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Extinction Level Events

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We live in a breathtaking period in history where calendars, clocks, prophecies, and history are converging.  Until now, we could not understand what ancient peoples were communicating to us in hieroglyphs, ancient religious, and secular texts.  As the days go by- scientific evidence, unearthing of archeological testimony, unsealing of secret religious texts, declassification of government documents, current news headlines all converge into a terrifying new reality that each of us must grapple with.  As mankind, we have collective amnesia, but we carry in our genes the traumatic memories of past cataclysms.  We know this because we survived. 

You have over 200 hundred, possibly thousands, of catastrophic events arrayed to threaten your survival.  You can go into this season of your life with the perspective of doom and gloom or be a witness in history partaking in fleeting windows of opportunity in this cosmic panorama.

We see catastrophes written of religious texts such as the Bible such as the Flood, Ten Plagues, and Sodom and Gomorrah, but there many more cataclysms that are not as apparent.  It is easy to see that we live in a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Given the cycles we are about to see naturally we can expect to experience cataclysms of biblical proportion, one after another.  Are humans programmed, hard-wired, for a catastrophic destiny? 

The Bible says that God puts the sun, moon, and stars in the heavens for signs, but those signs are also in our DNA. Men and women since the beginning have looked to heavens for what is now coming upon the face of the earth.

The celestial and planetary situation, currently, is very fluid currently.  We must all be vigilant in keeping our eyes open on the changing situation.  Look up my friends for the story of Creation to eternity is written in the heavens. 

It appears there is a convergence of events around from 2020 to 2050, what are some of the things on the horizon?

Most cities, counties, and states have a strategic plan for 2035

Most agencies including FEMA have a Current Strategic Goals Period is 2018-2022. We can expect the next set of goals before too long, Cascadia Rising 2022 Exercise

2035 NOAA Education Strategic Plan

Global energy transformation: A roadmap to 2050 (2019 edition)

Climate Change Roadmap called 2050 Pathways

2012-2035 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities


2020-2035:  2035:  Era of Accelerated Human Progress begin a process that will re-shape the global security situation and warfare.

2028:  Complete modernization military into a Multi-Domain Operations Force

2028:  The Army of 2028 will be ready to deploy, fight, and win decisively against any adversary, anytime and anywhere, in multi-domain, high-intensity conflict, and to conduct irregular warfare.

2032 the First New Humans will be born.  They will become soldiers in 2050.  They are beyond digital natives, they will embrace embedded and integrated sensors, Artificial Intelligence (AI), mixed reality, and ubiquitous communications.

2035-2050: Era of Contested Equality, great powers and rising challengers have converted to hybrid combinations of economic power, technological prowess, and virulent, cyber-enabled ideologies into effective strategic strength. They apply this strength to disrupt or defend the economic, social, and cultural foundations

2035-2050: A time of competition and fragmentation and conflict among rivals, and lead to endemic strife and warfare.  Governments will remain unresponsive to their citizen’s needs.

2035:  A new “Era of Contested [Strategic] Equality.”  Between powers.  Adoption implementation of deep Greek philosophies based upon national power, ascendancy, psychological and physical strength, along with those who maintain energy and determination will have superior strength. 

2035: Competition and exploiting operational environments, synchronizing government, military, and industry activities to change geostrategic power

2050:  Cyborg Soldier: Human/Machine Fusion

2050:  Learning will take place in a Synthetic Training Environment (STE)

Teachers will be Intelligent tutors, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven instruction, and targeted mentoring/tutoring

Students will have Targeted Neuroplasticity Training (TNT), haptic sensors, AR/VR, lifelong personal digital learning partners, pharmaceuticals, etc

Learning is continuous and self-initiated, while education is a point in time and is “done to you” by someone else.

  • Hyperspeed learning
  • Transdisciplinarity in the coming generations.
  • 2050: Robotic Autonomy
  • Space: ethical and legal dilemmas.
  • Deepfakes and AI-Generated Identities, Personas, and Content known as Information Ops
  • Autonomous AI-Addressing trust and transparency
  • Economic
  • UN VISION 2050 (which is Agenda 21 (2030) will be adopted this year and then implemented
  • Migration to cryptocurrencies by and large by 2050

Technology-DARPA now to 2045:

Neurotechnologies could enable users to interact with their environment and other people by thought alone

Matter hacking or building substances from the atomic or molecular level up to create “impossible” materials through technological alchemy for the purification of humans, plants, animals and the planet as well as the heavens.

