STEVE Apparation is Back!

Two nights ago the strange STEVE apparition began snaking it's though the northern skies.  This is a relatively new phenomena.  When it was first spotted back in 2016 it was called Steve, but that name has now been upgraded to STEVE or Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.  

A peer paper has just been published, Citizen scientists lead to the discovery of optical structure in the upper atmosphere,

Observations from the Swarm satellite as it crossed the arc have revealed an unusual level of electron temperature enhancement and density depletion, along with a strong westward ion flow, indicating that a pronounced subauroral ion drift (SAID) is associated with this structure. These early results suggest the arc is an optical manifestation of SAID, presenting new opportunities for investigation of the dynamic SAID signatures from the ground.



STEVE is similar to a aurora but more like an arc, although not a proton-arc, as protons are not responsible for the snake like mirage.

The Swarm satellites are three polar positioned satellites that record the geomagnetic field and climate.

This ESA animation shows Swarm satellites orbiting Earth above ground cameras observing STEVE

STEVE is a river of mauve and purple gasses in a sub-auroal ion drift (SAID).  It can travel at supersonic speeds and the new type of celestial event is primarily seen around the equinox's. 

If you live in northern latitudes, look up, and you might just see STEVE among the new apparitions of the night time sky. 





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