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January 10, 2020

What is on my radar?


  • Samsung's Artificial Neon-Humans
  • Faith Threat
  • Dinosaur Mystery Solved
  • Smithsonian to invade seminaries and schools
  • Alignment means Earthquake Watch is in effect

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Weather and Space Weather

Your space weather for today is: Quiet but be alert of the weekend as the Kp drops to flatline or near so.  That can impact your physical and mental health.  Take precautions and be alert to body and mind symptoms.

Today the thermosphere is cold

Today cosmic rays are HIGH.  Are you protected?  What is your plan as cosmic radiation rains on your down on your head?

Catch up time before the angry sun returns:

Part 4 in the Climate Series:


Great Waves:

Safe Zones: 

Does Dzhanibekov Effect Apply to Earth Flipping? - - - - 

CIA Coverup:

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Nova Triggers: 

Timing the Magnetic Reversal:  

Space Weather Dashboard

Snow Globe Awards

And it goes to the US, where all 50 states go into cold-deep freeze


Faith Threat:  Homeland Security just funded their faith-based program to recruit and retain your church or religious institution to be under their umbrella.

Legislation Authorizes Homeland Security Program

The Senate recently passed legislation that authorizes $75 million annually for the Department of Homeland Security’s Nonprofit Security Grant Program for fiscal years 2020 through 2024. The program provides grants to nonprofits and faith-based organizations to protect against a potential terrorist attack. (Homeland Preparedness News, 12/30/19)  Read more


Preparations for the coming nuclear radiation events...

NNSA Unveils Three New Aircraft for Nuclear Incident Response. The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration unveiled three new aircraft for nuclear incident response at an event at Joint Base Andrews Dec. 18. Equipped with specialized radiation detection systems, the new King Air 350ER aircraft will be used by NNSA’s Aerial Measuring System teams to conduct measurements of air and ground contamination following a nuclear or radiological accident or incident and to conduct baseline surveys for normal levels of radiation in the environment in preparation for major public events. (NNSA, 12/19/19)


This is a hit piece against our President, but I insert it because President Trump is not the first President to strike at culture, and also to bring awareness that this is part of an algorithm called CARVER Matrix+Shock used since the Vietnam War.

Educational Empowerment:  Shock: Shock is the final attribute considered in the methodology. Shock is the combined measure of the health, psychological, and collateral national economic impacts of a successful attack on the target system. Shock is considered on a national level. The psychological impact will be increased if there are a large number of deaths or the target has historical, cultural, religious or other symbolic significance. Mass casualties are not required to achieve widespread economic loss or psychological damage. Collateral economic damage includes such items as decreased national economic activity, increased unemployment in collateral industries, etc. Psychological impact will be increased if victims are members of sensitive subpopulations such as children or the elderly.

By definition, terrorists attempt to achieve strong emotional responses from their target audience. Aspects of targets are viewed as increasing a target’s shock value are symbolism, a large number of casualties, sensitive nature of facilities, and the ability to strike at core values and primal emotions.

Trump’s Threat to Bomb Iran’s Cultural Sites Isn’t Just About Art

In this Jan. 18, 2018 photo, a bulldozer removes rubble next to the heavily damaged Grand Umayyad Mosque in the Old City of Aleppo, Syria.

Throughout history, the destruction of culturally important sites has gone hand-in-hand with violence against civilians.

On Sunday, President Trump doubled down on his threat to target Iranian cultural sites, an act strictly outlawed under international law. “They’re allowed to use roadside bombs and blow up our people. And we’re not allowed to touch their cultural sites? It doesn’t work that way,” the president told reporters aboard Air Force One. It’s hardly the first example of Trump’s disregard for international norms and America’s treaty promises, but something stands out: a thinly veiled threat to attack innocent Iranians. 


These military vessels will travel in sea-train swarms

DARPA Wants Help Developing a 'Sea Train' of Unmanned Warships

The Pentagon's research arm is looking to produce technologies for a new class of long-distance unmanned surface vessels.

According to a broad agency announcement unveiled in late 2019 and launched this week, the Pentagon’s research arm aims to improve the long-range operational capabilities of the Navy and Marine Corps’ USVs by creating “sea trains” of four or more physically connected vessels, or vessels that aren’t connected but sail in coordinated formations. The ultimate goal is to develop systems of smart, crewless warships that can travel thousands of ocean miles and perform their own duties, all while “exploiting wave-making resistance reductions.”

