Deleterious Ultraviolet Biological Mutations Begin

Intricate balance between cosmic rays, climate, and life are being unraveled


 This is a pro-creation discussion debunking evolution

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Right this moment, the earth's magnetic excursion is causing you to go extinct.  It is a combination of the dipole model of the Earth's magnetic field which is rather complex, and the effects of the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), and the solar wind.  Today cutting-edge science is bringing revealing a marvelous tapestry of the effects of magnetic reversal and the dramatic deleterious mutations that occur during those events on all biological life.  I will be referring to these mutations as hiccups, but some call them evolution.  As a biblical student, I do not embrace evolution but it is undeniable that something periodically occurs upon the earth that eradicates species and begins life anew.

The role of geomagnetic field intensity which alters biological life is influenced by ultraviolet radiation (UV) that is reaching the Earth's surface.  The magnetic dipole moment has decreased by ~10% since 1833 (Gauss' first direct field intensity measurement) or loss of 5% per century.  The knowledge is imprecise of the timing of both UV flux and hiccup events of the past strengths of Earth's dipole field.  Current revelations are emerging from the shadowy past that reveal to us how our own UV flux impacts to the stratosphere will rework biological life on earth. 

We can now use now the timing of hiccup events as fossil finds improve using radiometric dating exploring fungi dung as proxies for herbivore populations, as well as improved ages for nodes in human phylogeny from human mitochondrial DNA.

Chromosomes clearly show that the demise of the Neanderthals at 41, 400, million years ago-plus or minus a couple thousand years, can now be closely tied to the intensity minimum associated with the killer Laschamp Magnetic Excursion, which is by the way at the same time high UV as our current flux is now.  Fossil occurrences and dung‐fungal proxies in Australia indicate that episodes of Late Quaternary extinction of mammalian megafauna (mammoths and such) occurred close to the Laschamp and Blake magnetic excursions. Fossil and dung fungal evidence for the age of the Late Quaternary extinction in North America (and Europe) coincide with a prominent decline in geo-magnetic field intensity.

Peer review papers such as CHANNELL AND VIGLIOTTI are showing the stunning timing of geomagnetic field strength minima, hence enhanced UV flux, as well as cosmic rays that appear to correspond to events in mammalian and other biological life hiccups.  As the Book of Daniel is opens with its vast reservoirs of knowledge gushing forth improvements in knowledge of past geomagnetic field strength is welling up like a fountain or like a waterfall of information with a deluge of information quickly slamming into us with preciously sealed wisdom from the ancient past on what our future holds.

There is a direct correlation to minima in chromosome to map minima in geo-magnetic dipole field strength at 13 and 41 killer years corresponds to many of the events.  The Lamschamp reversal at 41,000 years and the Younger Dryas  asteroid-comet impact event in North America at 12,900 years BC led to stratospheric ozone depletion and UVB levels at the Earth's surface. 

As you know UVB rays are you picking up. I am noticing the burns in my garden.  Cosmic rays with their neutrons with mutagenic effects are in the process life as we know it.  We are undergoing a major biological hiccup. 

We know that when the magnetosphere wanes, cosmic rays, neutrons, and protons flood our atmosphere creating increased electrical and proton storms. All manner of particles including radioactive particles such as Beryllium and other elements are raining down upon our heads.  Neutron radiation can cause produce errors in computer memory so why would it be surprising to us that they also produce errors in DNA replication?  In fact, the powers that be made the decision to genetically alter life and gravitate to synthetic biology because they knew what was coming.  These mutations are found in long-lived mammals through exposure to UV are at times of low field strength or what you know as magnetic excursions or reversals such as what we are now experiencing. Ozone holes are preferentially located at high latitudes because of the role of stratospheric temperatures and polar stratospheric clouds.

Revisiting the biological ramifications of variations in Earth's magnetic field it has been long speculated that biological hiccups or evolution were influenced by ultraviolet radiation.  In the above graph you can see the Younger Dryas event clearly.  The perturbations (disruption) from that event resulted in ending the Ice Age which quickly warmed and dried out the Earth. Then, around six to eight thousand years ago the magnetic field instigated another cold period.

