Chimeric DNA To Put You In Biostasis

Otherwise Known As Hybernation 

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As we reach for the stars we are being driven to enter a zombie-like trance to "save the planet" where researchers are mixing our DNA with that of the Tardigrade.

In this article we are going to talk about these water bears known as Tardigrades, and what oxidation does to trigger them to curl up into a fetal position and go into a state of dormancy.

How Does That Impact Your Life?

Before 2020 Scientists began modifying your DNA with Tardigrades DNA. What this means to you, is they are putting your body into Biostasis, which is a form of hibernation.

Basically, scientists are manipulating and oxidating molecules that trigger Tardigrades into dormancy. That's kind of like a bear does when she goes into her den.

The chemical process the researchers are using triggers the Tardigrade to go into a fetal position, or curl up, called a “tun”.

Among the animals, microscopic Tardigrades stand alone in their ability to withstand austere environments such as extreme temperatures and living in a desiccated environment.

This means living with no oxygen because the geoengineering and terraforming of our air which sprays a drying agent that removes moisture from the air. All this is in an effort, "to save the planet'.

An example of this are the desiccant packets that come in your supplements or medications to keep the moisture out.

The Tardigrades are a mysterious creature. Unlike most animals, these eight-legged microscopic creatures occupy a position in the tree of life that's open to debate. They straddle the divide between arthropods and nematodes, which means they are probably part both arthropod and nematode.

They have been found about everywhere from mountain tops to ocean trenches. They even recovered a sample of moss in Antarctica that was stored in a freezer for over thirty years. When they re-hydrated the Tardigrades, they began reproducing.

As a result, the mad scientists began to mix our DNA with the Tardigrades in this wicked experiment to see if they could manipulate mankind to live without air and water.

Scientists began subjecting tardigrades to extreme conditions such as temperatures of absolute 0, crushing pressures, radiation levels that should have easily killed them, and even the vacuum of space. But the water bears continued to thrive.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the process of inserting these water bear’s DNA into things like injectable, oral, and over-the-counter products. Once inside your body, the mission of the technologically altered Tardigrade cleaves to your DNA becoming one with it.

Unfortunately, during these experiments they discovered that they could trigger the Tardigrade to shrivel up into a fetal position.

Is this a red flag experiment to see whether they are they going to trigger a reactive oxygen species or frequency within mankind to make us all go into an eternal sleep?

Scientists have discovered that these reactive oxygen species are essential and are paying close attention to the tun formation. They are continuing to experiment on these water bears and us.

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, a heavy-hitter in academia that is pushing the synthetic biology bio-hybrid. They became truly mesmerized with the Tartrigrades reaction to reactive oxygen species (ROS).

They wondered if the molecules might be part of a single mechanism behind the tun formation (the ball formation). So, they added a little bit of hydrogen peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is on the forefront of a plethora of scientific experiments lately.

When exposed to the hydrogen peroxide which forms an oxidating environment, the water bears protect themselves by curling up into a ball. This is similar to what Pillbugs do when you touch them.

But when the researchers went back and removed the oxidating environment, the Tardigrades emerged from their tun, kind of like the bears emerging from their dens, as mentioned above.

Oxidation causes stress to all creatures which is why most of us take antioxidants such as vitamin E to combat that stress.

One experiment was conducted where a team of scientists used a chemical that blocked the Tardigrades cysteine metabolism so that the molecules couldn't be oxidized by the reactive oxygen species.

And what happened? The Tardigrade seemed perfectly happy after being blocked, until a stressor was introduced, and it killed him deader than a hammer.

Is this why this experimentation is truly taking place? Depopulation. I would be interested in your thoughts on these experiments.



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