“The [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] Sea Trains program seeks to revolutionize the next generation of unmanned surface vessels,” officials said in the announcement.     Read more

Food Supply

A DAY'S WAGES: Farms "Like Lambs To The Slaughter" - Grand Solar Minimum

As damages from the flooding in US Midwest surpass $5.3 billion -- affecting farmers across the nation -- and more flooding is expected in 2020, it is time to step back and take stock of what is happening.  The war on farmers -- the war on our food -- is a silent war with quiet weapons, meaning we must work to SEE what is going on:  farm after farm lost. Details:  Ice Age Farmer

As food prices rise, some nations are scrambling to secure food for their people.  Meanwhile, calls for more "global governance" to mitigate risk of food shock are accompanied by media pieces that outright blame nationalism, Putin, and Trump for global food shortages -- VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED, they deal in deliberately crafted, devious propaganda, but it needs to be analyzed.  Start growing your own food today.  Details at  Ice Age Farmer


Healthy People comes from the bowels of the UN but it is good to keep tabs on the progression of the agenda.

The Healthy People 2020 Social Determinants of Health

Food Insecurity is a key issue in the Economic Stability domain.

Food insecurity is defined as the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of a lack of money and other resources. In 2014, 17.4 million U.S. households were food insecure at some time during the year. Food insecurity does not necessarily cause hunger, but hunger is a possible outcome of food insecurity.  Read more

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) divides food insecurity into the following 2 categories:

  • Low food security: “Reports of reduced quality, variety, or desirability of diet. Little or no indication of reduced food intake.”
  • Very low food security: “Reports of multiple indications of disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake.”


This is not food, but a fascinating look at what happened to the Moon Seeds.

Whatever Happened to All the Moon Trees?

Sprouted from seeds that traveled to space in 1971, many haven’t fared so well back on Earth.

The Moon is not an easy place to be a living thing. The little cotton seeds that germinated on the far side of the Moon recently, aboard China’s Chang’e-4 lander, died soon after. The water, oxygen, soil, and heat source inside their cozy biosphere were no match for the Moon’s version of the night—two weeks of darkness and temperatures reportedly dipping down to -310 degrees Fahrenheit.

That’s not to say it isn’t possible for plants to grow off-world. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station tend and sometimes harvest and eat romaine lettuce, cabbage, and more from carefully calibrated chambers. And while the Chang’e-4 experiment marked the first time that humans have sprouted something on the Moon, our rocky satellite was involved in another case of lunar gardening, in the form of seeds that went to the Moon and were brought back to Earth. Turns out many of those “Moon Trees,” as they are known, have had a bit of a rough go of it.


Mars is loosing water at a fast rate and this can happen to earth indicating a magnetic shift on the planet (just like earth)

Mars is losing water more quickly than theory and observations would suggest. The gradual disappearance of water (H2O) occurs in the upper atmosphere of Mars as sunlight and chemistry disassociate water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen atoms that the weak gravity cannot prevent from escaping into space.  Read more


When will the Radcliffe Wave hit?  It is an electric field called the Electric Current sheet. 

It has hit our nearest stars and planets.  The sun appears to be showing some signs of influence. It comes from the center of the galaxy rippling and undulating ever towards us.  It is a magnetic cloud of gas and dust.


What is the big deal?  A supernova that could fry the earth, if it comes out way and we are facing it.  

Earth Changes

Alert:  Coronal holes plus coming solar polar reversal, 5 planet alignment means a southern earthquake watch has been issued.  Our focus should be on the southern hemisphere.

Note:  Iran has a huge storm that is slamming into the country.


A billion animals have been caught in Australia's ... - Washington Post

More than 1 billion mammals, birds, and reptiles nationwide — some of them found nowhere else on Earth — may have been affected or killed 


Scientists Have Genetically Modified Trees to Stop Them Releasing ...

Scientists Have Genetically Modified Trees to Stop Them Releasing a Gas Linked to Climate Change and Poor Air Quality.


Educational Empowerment:  How do the oceans interact with the atmosphere to drive the weather?  How are El Nino and La Nino and ocean temperature impact your weather?  Do solar influences impact ocean temperature causing sea rise? Where are we on the cyclic Plan Explosion timeline?

Video Link


Roger Higgs Research:


Scientists catch a volcano mid-formation in the Indian Ocean

Seismic activity near the Cosmoros archipelago gave the underwater giant's game away.

underwater volcano forms

Deep inside the Earth’s crust, magma reservoirs hold back immense potential energy, waiting to be unleashed in powerful eruptions given the right amount of seismic activity.