The extinction of the Neanderthals occurred at a major flexure point.  You can see in fossil records how they flourished in certain areas and how they change while the cosmic ray flux increased.  When one thinks about it for a moment, it is amazing that we have as species that remain in stasis for thousands of years and they then are eliminated and replaced by other species there was no explanation.  The evidence obtained from their remains demonstrates punctuated equilibria events rather than Darwin's gradualism and survival-of-the-fittest.  Nevertheless, life of earth was reclassified to make room for new arrivals whether they be aliens, spirits, demons, giants, or new life forms engineered by environmental mutation or mans reprobate mind. 

The establishment of episodic and periodic changes in biodiversity caused by cosmic rays are driven by the earth systems which are driven by the solar system dynamics of the double Dynamo and the Sun stretching out even further through our solar system connection  externally through the Berkland Current to the center of our Milky Way galaxy.  Scientists deeply involved in researching the mysteries of the center of the Milky Way and galaxies are discovering that there are no black holes but seven plasma streams!  Astonishing, seven, God's signature of completion is written into His creation. 

The fact is that the poles started shifting early in the 1900's, probably around 1907.  You will notice a shift from 1600 to 2015.  From 1600 to about 1907 the poles remained in the standard area.  It is normal for poles to jiggle around a bit within a standard region, but in 1907 it started to rapidly wander, in what will eventually result in the fulfillment of prophecy:

The earth is utterly broken apart, the earth is split open, and the earth is shaken violently. The earth staggers like a drunkard and sways like a shack. Earth’s rebellion weighs it down, and it falls, never to rise again.  In that day the LORD will punish the host of heaven above and the kings of the earth below…  Isaiah 24:20

The magnetic North Pole and rotational pole and is now rapidly moving towards Siberia in the in the region of the Ukraine.  The South Pole has been doing the same thing rapidly racing itself off of the coast of Antarctica and is headed towards Australia and Indonesia.  If current trajectories are accurate they are expected to meet around 2030 at the equator, west of Indonesia.

One last evidence of an in process magnetic reversal is the evidence of cosmic-ray seeding of clouds creating nucleation resulting in increased precipitation, monsoons, in certain locations during the last geomagnetic reversal.   Robert Felix picked up on this release in science news and as corroborating evidence for his theory that geomagnetic reversals caused ice ages. 

Seven hundred and eighty thousand years ago the poles of Earth flipped for five thousand wild years.  When our magnetic shield allowing was down a biological hiccup occurred allowing more cosmic rays to come streaking through the atmosphere down to the middle-lower atmosphere nucleating clouds, and during the flux a biological hiccup happened. 

As the chronologies of both the RPI record and the paleontological record become better resolved, it is speculated that a linkage between polarity reversal and extinction over the last~50 years will, in future, be superseded by a linkage between extinction and paleo-intensity minima particularly for land‐dwelling mammals at higher latitudes where the magnetic field strength is linked to loss of stratospheric ozone and enhanced UVR reaching Earth's surface. The importance of Australian extinction events at the time of Laschamp excursion (41 ka) and the Blake excursions (100 and 120 ka) may imply that stratospheric ozone depletion was largely in the Southern Hemisphere at these times, and in the Northern Hemisphere when the North American extinctions are manifested at ~13 ka.  To our detriment, not only the cycles of nature are conspiring against, us but also the hubris of mankind as he plays God of the weather through geo-engineering projects the intricacies of which he does not understand promises to amplify our suffering and destruction.

In the days and years to come, your spiritual condition and food will become increasingly more vital.  You must begin to prepare or intensify your preparations for when this hits in force many convergent factors will be arrayed against you.  Your preparations might facilitate a soul rededicating their life to Jesus Christ or coming to know His salvation for the first time.  Once prepped, have peace of mind knowing that Jesus takes care of His own. 

What you're looking at is decades of cosmic catastrophe, the likes of which, not one person has ever seen, and the words of Jesus ring with such clarity:

And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."  Matthew 24:22


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