What are some of the converging cycles that you see during this time-period?

Daily, Weekly, Yearly

11-year solar cycle a pattern of sunspots with a maximum and minimum-The sun is about to do a pole reversal that will usher in Solar Cycle 25. 

We are in a deep solar minimum right now which is why we are seeing an uptick in volcanoes which do occur during colder periods,

This about to change as the sun springs to life where will can see significant earthquake activity as well as geomagnetic storms. 

The solar wind interacts with the Earth's magnetic field and generates measurable ground level and atmospheric effects. Pulsations from the sun are quiet during this period such as the low Kp flatline days, where the sun goes silent, the wreaks havoc on your body.  One skywatcher and scientist noted that it is, “Otherworldly, outside of Earth.  It is a cosmic catastrophic sign that we are just now beginning to understand.”

It appears that we now expect one more sunspot cycle (11 years) before a tremendous drop-off that ends the most active solar activity period in the last 11,000 years. 

That does not mean that this next 11 years will be a cakewalk.  These are just approximations as there are only multiple factors in play; the Sun sunspot cycles the Earth's magnetic field.  The question when it gets really gets bad remains elusive and remain on guard.  Do not become apathetic.  Do your own homework.   The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. The government knows about this cyclical catastrophe. It hid much of the data and records that could help you prepare.  My father worked at Naval Warfare and we had interesting guests from archeologists making incredible discoveries on ancient civilizations and technology, microbiologists, astronauts, and even Jacques Cousteau’s submarines in our driveway.  My dad said I would live to see what is unfolding and to always be prepared. He was involved in this historic transition. 
  2. We will see that space weather effects.  Space weather are the conditions in the solar-terrestrial environment which are a consequence of the emission of charged particles from the Sun and their interaction with the Earth's magnetic field and they let us know how earth’s magnetic field is faring.  This next 11-year sunspot cycle, Cycle 25, which is just beginning to animate upon the face of the sun, could be the last sunspot cycle before the Grand Minimum. 

22-year cycle of our sun. We are also seeing a heliosphere plasma ripple of the Galactic Electric Current Sheet

As this sheet approaches our solar system, we seeing evidence that it is already beginning to affect the magnetic field of the planets, including earth.

400-years Grand Minimum Solar Cycle where the sun goes silent, with few sunspots, frigid temperatures, flux of cosmic rays with a cascade of effects.  During the past 10,000 years around 20 grand solar minima have occurred.

2000-year cycles-Each zodiacal age lasts 2000 years, taking about 24,000 years to complete its cycle. 

The biblical model is based upon 2000-year blocks of time. 

1st Millennium: CHAOS, Genealogy, and History, Tradition

2nd Millennium: Civilizations, Dynasties, and Empires

3rd Millennium:  Spiritual growth and

4th Millennium:  First Temple, Prophets, Persians-Greeks-Refinement

5th Millennium:  Beginning Messianic, conquering empires: Rome, Edom, Byzantine, Islam, Crusaders attempting to sit on the throne of the global kingdom.

6th Millennium: A time of change from the historic world to a return to global chaos:

  • Beast System
  • War Gog and Magog
  • 7 Years of Tribulation
  • Judgment
  • 7 churches, 7 letters, 7 spirits, 7 golden lampstands, 7 seals, 7 horns, 7 eyes
  • 7 angels, 7 seals, 7 trumpets (including 3 woes), 7 bowls, 7 thunders, Red Dragon having 7 heads, 7 crowns, 7 plagues, 7 Golden bowls, 7 kings, and 7 last visions
  • Reconstruction of Temple
  • Anti-Christ
  • Ingathering of Exiles
  • Coming Messiah Jesus
  • Resurrection of Dead
  • Great Day of Judgment

7th Millennium-Millennial Reign, at end Satan and workers of iniquity cast into the lake of fire.  Peace at long last.

12,000-year cycles Mounting evidence also suggests that our sun micro-novas every 12,000 years.  It may happen along with the magnetosphere collapse and asteroid impact, resulting in extinction and ice age such as during the Younger Dryas.

