Blood Mining Americans

The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to gather DNA from one million or more people living in the United States to accelerate research.  The Precision Medicine Initiative is actively partnering with 'others' to create a groundbreaking national research resource platform.   This Initiative is part of the Transition Team to transform mankind into a transhuman and post-human race of individuals.

Under the guise of medicine and health the medical vampires will extract your blood for purposes other than what they claim.  The AllofUs Project will examine the blood of their cohorts, AKA guinea pigs taking into account lifestyles, environment and biology and uncover paths to deliver precision medicine.  Precision Medicine is a DNA altering program.  Medicine as you know it is being phased out and the next step in medicine is to receive DNA manipulation. 



Data obtained from the blood will be mined and freely declare that 'targeted therapies' will be used.

The project is keenly seeking the participation of children. 

Keep this in mind when your physician approaches you to become a volunteer partner is that your medical treatment will be customized particularly for you.  Once you voluntarily allowed harvesting of your DNA, you have opened Pandora's Box and it it cannot be closed, no matter who or how nefarious those using your blood are.

Recall the words from the bible, your blood is holy unto God.  The prudent person should not entrust into corrupt man what is holy unto God.