Studying that activity is difficult, scientists say. These spasms often take place in remote (like way beneath the Earth’s surface) and dangerous locations, which aren’t easy to capture with conventional methods fo geophysical monitoring. But a new technique is leading to some big discoveries — including helping to explain some recent, strange seismic activity in the Indian Ocean.  Read more

Practical Tips

Alert:  From Costco to Amazon contain sizes are getting smaller.  There are even downright lies as to the weight of products.  The bible talks about uneven weights and measures.  Check the content size in all your products from now on.  This will only increase as time passes.


After weeks of teasing, getting assets leaked, and tweeting excitedly, Samsung's Neon project has finally arrived. And it's still a bit unclear how this is all going to come together. As close as we can gather, it's a highly realistic, AI-powered avatar which one can interact with via large, vertical displays.

According to Samsung, Neon is a "computationally created virtual being" which acts and looks like a "real human," with the ability to "show emotions and intelligence." Okay. Samsung is vehement in a press release that Neon is not a virtual assistant, helper app, or bot, but rather some kind of artificially intelligent digital "being" which can interact with real people in an unrehearsed and spontaneous manner. The project's lead Pranav Mistry is the head of Samsung's STAR Labs (Samsung Technology & Advanced Research Labs), and has been hinting at something beyond your standard Siri-fare on Twitter for several months. Mistry's feed is a mixture of tweets and retweets that touch on philosophy, AI innovation, avatars-as-people, and quasi-mystical pondering.  Read More


Windows 7 end of life: what are your options?

Are you a Windows 7 user? Come January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security or support for the Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008/R2 operating systems, meaning patching and technical support via Microsoft’s support center will no longer be available. That means continuing to use either operating system after this date will put your system at risk of attack from new, unpatched vulnerabilities. Running your business on an outdated (and unsupported) system is a huge security risk.  Source:  FBI


Your car may be vulnerable to attack, even the smartest ones

The emergence of smart cars has opened the door to limitless possibilities for technology and innovation – but also to threats beyond the car itself. New research from Michigan State University is the first to apply criminal justice theory to smart vehicles, revealing cracks in the current system leading to potential cyber risks. As vehicles become smarter and more connected to WiFi networks, hackers will have more opportunities to breach vehicle systems. Connecting your smartphone through a USB port can give a hacker backdoor access to data from both your phone and your car. Additionally, Google Android users who can download apps from unverified sites are even more at-risk. (Source: SciTechDaily)


The Global Food Supply Chain Faces Daunting Challenges in the Coming Decades

The global food supply chain is complex, vast, and vital to human existence. Not surprisingly, when there are disruptions to the food supply chain, it makes major headlines. These headlines come in all shapes and sizes, including disruptions due to food recalls, natural disasters, disease, and political unrest, among others.  Read more


How a 70-Year-Old Dino-Size Mystery May Have Finally Been Solved

Was it a teenage T. rex or another species entirely?

The fossil skeleton known as Jane is on display at the Burpee Museum in Illinois.

 The fossil skeleton known as Jane is on display at the Burpee Museum in Illinois. Courtesy Burpee Museum

For the last century or so there has been a paleontological debate surrounding a single, pointy-toothed dinosaur skull that came out of the Montana rock in 1942. It looked a lot like that most famous of dinos, Tyrannosaurus rex, except much smaller. Eventually, it was given a separate genus, Nanotyrannus—“little tyrant”—but some believed it was just a juvenile T. rex all along. Now researchers have examined two more recently excavated individuals, known as Jane and Petey, under a microscope, to see if they could settle the debate for good, and potentially offer insight into how dinosaurs grew and matured.

The newer fossils were excavated from the prolific Hell Creek Formation, which stretches across the north-central United States, in 2001 and 2005 by paleontologists from the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Illinois. Read more

Ancient Civilizations

Maya Palace Discovered Deep in the Mexican Jungle

Archaeologists had some trees removed so that the palace excavation could go forward. Now, scientists may plant new trees to protect the delicate ruins.

Archaeologists had some trees removed so that the palace excavation could go forward. Now, scientists may plant new trees to protect the delicate ruins.(Image: © Mauricio Marat/INAH)

Archaeologists have found a Maya stone palace that dates to more than 1,000 years ago, according to the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

It's likely that the Maya elite enjoyed the sturdy abode, INAH archaeologists said. Scientists have spent years excavating and restoring Maya structures surrounding the palace, which is located at the archaeological site of Kulubá, a landmark in northeast Yucatán just 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Cancún.  Read more


Smithsonian evolutionists about to invade seminaries and schools.  They are also beating the UN Millennium Goals (Agenda 21)

Down the Wormhole: Human Origins Part 1 with Briana Pobiner (Big Questions and Little Bones)

Down the Wormhole</em>, we welcome paleoanthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner as we begin to explore our own evolution. Dr. Pobiner is the head of education and outreach for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum's Human Origins Program. We talk about how we know what we know about early humans, where we came from, what caused us to advance so quickly, and what that means for our self-identity today. If you're into saber-tooth cats, pumpkin spice crickets, and hope for humanity, then make sure you listen to this one!


