Carry Me Away, Let us Flee, Song of Songs 1:4

A study on the Song of Songs, Song of the Soul


Carry me away with you-let us flee. The king has dragged me into his bed-chamber. Let us celebrate and rejoice with us, we who remember your lovemaking better than wine. We pure ones have loved you.

Carry me away with you... from this prison, from Solomon’s chambers, and then when I am free and we meet face-to-face, I and my maiden friends will run after you.

Have you ever had cause to flee? I have. One is compelled by our Savior to flee in situations whether they be agencies conceding to corruption or our very body with its strong desires craving to be satisfied. When fleeing you may have a plan or not; an idea of what your future may hold, or not; you may be successful in your flight, or not. If you do manage to flee it is life-changing. It leaves an indelible mark upon you that does not vanish over time.

In this metaphor, the maiden desires to leave the confines of her body to be free to worship in spirit and truth with the Lover of her Soul.

We would celebrate...and rejoice with you... Our self in joy with you is incomparable to the imaginary joy we experience in Solomon’s chambers, where there is nothing but ‘fun’. We see this today before our eyes and choice, as the siren calls of the seductive technological temptress of virtual reality promise us all pleasure, where nothing is forbidden, despite its ruinous impact upon our soul. Rather we long for our True Love, our First Love, it is in Him who we desire an eternity to celebrate and be joyful with and gladly spurning the technological and pleasures of the flesh, a metaphor for the pressure applied to our soul by the instincts and desires which want to rule our body. Therefore, she begs to be carried away.

Celebration is in response to some new event, while joy is a permanent state. Celebration is a delighted reaction to an event, in this case, to the bestowal of God’s Light. Rejoicing is an enduring sensation, enjoyed as the Divine Light persists. So, once we meet you, our joy will go on forever. What better time to celebrate the brilliant Shekinah Glory of the Holy One, the Light of the world, perfectly situated and standing in contrast to this jet-black time of year, and darkened season of depraved wickedness.

Your lovemaking is more memorable than wine or any pleasure, the pure ones have loved you. For, whereas Solomon is only loved for pleasure, profit, and gratification he provides, you will be loved with purity for your essential self. The Spirit of Prophecy intoxicates the soul like wine while stupefying the powers of the body which roars like a drunk and falls thunderstruck into a stupor. This is what we will remember in perpetual bliss. For, unlike regular wine, spiritual wine does not leave one hungover and melancholy.

There was an incident in the Old Testament when prophecy ignited in the camp of the Israelite's. Some people condemned the spirit, desiring to quench it believing it only for a few chosen. I will never forget the words of Moses, “That all should prophesy.” And may it be so, in our day.

The pure ones have loved you... Love springs from emotional and physical attachments is never pure, such love is never unselfish and generous, but is always a means toward some other goal that that will also not be loved for itself. For example, a person may love wealth because it buys precious and desirable things, but those things are only desired because of the status and respect they bestow upon their owner. And respect is only desirable because it brings privileges; people attend to those they respect. Similarly, some may love wealth because it purchases meat and wine. Meat and wine reinforce the body, and a healthy body is desirable because it promises longevity, but what is the purpose of such a life?

In my study this morning, my mind wandered back to my love of David, now with the Lord five years. David and I lived in the moment loving Jesus and each other with few remnants of our love. I was very troubled that after some time I could no longer see David’s smiling face. It disturbed me greatly. For some time, I have suspected that what drew David, and I together was unity in the Spirit. That David was an earthly metaphor for my love of the Savior. When I looked deeply into David’s face, I saw Jesus and he felt the same way towards me. This morning I have closure on this thought. That is why I cannot see David’s face because I was peering beyond the veil of time, space, and physicality to Jesus.

We love Jesus because He first loved us. A simple and pure love that He conveys to us through His blood sacrifice. Thank you, my blessed Savior.

May your First Love be Jesus,-now and forevermore,





Celeste Solum is a broadcaster, author, former government, organic farmer and is trained in nursing and environmental medicine.  Celeste chronicles the space and earth conditions that trigger the rise and fall of modern & ancient civilizations, calendars, and volatile economies. Cycles are converging, all pointing to a cataclysmic period between 2020 to 2050 in what many scientists believe is an Extinction Level Event.   

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