3D Nano Particles Editing YOU into a Reptilian

  • Rainbow colored reptilian skin edits in humans
  • Smart Skin with godlike properties
  • Nano Machine interfaced composite creatures
  • Instant ideological branding
  • Perverted sexual signaling to attract other entities
  • Physicians and nurses looking under the microscope, watch for unnatural colorful interplay!

Artificial Reptilian Skin with Super-Sensitive Thermal and Mechano-Chromic Response 

Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm 

It is said that "beauty is more than skin deep."  This is certainly true with the sinister Luciferian evolutionary agenda to defile the human body by using a process to stair step the human body into a reptilian using biomimicry, such as described below:

  • Cavitation of your human body and stuff it with robotics and reptilian life forms.
  • Editing reptilian skin into your body.
  • Editing other reptilian qualities into your body.
  • Establish a perverted sexual signaling to attract non-human entities for mating.
  • Increasing robotics to the new hybrid life forms.
  • Eliminating the biological portion of that new life form thus engineering a silicon "life" form. 

As a part of this endeavor scientists are creating artificial reptilian skin known for its dynamic stealth camouflage and will be used for military and other applications such as perverted sexual signaling used in macabre applied Directed Evolution metamorphosis experiments. 

This is achieved though nano insertion of rainbow-colored iridophore cells that will be strategically placed into your skin, eyes, mucous membranes, when interrogated by external frequencies.

How could iridophore cells impact you? 

Maybe when you were a child you thought iridescent hummingbirds were cool and thought it would be fun to look like one.  Or maybe you imagined to look like the opulent peacock?  Today, nano technology makes it is possible for you to have characteristics of whatever fancies you, internally and externally.  The only catch is that with each gene edit you become less and less human and more and more like a beast. 

Rainbow Finger-Like Projections

Incrementally, your skin is being morphed from God's protective barrier into a mechanochromic (the use of mechanic forces to change color) smart membranes capable of optical modulation (impressing information on a light carrier) that other creatures in nature use for camouflage.  To achieve this light scattering, nano particles are interdigitized.  To "interdigitate" usually suggests an interlocking of things with finger-like projections.  The result is a refractive interface providing 93% optical transparency.  This is accomplished by inserting nano-rainbow colors into the fluid of your cells called cytoplasm. 

No longer is skin a protective barrier, rather it becomes a smart membrane in unity with the Quantum Computer for optical manipulation at the whim of controllers.

How do these rainbow interlocking finger-like projections impact you? 

Let's say the military wants an army of invisible men. By restructuring light they can make their armies or weapons invisible.  Or let's say government leaders want to brand all people of faith with a certain color of skin, so they send the proper frequency and it is a done deal.  Or possibly some bobble-head politician wants to mock a certain group of people who hold a deep conviction, so have a frequency sent out to turn your skin into clown colors that cannot be washed off.

Synthetic, Self-Assembled Reptilian Skin Array

In nature the form of structural coloration and animal reflectors are created using light [photon] crystals.  A photonic crystal is an optical nanostructure that affects the motion of photons in an inserted lattice or scaffold.  This technology uses engineered synthetic crystals of light on a scaffold infrastructure that respond to frequency.  Shockingly, the result of this technology produces a synthetic reptilian skin that is self-assembled once it invades your cells. It uses natural pigmented iridophores displaying super-sensitive thermal and mechano-chromic responses. 

How does synthetic, self-assembled reptilian skin impact you? 

This is one giant leap towards fusion of man with machine, aka singularity.  Once your skin has been breached are you truly totally human?

This colorful iridescent membrane-skin using nanospheres, chromophores (cells that produce colors) and iridophores allows for a whole new class of multi-responsive singularity hybrid entities to be engineered containing character, camouflage, sensory, and colorful displays or reptiles.

We must remember that the name Chromophore comes from chromato + phoros, which means color-bearer. 

You were in Eden, the garden of God; every precious [multi-colored] stone was your covering, sardius, topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, emerald, and carbuncle; and crafted in gold were your settings and your engravings. On the day that you were created they were prepared.  Ezekiel 28:13 

“How you are fallen from heaven, O Day Star, son of Dawn! How you are cut down to the ground, you who laid the nations low! You said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to heaven; above the stars of God I will set my throne on high; I will sit on the mount of assembly in the far reaches of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.’ But you are brought down to Sheol, to the far reaches of the pit.  Isaiah 14:12-14 

Are we witnessing the fall to earth of this angel of colored light as he wars to sit on the throne of the of God? 

Elegant Interplay of Colorful Smart Skin 

The bio-inspired paradigm-shifting discovery brings researchers closer to structure a Smart Skin that uses an elegant interplay of pigmentary action and structural coloration using chromatophores.

What is Smart Skin?  It is not skin as you know it for it has been transformed into a membrane for a host of applications from sensor to healer to weapon.  It sounds almost god-like.

Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm 

Chromatophore organs contain a structure of light-scattering pigment granules emanating from within chromatocytes (pigment cells), which have been presumed to be the sole source of coloration in these complex organs.

