Anti-Hate Extremist Vaccine Going Live

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      This article is gleaned from the many news stories carried by the Homeland Security Newswire in the past 72-hours.

      We live in an upside-down world where evil is labeled good and good is extremely evil.  When your worldview is conservative and level-headed you are considered to the social engineers to be an extremist.  Several operations are now underway to neutralize the threat of far-right extremism (conservatives). Artificial intelligence has provided valuable insights for social engineers.  For instance, knowing that during disasters that result in tragedy people turn to online content on faith.  Persecution is at our doorstep.  Private-Public Partnerships are ready to take an aggressive new role using several strategic tools to terminate what they believe is a threat to the social order and national security status quo. 

      One communication researcher is experimenting with a novel (engineered) program to inoculate the population against hate by exposing them to control extremist propaganda, in the same manner, that vaccines are used to activate human bodies to fight disease.  The foundation of this concept was developed in the 1960s and is based upon attitudinal inoculation, a technique that aims to build people’s resistance to negative influences by exposing them to weaker forms of those influences. The results, published in the journal Terrorism and Political Violence in November, look promising. 

      "Very Cool" Control Method

      I found that if you inoculate people against the message, of let us say the conservative Christian's message, the population tends to argue against that message more than if you don’t inoculate them, In essence, the population feels more anger towards the source of the message than those you don’t inoculate. Furthermore, they tend to think that the extremist groups, such as Christians, that produce the message are less credible than if you didn’t inoculate them.

      Two-Step Method

      As with other attitudinal inoculation studies, a method was developed to inoculate after experimentation. 

      The first step is warning the public that the message material they were about to encounter had been very effective in changing the views of people such as the participants, much as what we are witnessing with the message attachments that YouTube is using on channels who, are resistant to the prevailing Climate Change narrative.

      This injects into the population the idea that maybe their beliefs and attitudes aren’t as secure as they believe.  It then causes them to question their core value system.  Finally, they are convinced that if they encounter this message, it might change their minds.  Most people are resistant to change particularly on their worldview.

      Deepening the Divide

      This method was injected with counter-arguments to solidify the behavior and thinking modification.  For example, they were told that the Christian message could be refuted by arguing that “What you spiritually believe is fine, but it does not carry any scientific-evidence, therefore it is invalid.”

      Once “inoculated,” the participants (except for a small control group) were invited to read messages material produced by two extremist groups.  In the case of the study, they were antiquated groups and then asked to register their reaction.

      The responses exceeded the researcher's expectations: those who had been inoculated were more likely than the control group to reject extremist messages.  The differences were significant,” the researcher said.

      Caveats to Findings

      As in any study, a critique was conducted.  One commentator noting that exposure to message propaganda is just one risk factor for radicalization.  A more important question is whether the lab-tested method has real-world applications.    

      Ready to go Live with “Real-World Testing”

      This researcher is curious and now ready to take his extremism experiment into the real world for testing. 

      Social media companies and educational institutions could potentially use it to develop preventive algorithm tools.  While social media is being pressured to address the right-wing extremist threat the researcher is going to conduct his experiment in schools and universities, places that are a social petri dish, ripe for cultivating and then spreading this psychological control pathogen.

      Does YouTube’s Algorithms Radicalize People?

      Does YouTube create or promote extremists? YouTube is the modern gladiatorial ring where creators are the combatants who must compete to survive while fighting for attention in any way possible. The very nature of You Tube's algorithms was originally to maximize watch time. Civil society is now being directed to insist on using algorithm auditing, even though it is a difficult and costly process.  It is believed that if algorithms go unchecked and unregulated, we could see a gradual creep of conspiracy theorists and extremists into our media, and our attention controlled by whoever can produce the most profitable content.  This laissez-faire attitude will no longer be tolerated.

      Google Pilot Program

      Under pressure to clamp down on violent content, internet companies have rolled out a variety of anti-extremism tools.  Google launched the “ReDirect Method,” a pilot program that prompted viewers searching for conservative video messages, not in keeping with the socially accepted, were directed or steered to watch more positive indoctrination content.  Google believes that their ReDirect Methods will provide an “off-ramp,” for far-right conservatives known as haters before they become in-real-life extremists.  Both Google Redirect and this Hate Inoculation produces similar results.  

      Researchers and tech companies view anti-narrative messages in much the same way they view a pandemic.  They attempt prevention at first but if an outbreak occurs they isolate. It has now been determined to confront the "radical right" at every step, as in FEMA's disaster life-cycle:

      • Mitigation (Prevention)
      • Preparedness (Prepare to eradicate the threat)
      • Response (Isolate)
      • Recovery (A new normal is established)

      These engineering programs will be under-girded with promising subtle and directed online advertising contrasting acceptable behavior and that which is threatening behavior.

      Call Me a Concerned

      Knowing how design and execute exercises and operations to go live, I cannot shake the list of coincidences of this extremist hate inoculation release:

      • It is modeled using the FEMA disaster life-cycle.
      • It follows a biological pathogen model.
      • It is being released live for real-world testing just as the Wuhan Coronavirus hits the United States.
      • It is being released as the US and UK intelligence agencies are in a tizzy due to Huawei access to the U.K.and a new telecoms network infrastructure that some say," would be akin to “letting a fox loose in a chicken coop.”"  How long before this comes to the United States?
      • Huawei role is given in UK 5G development.

      How all the threads weave together we shall see in the days to come.  Will a Wuhan epidemic and the Presidential Impeachment process be just the cover needed to divert the public's attention while social engineered operations go live?  Be alert to the fact that there are smoldering coals of persecution ready to ignite into a raging wildfire, resulting in social upheaval.


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