Arctic Submarine 'Cold War' Runs Deep and Silent

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Have you ever pondered that all of creation has been weaponized?  Every size, color, taste, natural and supernatural, visible and invisible, from the Planck size scaling to galaxies, atoms, every particle and wave, every discipline, the weather, and of course the minds of men are gathering in the quiver of God to inject fiery darts of judgment soon coming wrath or as the Satan's tools of damnation.

Facing us are the known knowns referred to as the Pink Flamingos in military circles.  The unknown unknowns are referred to as the Black Swans.  The Arctic and Antarctic are the last international frontiers, but the purposes of this article we will focus upon the Arctic as the attributes of Black Swans and Pink Flamingos fly around the top of the globe.  The face of the earth is changing due to weaponized weather.  The Arctic is taking center stage as chaotic weather exposes potential energy reserves, transpolar navigation routes, eco-tourism, and exponential commerce.  The intense international interest carries with it security implications.

You might have heard about the Russian 'research' submarine that caught fire on July 1st resulting in the deaths of fourteen submariners from smoke inhalation that were supposedly carrying out a survey of the sea floor off Russia's Arctic coast. The incident took place on the AS-31 deep-sea nuclear submarine nicknamed Losharik. In August 2000, the Russian nuclear-powered submarine Kursk sank to the floor of Barents Sea after two explosions in its bow, killing all 118 men aboard.

Many of my life experiences include Jacques Cousteau's small submersibles in my driveway to being the wife of a fast attack nuclear submarine during the Vietnam War.  The sub was in the Thresher/Permit class that sunk to the bottom of the sea and stationed off Vladivostok, Russia.  Fires are quite common on submarines, are as Russians and American submariners 'shooting' at one another in war games.  As wives, we were ordered to be silent on these incidents in order to maintain military dominance.  I mention this because we may never know the real cause of the fire onboard this submarine but you can be assured that there is an untold story. 

Arctic Build Up

In August of 2007, two Russian mini-subs planted a Russian flag on a titanium mast 14,000 feet below the North Pole. This was tied to their interpretation of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea allowing nations to claim sub terrain beyond 200 nautical miles if they prove that such a location is part of their continental shelf.  You can think of this move as a Russian homesteading of the Arctic.

In the summer of 2014, “Putin broke away from talking about the Ukraine, and indicated that Russia’s future really didn’t lie to its west, but instead in the north. ‘Our interests are concentrated in the Arctic…. And of course, we should pay more attention to issues of development of the Arctic and the strengthening of our position [there].’” Countries such as Norway, Sweden, and Finland are joining the international community to criticize Russian violation of international and maritime law by invading Crimea and the Ukraine. Incursions into others waters have increased exponentially. 


Tick-Tack-Toe Flamingo

The most flamboyant and dominant flamingo (known knowns), is the Russian military. Most of the Arctic Ocean littoral states are upgrading and intensifying their Arctic military capabilities in the Arctic in concert with vague territorial zones, rich natural resources, and no real enforcement of maritime law.  The Arctic may become a “new Crimea”. 

The primary concern, is Russia modeling China's behavior banking on lack of concerted international response to China’s sovereignty claims in the South China Sea? The day after sanctions were placed on Russia for the invasion of Crimea and their activities in the Ukraine, President Putin moved an expeditionary naval fleet into the Arctic. The ships were dispatched to deliver personnel, equipment, and supplies to the New Siberian Islands where a permanent base was constructed. Central to this operation are revitalized military bases at Kotelny and Wrangel Islands, which were abandoned in 1993.  Kotelny now has an airbase and is permanent home of the 99th Arctic Tactical Group. Another new air base was commissioned at Cape Schmidt. Additionally, an expanded airstrip at Novaya Zemlya can now accommodate fighters supporting the Northern Fleet. These moves have prompted serious criticism from Canada.  (Source:  Army Mad Scientist, Mr. Prautzsch)

Meanwhile, the Russian Northern Fleet has expanded operations near the Finnish border. The Northern Fleet is the garrison for Russian Arctic Command with 39 ships, 45 submarines, 6000 + Arctic-trained ground troops, 54 icebreakers, and 78 icebreaker-hulled oil/gas supertankers.  They mean business. 

The US maintains one heavy breaker.

Russia is moving to the Arctic Ocean to secure their energy future, and to protect the economic interests of their country. From the strategic Russian 'homestead' they will maintain multiple black swan options (the unknown unknowns), for which the West will have little to challenge.

What might some of those black swans include?