Each chromatocyte is enveloped by reflecting proteins distributed on sheath cells.

This pigment resides in nanostructured granules with a crystallin structure that interfaces tightly with pigment molecules. There is an intricate biological-life interplay between color and structural elements - a feature that may help inspire the development of new classes of engineered materials that change color and pattern. 

How does the colorful interplay between color and structure impact you? 

Think of this as the ultimate stealth tool or camouflage.  You will not be the one in control of this light show, it will be orchestrated by the masters of frequency treachery.   This concept is called redistribution of light or in simple terms a magician's trick using light. 

Color in Nature


The richest and most diverse color patterns in the animal kingdom occur in organisms that have evolved elegant combinations of colorful structure efficiently manipulate light. 

This fast and dynamic adaptation involves the use of specialized skin structures that modulate the animal’s appearance through multiple effects. These structures include:

  • Iridocytes, which are protein platelets with a high-refractive-index protein called reflectin, which selectively reflects light via a thin-film interference, producing a variety of iridescent colors(appears to gradually change color as the angle of view) spanning the visible spectrum. 
  • Leukocytes are also reflection-based cells that diffusely reflect all visible wavelengths at once, producing bright white color. 

Scientists are fascinated by the dynamic color filters within living tissue and the functional morphology for applied science. 

Several proteins have been identified within or near the chromatophores (which are found in neuromuscular organs to include the eyes, skin, brain, nervous system, and muscles). One of these proteins, S-Crystalline, is found in the lens of animal eyes. It is predominant in bio-luminescent light, providing light in the darkness.  Specifically, the structural protein reflectin aggregates or self-assembles into ribbons, contributing to its ability to scatter and reflect light that produces colorful iridescence or create a diffuse whiteness.

Scientists want to mimic the unique optical features of cephalopod (mollusk) skin that produce intense colorful reflection from chromatophores. At high magnification, this phenomenon showed an iridescent, multiple-hue structural coloration quality even across a single chromatophore. The colors progress sequentially akin to Newton’s series (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.) At times the reflecin appears as a wrinkled membranous material.

In the image below, arrows indicate narrow zones of iridescence that coincide with yellow chromatocytes (white arrows) and typical iridophores (green arrows).


Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm 

The optical clarity of living skin permitted strong confidence that the structural coloration effect reported here emanated strictly from the chromatophores. The iridescence expanded and reduced with the changing diameter of the pigment-containing chromatocyte, whether the change was induced naturally, biochemically, or by electrical stimulation. Coloration and spectacular reflection varied depending on the angle of illumination. 


Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm 

These findings are completely different from the electrical and chemical induced changes in iridophore coloration. Many of the iridescence chromatophores exhibited variations in their reflected color centrally versus peripherally. 

How does iridescent structure coloring impact you? 

These nano genetic modifications can be triggered by frequency or chemicals.  Let's say every time you eat carbohydrates your body rats on you and it causes your skin turns a neon glowing yellow.  Unfortunatelly, this is our future.

The image below identifies chromotophores as they display the visible spectrum, giving unique red, green, and blue colors.


Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm

How could chromotophores impact you? 

Most of us despise the "green revolution."  The forces in power want to send you very clear message, "You will accept the green movement."  They can easily  accomplish this by broadcasting a global frequency that has potential to turn everyone's hair green.  No kidding!  Talk about branding and ideology!

Reflectins and Black Hole Crystallins

Bioinformatic analysis (a field that develops methods and software tools for understanding complex biological data) led to the identification of 469 putative protein entries translated from the transcriptome, RNA that can be modulated by the epigenome (a multitude of chemical compounds that can tell the genome what to do). 

In this analysis, it was found that the most abundant individual protein was crystallin (a water-soluble structural protein found, for example, in the lens and the cornea of the eye accounting for the transparency of the structure).

Scientists observed color-linked variations in nearly every category of protein and two major trends emerged:

1) The brightest chromatophores, the yellows, had the most reflectins, which contribute to enhanced reflectivity of surfaces;

2) The darkest chromatophores, the browns, had more crystallin which are the Black Holes of the color spectrum absorbing light via scattering. The protein content in our red cells is represented by a combination of the browns and yellows. 


Image:  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/03/190306152406.htm 

In the above image reflectin was found consistently localized to the sheath cells in chromatophores.  

  • a Reflectin (green, arrows) was present surrounding the edge of the chromatocyte and portions of the muscles. 
  • b Reflectin 
  • c Reflectin coated the muscles and the edge of the chromatocyte, reflectin was also present over its surface. 
  • d Confocal section of a chromatophore imaged by auto-fluorescence with the sheath cells highlighted in yellow for better visualization. 

Colorful Embedded Global Terminology

As we study this colorful topic you will begin to see words that the elite are using to push their agenda such as:

  • Flattening the curve:  the weapon epidemic
  • Folded Proteins:  mRNA jab anyone?
  • Nano-layer:  Nano Cubes construct
  • Sequestration:  Abnormal separation
  • Affinity:  Loves, likes, or is attracted to
  • Novel Geometry:  New quantum applications for geometry

Electron microscopy images indicated that these cells may be flattened and highly infolded sheets with variable electron densities and textures critical for future applications.  

