Child Sacrifice: The Asilomar Factor

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As the full moon ascends a silent migration of the night takes place.  From the four corners of the earth scientists, researchers, policy-makers, covert agencies, and the branches of military descend upon the quaint town of Asilomar, California to prepare for the most nefarious plan to be unleashed upon the earth.  Among the knarled and wind-weathered groves, Elite leaders hatch and bring forth the Asilomar Plan invoking ancient abominable practices.   They call upon their gods for favor offering up precious children as sacrifices.

The perfect chosen children have physical Ayran characteristics.  It was not only child others were also chosen, but they favored children.  They are required to make war against each other as they vie to become the unblemished sacrifice that will lose Lucifer's power and begin the degradation of the spiritual and physical world. 

When you see the genetic modification of all life upon the earth, this is the Asilomar factor; it began with child sacrifice.

As you witness the geoengineering or terraforming of the planet, this is also the Asilomar factor; it began with child sacrifice.

As synthetic life emerges from the shows of the subterranean labyrinths, this is the final piece to the Asilomar factor; it began with child sacrifice.


Shockingly, the Asilomar Plan had Christian or purported Christian origins.

The Asilomar concept was first born in 1897, when the YWCA held its first western regional conference at Mills College near Oakland, California. Later, between 1900 and 1911, the Pacific Coast Field Committee conferred each year at the old Hotel Capitola near the beach at Santa Cruz. History of Asilomar Conference Grounds

The committee was then composed of some of the most influential and prestigious women in California: Phoebe Apperson Hearst (mother of pioneer publisher, William Randolph Hearst), Ellen Browning Scripps (a successful publisher), Mrs. Warren Olney and Mary Sroufe Merrill (who authored a history of Asilomar and its founding).

In July 1913, those were the only structures when 300 young women attended Asilomar's first YWCA student leadership conference. Meals were served in a central dining tent. While these facilities would be considered spartan today, they did offer electricity, running water, and bathing facilities. The facility at Capitola had been known as "Guardamar," and in 1913, the YWCA held a contest to name their new property on the Monterey Peninsula. They received hundreds of entries. The winning name came from a Stanford University student, Helen Salisbury, who made up the word Asilomar, derived from the Spanish words "asilo" meaning retreat or refuge, and "mar," meaning sea, hence "refuge-by-the-sea."

Coming Cataclysm

Those in the know knew cyclical cataclysm was coming.  From my youth, I was instructed to be prepared and what preparations to make.  Those preparations were devoid of spiritual and biblical instruction purposely avoided to allow a blank slate where perverted ideologies could be inserted at will. 

It was determined that the only way to survive this cyclical cataclysm was for life to become a synthetic or off-planet.  Three pivotal conferences were held to navigate the population into the New Age of catastrophe. 

Genetic Modification of All Life


1975:  Decision to genetically modify all life on earth.  In essence, rewrite the genetic code transforming humanity into a soulless chimera.  The proceedings are here.


2010: Geo-Engineering Component.  The second conference held was to lay the transformation of the atmosphere through geoengineering at the time known as weather modification.  It is through geoengineering that our atmosphere is saturated with the blood of the innocents and alien hybrid's permeating into all plants, animals, and humans with demonic payloads. Geo-engineering by this time was well underway, but they needed a framework.  Subsequently, each state passed weather modification authorization legislation.

Part of the stated purposed was to unlink the awe of God in the heavens if the sky returns to the Days of Noah where clouds cover the earth the biblical signs of the EndDays urging people unto repentance and turning to God could be thwarted.

The proceedings are located here.

Artificial Intelligence


2017:  The AI Component letting loose.  The framework for synthetic life and biology to operate was commissioned.  In its final form, it will be the beast system and anti-Christ. 

The proceedings can be found here and here and here.

Hearkening Back

Sacrificial children pleaded and prayed to God, Almighty that their bodies would develop a blemish so that they would not meet their end.  For some, their prayers were answered, but an untold number were slaughtered at the hands of those who are driving the forces of evil against all of us. 

Yes, I do not have some of the unspeakable stories, but they are too gruesome for me to share.  For those who did survive, many were maimed and fractured souls, tormented beyond belief.  Please keep these children in your prayers. 

How do I know this to be the truth?  I am ashamed to admit it, but while my father was in the employ of Naval Warfare, as a part of his employment, he took part in these horrible rituals to lay the foundations of what you are seeing come to pass this very day.  God help his soul.  He did become a Christian 30 days before he died, so there is hope for any who will turn to Jesus.

The answer for all of us is Jesus Christ, and to only fear the Lord our God.  As the waves of evil surge against us, let us all turn even closer to Jesus.  It will be a temptation to shake your fists at God when it seems as if your prayers are not being answered.  Know this as truth, He cares about each of your hair upon your head, and He collects each tear that you shed in His tear bottle.  Why some of our most go through unspeakable horrors in our life is one of life's biggest mysteries.  Have faith; Jesus loves you even amid the whirlwind of terror. 


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