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Fire from Heaven Series


As the world is to be tilled for the final days of evil we find ourselves in a world where the material world that we once knew has been rearranged.

During a process of synthesis using arcane alchemy- our material world is being:

  • Restructured
  • Transformed
  • Deceptively exuding magical properties

The engineered, you could say weaponized materials, result in a shadowy manifestation. It is evil to the core. These certain new materials are called metamaterials.

“Theoretically, by structuring a material in specific ways, one can create a cloak.”

Militaries and the commercial market are exploiting these metamaterials to create a cloak of invisibility, real or perceived, so that the average person cannot see their wicked deeds.

The operation environment of war is being saturated with sensors and autonomous weaponry that has high lethality.

The Army puts it this way:

“Forces [you are that force] that can be sensed, are targeted [you are targeted], and if targeted, are destroyed or rendered inoperable.”

This is the FUNCTION of Direct Energy Weapons (DEW): to kill or make you inoperable as a productive man or woman.

We saw this with the diplomats in Havana, Cuba who according to officials who have permanent damage to their bodies and are not expected to return to being a productive person.

The battlespace has arrived into our foxholes and homes. It is becoming ever more transparent due to Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) using satellite imagery; cheap unmanned Aerial System (UAS) including drones; ubiquitous sensing platforms; and the Internet of Everything and Everyone.

This utopian web of networked sensors ushers in the demise to traditional military warfare that uses confidentiality, deception, and the element of surprise to thwart the enemy.

The restructured military now uses concealment and transparency, as in invisibility, using these new metamaterials.

Andrea Alu is a Distinguished Professor, Founding Director of the Photonics Initiative at the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center.

I am listing his expertise because this is the invisible war which is in your body, your home, your culture, and the world-at-large. It is literally tearing apart the world that you once knew. The replacement is a virtual synthetic world permeated with deception and evil:

  • Applied electromagnetics,
  • Nano-optics,
  • Nanophotonics,
  • Microwave,
  • THz,
  • Infrared,
  • Optical metamaterials,
  • Acoustic metamaterials,
  • Metasurfaces,
  • Plasmonics,
  • Nonlinearities and nonreciprocity,
  • Cloaking and scattering,
  • Acoustical Metamaterials
  • Optical Metamaterials
  • Nanocircuitry
  • Nanoantennas 

Together, these work together as an integrated weapon system at the nano-scale. Scientists are determined to change the interactions and FUNCTION of light, sound and radio wave frequencies to design invisibility using the magical properties of metamaterials that are not found in the original design world.

Metamaterials are artificially structured materials that exhibit extraordinary electromagnetic properties not available or not easily obtainable in nature.

One must ask, if they are not found in creation, where did these substances originate from?

Why ask this question? Because we must be proactive and inquiring to prevent deception.

While scientists and the media claim metamaterials are “magical” the fact of the matter is that their unique structure merely plays with light, scattering it to make it seem to be cloaked.

Left: Cross section of an infinitely long PEC cylinder, subject to a plane wave. The scattered fields can be observed. 

Right: A 2-dimensional cloak, designed using transformation optics techniques is used to cloak the cylinder. There is no scattering in this case and the cylinder is electromagnetically invisible.

Source: Image by Physicsch, via Wikimedia Commons and Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States

By structuring materials in unique ways, the techno-wizards can engineer a “cloak” by wrapping an electromagnetic field around an object, manipulating the waves to generate a transparency effect on the object, effectively causing it to disappear.

They also can suppress the scattering of light or waves, which is what allows the object to be visible. Many of you are noticing this and reporting these phenomena with drones and lights in the sky- that appear and disappear.

However, there is a limit to making an object fully transparent when using passive materials which require no energy. There is a tradeoff between the size of the object and the amount of suppression of scattering waves from the object.

The larger the object, the harder it is to achieve full suppression of the scattering waves. The necessity for invisibility is why it is necessary to restructure our material world into an entirely SMART grid world. The armies of the world are preparing for the grand finale, a showdown between good and evil.

Just as there are certain parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that we cannot see, so too, an aircraft’s electromagnetic footprint has a few parts. So reducing the signature of those parts would make the aircraft appear to be transparent to most sensors including our very own eyes.

The end game or ideal is to make the spiritual war and physical war that is taking place before our eyes, cloaked, making the war not detectable in any frequency range.

The good news is that you cannot cloak an object from all frequencies. You can cloak part of the EMF spectrum but it generates a larger signature at other frequencies, such as the spiritual where we can discern everything from entities to cloaked weaponry.

The On-going Concealment Challenge

The Internet of Everything and Everyone is increasing transparency and granularity across the modern world.

Source: Image from Army Technology

The militaries of the world are making great strides to transform the battlespaces, everyone, and everything into potential sensors.

They will be using every tool at their disposal to gain the strategic advantage including satellite imagery, urban CCTV’s, and a proliferation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) to triangulate and validate data, just as in the old cell phone-cell tower days.  

The quest for invisibility will continue in the seemingly unending competition for battlefield advantage.

Overcoming the Invisibility Factor

There is a verse in the Bible that can provide us hope during this season.

For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things have been created through Him and for Him. Colossians 1:16

No fear, only peace and joy!




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