There are many reasons to refuse vaccination whatever the cost.  Nanoparticles, adjuvants, and multiple protection vaccines which have demonstrated are more dangerous than single vaccines.  

Nanoparticle Flu Vaccine Provides Protection against Six Viral Strains

Researchers developed and showed that a novel nanoparticle vaccine that combines two major influenza proteins is effective in providing broad, long-lasting protection against influenza virus in mice, showing promise as a universal flu vaccine. Read more


I notice when I am fighting a bug I just can't sleep.  This research may shed light on why that is as one's body revs up to fight infection.

Defense against Pneumonia Impaired by Circadian Genes

While the appropriate regulation of the body’s biological clock has well-documented health benefits, its proper operation may not always be working in the best interests of the immune system. For instance, new research from investigators at the University of Manchester and Oxford University has found that a master regulator of the body’s clock—a gene called BMAL1—might be influencing how the body fights infections like pneumonia.   Read more


The more one hears about nano the creepier it becomes.  Where is your Red Line when it comes to nanoparticles in your body?  Do you really want these particles that can deploy payloads, crawl through your body and bore into your tissues and organs, and have the potential to change your DNA?  Would you consent to nanoparticles to save your life?

Late-Stage Sepsis Addressed with Novel Nanotech Approach

A team from the Ohio State University used nanotechnology to transform donated healthy immune cells into a drug with enhanced power to kill bacteria. Sepsis remains the leading cause of death in hospitals.  Read more


Precision Medicine is now expanding into Public Health.  This is a very dangerous sign towards the Medical Martial Law that was called in the fall of 2016, with the power to relieve you of your Constitutional protections.

Progress in Pathogen Genomics as a Prototype for Precision Public Health. Rapid advances in pathogen genomics have ushered in a new era of “precision public health.” In a recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr. Greg Armstrong, director of the CDC’s Office of Advanced Molecular Detection and coauthors describes how public health agencies have adopted pathogen genomics to improve their effectiveness in almost all domains of infectious disease. This blog post includes some examples from the article to highlight the value of pathogen genomics in public health. (CDC, 1/2/20)


We all have to take precautions.  Backyard gardening can be dangerous at times.  I understand that this is an agenda piece but for beginning gardener's it is important to know gardening risks. 

The health security threat in my backyard: how my garden proved that the U.S. needs more, rapid, diagnostics for antimicrobial-resistant infections

Although a range of health security threats - from bad actors to new infectious diseases - loom and are always emerging, I fell victim to a threat in my own backyard: an antibiotic-resistant infection. To complicate matters, I couldn’t get an accurate diagnosis until it was almost too late. But the delayed diagnosis didn’t just threaten my health – it also added to healthcare costs, led to the misguided use of antibiotics, and potentially threatened the health of other patients in a hospital.

Last year, I cut my thumb while gardening. At first, I didn’t think much about nicking my finger on a plant. Then the spot turned into a white pimple-size bump; within a day, a red flush began creeping up my hand. One of my colleagues, an infectious disease physician, spotted the infection and recommended that I get medical care quickly. That was great advice – but I didn’t take it. Instead, I went about my day. I attended a hearing before Congress, met with my staff and others, reviewed materials, and worked late. Read more

Last Word

There are certain cosmic manifestations that occur cyclically.  Have you ever wondered if the description below was the cyclic catastrophe?  By that, I mean that the manifestation came from God but clearly has signatures of a catastrophe.  A couple of interesting things of note are:  the day of Pentecost is the same day as the giving of the Torah and the forces put into motion at creation were very much involved with the giving of the Torah, Pentecost, and the End of Days. Those forces, at the behest of Jesus, have the power to indwell and enrich your life or send you to the eternal fires of hell.

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2

God Bless you from the trenches.  Be safe everyone.



Celeste has worked as a contractor for Homeland Security and FEMA. Her training and activations include the infamous day of 911, flood and earthquake operations, mass casualty exercises, and numerous other operations. Celeste is FEMA certified and has completed the Professional Development Emergency Management Series.

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Celeste grew up in military & governmental home with her father working for the Naval Warfare Center, and later as Assistant Director for Public Lands and Natural Resources, in both Washington State and California.

Celeste also has training and expertise in small agricultural lobbying, Integrative/Functional Medicine, asymmetrical and symmetrical warfare, and Organic Farming.

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