Scientists modeled the dependence of visible color on the nano-layered structures that contribute to the perceived iridescence - that rainbow pearl shimmer we see around manufactured nature. 

Scientists believe that Ω-crystallin stabilizes pigment making color permanent (retention).  

How do reflectins and crystallins impact you?

If you have looked up to the skies, you often see rainbow clouds.  Rainbow clouds did not always fill our skies.  Rainbows- yes, rainbow clouds-no.  These clouds are seeded with nano particles that eventually fall to earth and invade your body through the air, water, food, and the touching of surfaces coated with them.  They bore into your cells bringing a colorful display to your body that can be triggered at any moment.  Or, possibly they can make you invisible, a Black Hole, that nobody can see.

Whatever experiments they are perpetrating, it is clear they want to embed their agenda under your skin. 

Harnessing Nature's Color

In select species of butterflies, spiders, reptiles, and birds, these elements can be observed within the same tissue, but they are generally located in discrete cell layers or, if blended within one tissue like butterfly scales, they produce a single visual effect. 

Reflectin has long been recognized as an essential component that generates tunable (controlled) iridescence (iridocytes) as well as exceptionally bright broadband white (leucocytes) in skin layers below the chromatophores.

It is now clear that the closely intertwined pigment structure coloration at the molecular and cellular level produces dynamic colors that can appear  brightly iridescent. 

Affinity and sequestration are necessary otherwise the components would be a toxic byproduct of tryptophan metabolism (essential amino acid). Both features are likely contributors to pigment color retention, light absorption, and scattering.

Chromatophore actuation that expands the pigment cell into a flattened disc producing a parallel membrane of novel geometry conducive to wavelength-selective interference. 

The folds constitute a geometrical compartmentalization for reflectin that when flattened could yield structural color consistent with self-assembled films of reflectin exhibiting structural color due to thin-film interference. 

How might reflectin influence light from the chromatophore? 

Light that enters the expanded chromatophore from the surface will pass through the sheath cells encountering reflectin that interact with pigment before they exit to produce reflection via scattering, effectively doubling its effect. In other cases, light could enter chromatophores from below to also pass through sheath cells on both sides of the pigment sac. In such cases this structural coloration could amplify the brightness of the pigments. 

 Predicted optical effects within and around the chromatophore organs include: 

  • Back scatter 
  • Refraction 
  • Forward scatter
  • Absorption (of non-yellow wavelengths) 
  • Multilayer interference
  • Diffuse scattering
  • Radial muscle fibers
  • Sheath cells 
  • Cytoplasm of the sheath cells 
  • Individual granules 
  • Iridophore, deeper in the dermis.

What do all these optical effects mean to you?

Once the colorful nano particles are embedded in various parts of your body they can be triggered for many different types of optical displays as we see above, and for different purposes.  For instance, you are hiding but your skin begins to act like a strobelight.  We must note that the above list is a coutnerfeit of the original color palette that we see in nature.  

    Colors of Predator or Prey

    Our understanding of the reflectin protein family is still growing and was thought for decades to be solely related to pigmentary organs.  Now it has been demonstrated that an additional photonic mechanism via structural iridescence is conceivably used to enhance the dynamic range of color presented to provide a specular visual cue detectable by predators or prey.

    Chromatophore skin (colored cells in skin) is known to produce ultra-fast changes in appearance for camouflage and communication. Light-scattering pigment granules within chromatocytes (pigment cells) have been presumed to be the sole source of coloration in these complex organs. Scientific findings offer fresh perspectives on the intricate biophotonic interplay between pigment and color structure tightly co-located within the same dynamic flexible organ - a feature that may help inspire the development of new classes of engineered materials that change color and pattern. 

    We can expect to se further modification and complexity of absurd color schemes in the days to come.  We should be attentive for anything that does not look like a normal color.  It will send a signal to us that a predator is presently lurking and seeking what it can devour.

    There is still much more to be learned about these complex systems, including a better understanding of molecular mechanisms regulating these dynamic biophotonic processes, especially as it pertains to the future designs of engineered materials with dynamic optical capabilities. 

    In summary, we have yet to see the full impact of restructured rainbow light altering our human body and biological life in general.  How we can protect ourselves from this invisible invasion is unknown, except for protection by the Living God.

    God placed His rainbow in the sky as a covenant with man that He would not destroy the world.  Evil forces have perverted the symbol of the rainbow. Satan is now using the rainbow as a banner for his tainting of humanity's blood and modify all biological life. The rainbow, in essence, has become a banner under which wickedness is waging against God and His anointed.

    Faith Lesson:  In the Name of Jesus, I rebuke the powers of darkness that seek to transform my body into something other than what God intended for my life.  I wholeheartedly embrace being a human.  I choose to walk and live in the radiance of Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit exclusively. 

    For now, back to the scientific trenches that are burgeoning every moment,



    ACS Nano 2021, November 19, 2021, https://doi.org/10.1021/acsnano.1c06403 


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