  • Submerged missile "Easter eggs"

  • AI/vortex SS weaponry (SS stands torpedoes and missiles) including subsam's (surface to air missiles)

  • EAN-country sized magazines filled with hordes of Precision Strike 'munitions"

  • Blast wave accelerator

  • Exotic weaponry

Arctic Energy

Energy potential is another Arctic flamingo.  As the weather swings from sizzling heat to bitter freezes in many places it will be critical to have vast energy reserves as to provide warmth and a barrier from the elements.

The US Geological Survey estimates that the Arctic holds 18-23% of the untapped oil reserves remaining on the planet.

Alaska and West Siberia are estimated to old 30% of the world’s remaining gas reserves.

Russia has attained strategic deals with Exxon Mobil, Eni, and Statoil for securing up to $500B in investment over the next 30 years.

Shell paid $2.1B for 275 blocks of off-shore drilling plots northwest of Alaska, but has encountered difficulties in the harsh climate.

Nuclear Energy


In April 2018, Russia deployed its first floating nuclear power plants to the Arctic.  These will replace land-based nuclear power plants and is located 86 kilometers from Alaska.  Despite concerns over a nuclear accident Russia is sequestering and dominating Arctic resources

Enemy after Next

One of the baby black swans in the Arctic is our unknown ability to generate clear national will and investment for heavy ice breakers and other craft that can operate in formidable environments.  Finland is the leader in this area and the power broker countries around the world are soliciting their wisdom on this matter as they jockey for position.  The US is considering or should be considering dual purpose craft.  Operational risks to Arctic operations are pronounced.

We also emerging another black swan see that due to the focus of Global Warming the military has deferred investment in cold weather climate equipment and training putting the United States at a severe disadvantage.  As a country, military, and each of us as personal citizens will have to scramble to improve our survival techniques, mobility, transport, and combat capabilities for the imminent cold weather. 

It is embarrassing and very disconcerting that the US Marine Corps had to borrow arctic tentage and soldier wearables from Sweden and Norway during a recent Arctic exercise.  US Arctic tentage has not changed since the mid-1950's. The USMC has finally put in a request to upgrade hats and gloves for cold weather.  This brings images to mind reminiscent of the Revolutionary War when soldiers had no shoes and were starving due to lack of food.

Engulfed in Water

The leviathan black swan on earth resides in the Arctic and is inexorably linked with Climate Chaos.  While Global Warming advocates will scream, global warming, the truth is that all hell has broken loose now that weaponized weather has descended upon us all.  It is true that there is pronounced Arctic sheet ice melting but that is due to the cyclical polar shift.  As the magnetic pole excursions seek a new home it will eventually find its new home in the equatorial region.  Once again the Arctic and Antarctica will be ice free, lush with vegetation and teeming with life while the equatorial regions will experience ice sheets.  NOAA estimates Ice Free Arctic by 2047

This climate migration has the potential to open up seasonal transpolar shipping and air routes.  

The ever shrinking mass of arctic ice also has potential to release pathogens into the atmosphere that have been encased in ice since the last pole shift.  Do we have immunity to the pathogens that are being exposed?  The answer is likely, no.  If you do not believe that the pole shift or reversal is real, you may want to consider that in the last 30 days, 568 academic papers have been published on the topic.  Most can only be published if they write under the politically correct protocol of Climate Change, AKA-Global Warming.  The number of academic papers is probably much higher when alternative views are considered. 

Resources such as water and cultivatable land are being redistributed.  They are not being lost; they are only joining the great migration that takes place with every pole shift.   Scare tactics will be used like pictures of polar bears on a tiny ice berg informing you that they are going extinct.  What is really happening is that we are encountering a Divine disruption and reset.  All life will have to migrate or adapt to thrive during Climate Chaos. 

The French are considering transpolar cruises while the Russians seek transit and escort fees over its sovereign territories. Ryykjavik, Iceland is being heralded the Singapore of 2050. 

We have so many unknowns lying ahead of us and yet mankind decided to weigh in exerting his muscle with things such as geo-engineering.  The result is devastating and unknown.  Climate, fish/wildlife, sea levels, drinking water, military dominance, food, commerce, politics are all be woven into the fabric of these End Times. 

Flamingos with their known knowns and the Black Swans with their unknown unknowns may appear benign, but in reality these are birds of prey seeking to eat the flesh from our bones.  They are predators, who are being allowed devour us because of our multitude of sins.  We are all woefully ill prepared for this confrontation. 


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