Carcass Management: WHO Deals with Dead Bodies

What is on my radar?

Wildcard 'e's and Carcass Management

      On January 15th I talked with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM about Extinction Level Events, now we come face-to-face with one.


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      I have this sinking feeling in my stomach.  Ugh...  Maybe 15 years ago or so, I was on Steve Quayle's broadcast taking about Carcass Management. It was totally off everyone's radar at the time. 

      There are all sorts of implications in carcass management including:

      Unique electronic Identification

      Possible composting as in Washington State.  Composting a chemical-laden body will decompose, but the chemicals that go into the soil are taken up into any plant that is using the composted remains.

      Until overwhelmed bodies can be kept in refrigerated containers.  There are many refrigerated containers. 

      It has not yet been determined if body bags are necessary for this Coronavirus.  They are not for influenza, but for Ebola they are.  This virus does several mechanisms for inhibiting blood clotting, but nobody has yet say the "e".   You do know that what we are seeing is CBRNe, with 'e' as the wild-card, anything that starts with e.  Such as:

      • Explosive,
      • Environment,
      • Economy,
      • Extinction,
      • Ebola.

      One might say this Coronavirus could fit all of them, a real nightmare come true. 

      We may see the emergence of shallow 'temporary' graves.

      Remember, this event is a cash cow, transferring wealth from one to another.




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