5G Radioactive Rape and Electrocution of All Biological Life on Earth

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Today we are going to look at some of the highlights of the deeper agenda of 5G and WifFi.  Each of us is being lured by technology to spend increasing amounts of time on our devices.  We are told that we can have it all, the virtual world and the natural world.  It is a fabricated lie.  This technology, by its design, is highly addictive, and people are choosing technology over human and animal relationships, intimacy, and seeing the beauty of God's creation.  One presenter brought a moving eloquently compared life in the Garden of Eden where man and woman lived simply enjoying that God had provided to today's society where it is rare to encounter a person who has any interaction with God's creation.  We have grown a lust and greed for technology that supersedes our desire to live.  We are being herded like sheep to embrace the anti-Christ and beast system with open arms.

Cellular Memory

5G penetrates down to your mitochondrion, which provides your whole body with energy.  It is a fantastic creation and infinitely resilient.   Our cellular memory history can restore and heal back to our original germline design creation and can and is by regenerated in Jesus Christ. 

 The Power Within Our Cells

Our mitochondria have an electrical field strength of 30 million volts within their structure! This power is in each of our cells.  You have 4,000-5,000 of these in each neuron in your body.  Then consider that you have billions of neurons in your body.  That is a near-infinite amount of energy available to our bodies.  Do the math.  Fundamentally we are electromagnetic beings. This structure looks like and obeys the principles of a particle accelerator cyclotron like CERN.  Our bodies are not merely glucose (sugar) burning machines for they are exquisite.  Unfortunately, our diets next year will reduce to kilocalories that will not provide you with the required energy to you to sustain life.  At this time, many will follow in the footsteps of other starving humans to consider and engage in cannibalism. 

There is an infinite amount of energy and information in space-time, both being inherent in the Light, which is available and accessed by the cells in our body.  If you attempt to calculate the amount of energy in your body, it is practically infinite.  Our vulnerability lies when 5G and wireless technology disrupt this perfectly balanced system. We are told that we are genetically weak and defective requiring patented chemicals, dependency upon the allopathic profession, and now integration with AI to keep us alive not the Living God, Creator of all. 

 War Against Life

5G is a spiritual and a war against conscious life.  One presenter, Sayer Ji, took off his Apple SMART watch off and one of the presenters took monitor evaluated it for EMF radiation.  The watch came in at four times a building biology allowance!  That radiation is penetrating your skin deep into your organs, causing chaos.  The 2.4 GHz range is the same power-possibly stronger is what we use in microwave ovens. Your devices are cooking you.  Some of our healthy children are dropping dead from heart conditions in schools who had installed high powered WifFi systems.  Other children have become severely disabled.  When it was determined that it was the WiFi system, the parents petitioned the school board for an alternative safe solution.  They were denied and told that the children must be exposed to WifFi, sick, or healthy.   The elite does not allow their children to use cell phones and devices at a young age.

Weather and WiFi

Even if you choose not to have WiFi or devices 24,500 low orbiting satellite, creating a 5G grid system, they are bathing the earth and all life with damaging and lethal doses of radiation to all biological life.  Five million watts of radiation will be penetrating, abusing, and raping all life on earth.   These satellites in the ionosphere will interfere with the electrical circuit of our planet disrupting our weather during a convergence upheaval during cyclical catastrophism, the collapse of the magnetosphere, and high fluxes of galactic and cosmic rays flooding into our atmosphere penetrating your body and the earth.  These events are changing our weather patterns as almost all of you can attest.  The low orbiting satellites, in addition to their rape of life, allow 24/4 omnipresent surveillance and disrupt weatherman and forecaster are the ability to accurately predict the violent and chaotic weather because those systems are water-based and are disrupted due to the 5G radiation.  Weather data is information that you will need to survive the chaotic weather to come. 

 Right to Know and Informed Consent

According to the regulators, you do not have the right-to-know the dangers of 5G.  Twenty-four thousand peer-reviewed, scientific studies demonstrate that 5G is harming all life.  We live in a biological experiment, but it was determined decades ago during the Asilomar conferences to remove your right to informed consent.  Asilomar was a three conference plan to exterminate life on earth:

1975:  Biological altar all life on earth

2010:  Weaponize weather through integrated Geo-Engineering

2017:  Provide humanity a refuge from destruction in AI

WiFi and 5G Weapon System

5G and WifFi area beam-like weapon system and the powers that be are making war against you because you are living and they want a post-human era. If you wonder if this is true, check out these Air Force Dosimetry Manuals here and here.

You Must Take Action

You need to begin layering your protections against a radioactive, highly toxic, life-ending force that is accumulating in your body, your family, and your pets.   You are not safe to merely be indoors.  You must take protective action.  It is not the time to stick your head in the sand because 5G is being deployed.  Even if you allow permanent life-ending damage to your body but your spiritual life is also on the line.  5G has the potential to entice you to damnation. 

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