species and is related to how long the animal is likely to live.  Read more


Fat people (obese-are responsible for Greenhouse Gas, so they must be expunged from life. 

Obesity Accounts for Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Equivalent to Total Output of Canada, Study Finds

Calculations suggest that compared with a normal-weight individual, a person with obesity is “responsible” for an extra 81 kg/year of CO2eq from higher metabolism, an extra 593 kg/y of CO2eq from greater food and drink consumption and an extra 476 kg/y of CO2eq for car and air transportation (41% of total). The total equates to about 20% more than the total emissions attributed to a lean person.  Read More

Last Word

In the days to come as the sun awakens from her slumber and the celestial bodies take to the stage for End Times drama, we may want to remember the following:

Psalm 136:

7 To him, that made great lights: for his mercy endureth for ever:

8 The sun to rule by day: for his mercy endureth for ever:

9 The moon and stars to rule by night: for his mercy endureth forever.

The endowment of this great brilliance are assigned relationship with life upon earth and are divided into night and day.  Most of the verbs in this Psalm are in the present tense, meaning that God is daily (consistently) renewing and managing their existence and influences.

The great luminaries refer to the sun and the moon.  They are crucial to the survival and sustenance of man and the entire world.  The Psalmist describes the luminaries in their original magnitude, when both the sun and moon were great lights of equal size (see Genesis 1:16)  The original larger size of the moon as meant as a kindness to the world, for the extra reflected light would have dispelled the gloom and danger of night.  Even in this original state, when the moon was so large, it was positioned in the sky so that its light would not strike the earth with the same intensity as the sunlight.  The sun is referred to in scripture as one single sun (in the perspective of us earthlings) while the moon and stars are referred to as manifold, in the plural.  

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe, everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activation's include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

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