BioElectric Composite Hybrid-Humans in our Future

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What is on my Radar?

Engineered Neurons to Make Electrically Conductive Foreign Materials to Transition you from a Human into a Hybrid

Electricity plays a surprisingly powerful role in our bodies. It plays a crucial role in carrying signals to and from our nerves.  Our bodies produce electric fields that can do everything wound healing to triggering the release of hormones. Electric fields influence important cellular behavior, like directional migration, proliferation, division, or even differentiation into different cell types. These bioelectrical energy fields play a crucial role in the way our bodies organize themselves. We are beginning to see evidence that biological tissue from God's world is reorganizing itself.  Reports are coming in from around the world that proteins, typically meats, are turning into liquids upon application of heat, in what appears to be a global liquefaction event. 

Scientists have been investigating exploiting our body’s receptiveness to electrical stimulation for therapeutic means.  They are using conductive polymers which have excellent electrical properties and biocompatibility, and have been used in everything from neural implants to biosensors.  We may soon see human clinical trials with DARPA's hydrogel sensor with bioelectric capability that will let Public Health officials know a person is sick before they do so that they can respond to future pandemics. 

The idea is to implant tiny soft hydrogel-based sensors under the skin, and use them to measure biomarkers. These sensors assemble in the body, fuse with human tissue, replicate, becoming one with the body, and read out information direct to connected devices like smartphones and computers. A consumer-facing version of the same technology will "assist" individuals manage chronic diseases to relive the global burden of such conditions.

A team at Stanford University has developed a way to genetically engineer neurons to build the materials into their own cell membranes. The approach could make it possible to target highly specific groups of cells, providing unprecedented control over the body’s response to electrical stimulation.

In a paper in Science, the team explained how they used re-engineered viruses to deliver DNA that hijacks cells’ biosynthesis machinery to create an enzyme that assembles electroactive polymers onto their membranes. This changes the electrical properties of the cells, which the team demonstrated could be used to control their behavior.

They used the approach to modulate neuronal firing in cultures of rat hippocampal neurons, mouse brain slices, and even human cortical spheroids. Mad scientists can coax the neurons deep within the hippocampus of the brain to produce the polymers in large enough quantities to alter their behavior without impairing the cells’ natural function in worms. Still, they are seeking to adapt this process to humans.  It is a "promising" bioelectric medical research field, says Kevin Otto and Christine Schmidt, from the University of Florida in an accompanying perspective.

Interest is booming in therapies that use electrical stimulation of neural circuits as an alternative to drugs under the Precision Medicine mandate, with accompanying the ability to track and control human behaviors,    hundreds of clinical trials are currently underway.  This technology can be used to interface between a patient's nervous system and prosthetic devices.

More speculatively, the approach could one day help create far more efficient bridges between our minds and machines.

If the researchers can master the replication of electronic-tissue “composites” in humans you will see a hybrid-cyborg future predicted by the bible.  It quite possibly may be a factor in the power and mesmerizing ability of the beast in Revelation 13 and his power to tainted the blood of those who take the mark of this beast who is already pridefully boasting about its intelligent self-healing bioelectric healing interface




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