Breaking: Weaponized Government Mystery Illness Deployed

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Attack by CBRNe

When a person wakes up in the morning they never know how the day will unfold.  I awoke to discover that the news that I dreaded to hear, had come to pass.  A weaponized mystery paralysis was emerging. Experts are calling this paralysis outbreak: Acute Flaccid Myelitis with the headline:

2018 Brought a Record Number of Cases of a Mysterious, Paralyzing Illness-"The 2018 outbreak was the largest so far." 

And relays the CDC does not know what causes this mystery paralysis.  Possibly this is Acute flaccid myelitis targeting children, but it has the distinct signature of weaponized botulism

A secret engineered botulism has been deployed that was constructed in partnership between government and academia.  It is a third type of secret and weaponized botulism that causes paralysis.  If you go the doctor he or she will not be able to treat you because your right to know anything about this bioweapon has been kept secret.  I knew that when the day came for release its signature name would be 'mystery disease' which includes paralysis.  If you recall the poultry, turkey and egg shortage of November 2013 that was the Beta-Test for this mystery disease. 

I had forensically documented each step of its engineering and the players but that documentation was lost when my external drive crashed and my website went down in the aftermath of my husbands death.  So I no longer have the particular footprints, but I did preserve the general article that I wrote back in 2014. 

Though I had been watching the development of Clostridium Botulism for decades and reporting on it.  I knew it had been deployed in everything from honey to infant formula.  It was in the spring of 2014 that things began to come together on this new bioweapon. 

I bought a chicken, a huge chicken from the Hutterite's.  When I got home I cut it in half -saving one half to freeze the next day.  The next day came. and I got the chicken out, discovering it was covered with a green snotty mucus-like substance.  I did not even throw it out to the bears.  I talked with a rancher who lived down the way and he was noticing that all his poultry were dying at 34 days.  When he did a necropsy he discovered they died of gangrene botulism.  He covertly called the hatchery and the woman confessed off the record that the whole US poultry supply had been tweaked and all the poultry were dying of clostridium botulism in the gangrene family.  That is why there was a poultry and egg shortage that fall.  That fall the news reported that turkeys and eggs were in short supply due to a 'mystery illness' in poultry. 

As I reconstructed the article to republish it for you, I discovered to my horror, that a You Tube with one of the major plays, Michael Osterholm discussing an Ebola Black Swan has been purged from You Tube.  There are many others, the only one missing is the Black Swan presentation, so heads up on the release or expansion of Ebola!

It is critical to note that any new diseases that come out are bioweapons.  Oftentimes, they are presented to you the public to as Mystery Illnesses or Bugs.  While their release may be indicating a Beat-Test efficacy, it is my firm belief, that they are now being actively deployed for depopulation purposes under the canopy of intensifying chaos.

The victory over humanity begins by assaulting the body with Chemical, Biological, Nuclear, Radiological and e-tools that are the wild card.  E-tools can be explosive, environmental, economic or other. CBRNe is applied in biblical proportion to overwhelm the human body to the degree that some will become disabled and others succumb to death.  Continued stressors in the environmental, spiritual oppression, and physical deprivation, such as the War on Calories, will diminish cognition, the ability to accomplish even the most menial tasks, and compounds the death rate.      

Biological Kill-Switches


Image:  CEEZAD

Most of us were taught in school about breaking the atom but less commonly known is that in the early 1970's researchers broke into the virus.   Researchers have continued this work.

Mt. Sinai Medical Center researchers began engineering influenza viruses "to become airborne and spread more easily among humans".  While these researchers were experimenting with the pathogenic influenza viruses, they inserted a "bio-containment", kill-switch system that mimics the way plants destroy viral attackers by microRNA (siRNA) that latch onto a virus and cleaves to it.  Gary Nabel, SVP and CSO of Sanofi, told SciBX that the findings represent the kill-switch as “an elegant and clever molecular strategy, but it’s too early to know how widely the strategy can be applied.”

According to Benjamin tenOever, PhD. the switching system can be applied to any pathogenic virus, such as Ebola or SARS.  The research was published in the August 11 edition of Nature Biotechnology and on the University of Minnesota CIDRAP website.  The research was presented as a positive advancement for biotechnology. 

Unfortunately, on September 25 the Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (CEEZAD) provided further details about the Molecular Bio-Containment for the Flu and collaborators.  CEEZAD works closely with the Department of Homeland Security and the USDA in the field of epidemiology.  Meanwhile, the University of Minnesota is collaborating with the UN, through the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). It appears as though the kill-switch system has become a governmental and international affair.  One might think this was the end of the story.

Last summer a blog attempting to cover the influenza kill-switches were contacted by the legal department of the University of Minnesota, claiming exclusive copy.  Only after intense negotiation and jumping through a series of demands that the coverage was made available outside of some exclusive peer reviews.

Clostridium Toxin and Your-Right-to-Know

While researchers were quietly inserting kill-switches into the Avian Influenza geneticists were tweaking the entire poultry.  In the spring of 2013 small farmers and commercial growers began to notice that newly acquired stock was dying at 34 days or at the least failing to thrive.  Upon further investigation, it was revealed from a poultry supplier insider and confirmed by the National Institute of Health that the manipulated genetics made the poultry susceptible to Clostridium gangrene.  The poultry supplier called last years genetic tweaking, "a failure".  The "mysterious turkey shortage" at Thanksgiving was no "mystery" for those in the poultry business or who follow biotechnology trends.

The Clostridium toxin has been surfacing since 2006, in everything, from pet food to infant formula at an alarming rate. 

A new weaponized botulism was recently discovered or created.  The same six "biosecurity experts" involved with the lab-modified, kill-switch Bird Flu influenza viruses, made an executive decision to publish in Journal of Infectious Diseases (JID) a redacted report of the new strain of Clostridium botulinum.  It was heralded as "responsible scientific journalism" and supposedly reflected "prudence and responsibility". 

What does Clostridium toxin research mean to you?

Not only can Clostridium kill you in a variety of novel ways, even the researchers say it leaves unanswered many questions about "dual use research concerns" (DURC).  Research of this kind can be used for "good or evil" and the researchers and press has decided not to tell you about the new botulism neurotoxin-type H, because it might get into the hands of a terrorist. This is the same reason they clamped down on coverage of the kill-switch because it could fall into the hands of terrorists.

The Six Lethal Silencers

  • Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD, founding editor-in-chief of mBio
  • Lynn Enquist, PhD, former editor-in-chief of the Journal of Virology         
  • Michael J. Imperiale, PhD, of the University of Michigan Medical School
  • Paul Keim, PhD, of Northern Arizona University;
  • Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, of the University of Minnesota
  • David A. Relman, MD, of Stanford University

Weaponized Killer Flu Released?  First Avian Influenza Strikes North America

One of the silencers, Dr. Michael Osterholm, Director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP) known for his Black Swan involvement has announced the first death of a North American from Avian Influenza (H5N1) one of the pathogens that researchers inserted a kill-switch into for experimentation.  The victim was an Alberta, Canada man who supposedly contracted the Bird Flu after a flight from Beijing to Vancouver. 

Osterholm talking about the Ebola Black Swan in 2014 now purged from You Tube.

As researchers and peer-journals go silent, people are dying across the United States with mystery pathogen-like illnesses that are cloaked bioweapons.  Those creating these pathogens want to go about their work quietly in the dark and keep you in the dark about their existence.  


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