Are You Fearing the October 4th EAS/IPAWS Test?



Have you heard about the EAS/IPAWS test duled for October. 4?  I am fielding many emails from a number of terrified people, as well as professionals, on this particular test.

If you are media I can answer your questions on this system. I worked in Emergency Management and am very familiar with the system and its protocol. I also study emerging weapons systems in my spare time.

Let's Pull Back the Veil on this Test Generating Fear


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is getting ready to implement the Integrated Public Alert Warning System (IPAWS). IPAWS is a system for sending emergency messages to the public through the Internet using the new Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). The new system will allow community radio stations to provide another level of emergency warnings to listeners.

  • The EAS/IPAWS test is conducted monthly on a specific date with a scheduled backup date.
  • The test is to communicate emergency information to specific or vast number of people across platforms and devices.  If an asteroid was going to hit your city, you would want to know, right?
  • Yes, the test involves a triggered frequency or set of frequencies.

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty addressing fearful concerns. 

Could this Test and System be Used by Nefarious Actors?

Yes.  Either within an agency or outside an agency-anything electronic is hackable.

Is there an increase in public concern and agency rhetoric given current global affairs?

Yes.  Fall is notoriously a time of intense focus on the global conditions.

Could the test either deliberately or unintentionally release a harmful frequency?

Yes.  There are frequencies that heal and frequencies that can harm biological life.

Could an EAS/IPAWS frequency trigger a hemorrhagic (bleeding) event?  

Yes, although that is not likely. I will explain this momentarily.

Could the EAS/IPAWS test activate graphene nanobots, scaffolds, self-assembly, synthetic biology, track and trace systems and other technology inserted into our bodies without our consent?

Possibly, but unlikely.  Why do I say this?  Because most of the military conferences, technology documents, professional academia, and so forth- focus on ACTIVATION by CHEMICAL SEEDING.  For instance, the many train derailments with chemicals released that do activate this technology.

Why I Believe that October 4th is a Non-Event

Since World War II, but certainly since 2019, we have been living in a Directed Evolution experiment.  We cannot look at one alert test to make a hazard vulnerability assessment for our personal safety.  If we look at one particular item such as frequency, that is referred to as a "silo" focus.  If such a test were to go rogue it would be asymmetrical (non-traditional) warfare and it would contain many parts such.  You must then look at the whole, many nodes to train yourself to view events in an integrated weapon system manner:

  • Infrastructure
  • Medical System surveilllance and collaboration
  • Chemical Releases
  • PsyOps
  • Social and culture engineering, surveilllance, and collaboration
  • Propaganda
  • PPP Collaboration
  • Pre-Test unusual movement within your city, state, and country

Criminal actors like to operate in the dark.  This test has received:

  • Vast media attention, Alt and Main-Stream
  • Prolific government messaging 

In addition, rogue elements prefer plausible deniability, hiding the truth so deep that people can pick out fragments of truth without ever being able to ascertain, with absolute certainty, what the truth is and who are the players.  Let me say it another way.  If something went live during this test the public would know exactly who the agencies and who the actors are.  The information out there is like a flashing light, not exactly the conditions that evil likes to operate in.


This video was presented on September 30, 2020 has generalized information on what is EAS/IPAWS is and how it works.  It is lengthy but you need a basic understanding of this system because it does impact your life and is activated every month and during emergencies.  VIDEO 

Healthy Skepticism & Trust

Trust and autonomous systems, especially weapon systems, could be the most difficult technological challenge facing defense industries, militaries, politicians, and the public because the algorithms have to be trusted. Furthermore, the operator, the military, defense industry, politicians and the public need to trust the system to also follow ethical and legal rules.  Source:  Human and Machine Trust Considerations, Concerns and Constraints for Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS).

Fear Factor

This exercise is about testing communication infrastructure.  It is quite certainly also documents the fear and the networking of the parties as they share their concerns.  It may also be gauging how intense public fear is for purposes of social and cultural control.  Do not fear.

We are going to see many fearful things in the days to come.  The Bible says, men's heart will melt from fear with the things coming upon the face of the earth.  We need to learn to adapt to fearful conditions in our lives and toughen up.  I am not just speaking to you but into my life as well.

We live in uncertain days.  We should trust our Creator and walk with confidence through the peril.

May the Prince of Peace be with you,





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Tracking goods and people will be a part of managing the population during this convergence. 

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