Celeste Expose: OPERATION ADAM-The Dark Plan to Remake Humanity


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ADAM is a canvas of genetic modification... but Plasmids are the paint.

― Yi Suchong

ADAM is a chemical substance that can rewrite genetic material, allowing the user to alter their bodies, their genetic makeup and their natural abilities without any direct limits whatsoever aside from their imagination. ADAM does this by supporting the formation of potent stem cells that can differentiate into any cell type, including a variety of unnatural ones. This type of cell formation, however, is also often compared to a benign form of cancer, as the chemical slowly destroys native tissue cells and replaces them with unstable stem versions. A gamer....

A plasmid is the circular double-stranded DNA that replicates within a cell independent of chromosomal DNA.  Plasmids are found in bacteria or protozoa that are used for genetic modification using recombinant DNA to transfer genes between cells and species.

Beyond coincidence, the operation to make ADAM 3.0, a transhumanoid, is underway to phase out God's human population via depopulation.

What is the playbook? This human "evolution" works hand-in-hand with Dr. Evils New Toolkit. for the ultimate weaponry arrayed at mankind, never before seen on planet earth-mind-body-soul.

Today, I will humbly attempt to share with each of you the playbook and mechanisms of this "evolution".  This is World War 3, a biological slaughter of all life on earth while most people are beguiled with the utopian promises for immortality, health, and abundance. 

The Manifesto

The entities bringing this evolution have a manifesto published in February 2011.  It will provide you a glimpse into what the proverbial "they" have planned for us:

Mankind has turned into a consumer society standing at the edge of a total loss of the conceptual guidelines necessary for further evolution. The majority of people are almost exclusively absorbed  in merely maintaining their own comfortable lives.

Modern civilization, with its space stations, nuclear submarines, iPhones and Segways cannot save mankind from the limitations in the physical abilities of our bodies, nor from diseases and death.

We are not satisfied with modern achievements of scientific and technical progress. Science working for the satisfaction of consumer needs will not be able to ensure a technological breakthrough towards a radically different way of life.

We believe that the world needs a different ideological paradigm. Within its framework it is necessary to form a major objective  capable of pointing out a new direction for the development of all mankind and ensuring the achievement of a scientific and technical revolution.

The new ideology should assert, as one of its priorities, the necessity of using breakthrough technology for an improvement of man himself and not only of his environment.

We believe that it is possible and necessary to eliminate aging and even death, and to overcome the fundamental limits of the physical and mental capabilities currently set by the restrictions of the physical body.

Scientists from various countries in the world are already developing technology that ensures the creation of an artificial human body prototype within the next decade. We believe the biggest technological project of our times will become the creation of such artificial human body and a subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body.

Implementation of this technological project will inevitably result in an explosive development of innovations and global changes in our civilization  and will improve human life.

We believe that before 2045 an artificial body will be created that will not only surpass the existing body in terms of functionality, but will achieve perfection of form and be no less attractive than the human body. People will make independent decisions about the extension of their lives and the possibilities for personal development in a new body after the resources of the biological body have been exhausted.

The new human being will receive a huge range of abilities and will be capable of withstanding extreme external conditions easily: high temperatures, pressure, radiation, lack of oxygen, etc. Using a neural-interface humans will be able to operate several bodies of various forms and sizes remotely.

We suggest the implementation of not just a mechanistic project to create an artificial body, but a whole system of views, values and technology which will render assistance to humankind in intellectual, moral, physical, mental and spiritual development.

We invite all interested specialists: scientists, politicians, mass media personalities, philosophers, futurologists and businessmen to join the "2045" strategic social initiative. We welcome all who share our vision of the future and are ready to make the next jump.


The main objectives of our movement are:

1. To achieve the support of the International community and create conditions for international co-operation of interested specialists around the "2045" Initiative.  

2. To create an international research center for cybernetic immortality to advance practical implementations of the main technical project – the creation of the artificial body and the preparation for subsequent transfer of individual human consciousness to such a body.
3. To engage experts in the selection and support of the most interesting projects in the quest to ensure technological breakthroughs.

4. To support innovative industries and create special scientific education programs for schools and institutes of higher education.

5. To create educational programs for television, radio and internet, to hold forums, conferences, congresses and exhibitions, and to establish awards and produce books, movies and computer games with the view of raising the profile of the initiative and spreading its ideas.

6. To form a culture connected with the ideology of the future, promoting technical progress, artificial intellect, “multi-body”, immortality, and cyborgization.




This operation is no longer waiting for 2045, it is operational and being conducted in the words of Dr. "Evil" clandestinely and covertly.  The New soulless humanoids are in the process of being engineered and animated- while God's handiwork, the lineage of Adam is being annihilated. 


OPERATION ADAM is the second wicked attempt in history to taint the blood supply of mankind making him ineligible for eternal salvation.  While destruction of the unique human being is tragic ,the more poignant concern is the spiritual consequences of this program. 


If you chose genetic modification it is irreversible, so deeply embedded into your body that it it cleaves, you become one with evil.  We will each be unwittingly exposed to permanent genetic modifications.  In these cases where platforms with payloads have been inserted into your food, water, air, and upon surfaces we must cast our care upon Jesus.  Pleading to Him for His mercy, grace, and deliverance.  In the past, He had compassion on His people,  displaying great miracles and we will see those miracles again if we are true to Him.


It is time to pause from the concerns for the year 2022, learn the reality of what is occurring, and cry out to God.  We need to take actions that preserve the purity of mankind's bloodline.  We do this by making individual choices in alignment with Holy Scripture. 


There is no other hope for humanity than Jesus Christ and His perfect blood that is applied to us making us purely human. There is power in the blood, remember that.  No power or principality has power over the blood of Jesus. His blood will protect you unless you voluntarily choose to remove yourself from His covering by choosing to be altered, accepting the lies, consequently no longer fully human. 


Do not forsake your birthright. 




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