Magnetic Excursion

Earth's transition from high-field magnetic strength to the descent of the field has been slowly edging downward in the 1800s.  An acceleration in this process began in the late 1900s.  This caused the European Space Agency, in the last two decades, to declare we had gone from:

Magnetic loss of 5% per century to Magnetic loss of 5% per decade.

Alert:  What this means is that this is the most significant shift and deviation trend since the Gothenburg Magnetic Excursion about 12,000 years ago! 

If the historical data is anything to go by, magnetic reversals/excursions often lead to large-level extinction events and that these two events are linked. Earth’s temperature has been on a downward trend, since the sharp-warming that followed the end of the Younger Dryas, indicating that this coming Grand Solar Minimum could steer us back into a major glaciation period with another extinction event.

Alert: Magnetic field is at 75% today, has stabilized but is expected to jerk downwards within 18 months or so.  At 50% we can lose grid or if a solar flare sooner and we cannot ignore it.  At 10-15% it is a biological life extinction event.

Tracking the Magnetosphere

What that means and at what point things might get worse before the full reversal is under discussion currently. This decline is much like the stock market that is in large stocks goes up and down but within the broad strokes, there are the mini-strokes that also go up and down.  The same is true with our magnetosphere. Today the magnetic field is riding an upswing.  The unknown is precisely when earth the next downswing occurs, such as 2015, where we saw tremendously weak space weather able to inflict tremendous disruptions to the world.

With the weakening magnetosphere you might be asking yourself:

  1. At what point things get too harsh for ordinary life to overcome? (anyone’s guess right now)
  2. When does the degrading magnetic field become too much for the weather to overcome?  (also, anyone’s guess right now)

At about 10% field strength, they say it may not be until the next century if there are no more accelerations.  But the pattern suggests another acceleration of the shift is due soon.

Another way to view the acceleration of the shift is in the position of the magnetic poles.

When readings it moved at less than one-kilometer motion every year

Then it began to creep into the kilometers plural per year range.

At the new millennium, acceleration jumped to dozens of kilometers per year.  

This decade the excursion could increase to 500 kilometers per year.

Alert:  Currently, we now stand around 40 to 50 kilometers of motion per year.  At this pace, it means that we supposedly have another 80 years or so before the magnetic poles immediate effect range would cross into the tropics, meeting at the Devil’s Triangle, near Indonesia.  This presumes we don't get any more accelerations, which is normal, as we head towards a collapse.   

Factor in Sun and Sunspot Grand Solar Minimum.  At this rate of progression (with no accelerations) you are less than 20 years to zero-day where it is a matter of survival for all biological life and our weather.

Moving towards a Grand Maximum and loss of magnetic field indicates a visitation of a Mini Ice Age.  The GSM in the early 1900s demonstrated the 1911 cold events.   The Grand Solar Maximum is when ice age fears tore across the globe.

25,000-year cycles known as the Great Year or Processional Cycle or for Judeo-Christian perspective the Wheel of Stars

The cross in a circle is not only a spiritual symbol, it is also the astronomical symbol for our planet Earth. Hidden within this symbol is an astronomical time-piece found in a specific geometric relationship between Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy—an astrophysical event occurring now, within Earth's ~25,000 years, precessional cycle.  We are at a catastrophic flexure point in the cross, where other cataclysms align

72000 year cycle-this cycle is just being learned about as various disciplines as evidence emerges in various disciplines.

100,000 year cycles for Ice Ages.  We have had five major ones.

Ice ages cover vast areas of North America, Europe, and Asia under thick ice sheets. Eventually, the pendulum swings back: it gets warmer and the ice masses melt. Geologists find solid evidence in glacial moraines, marine sediments, and arctic ice.  It is believed what one cause are the Milankovitch Cycles that have to do with our orbit and tilt of our earth. 

  • Huronian-2.4 billion years ago
  • Cryogenian-720 to 635 million years ago
  • Andean-Saharan- 460 to 430 million years ago. This is also about the time of the Ordovician–Silurian extinction
  • Late Paleozoic-340 million years
  • Quaternary Ice Age-2.58 million years ago-About the Great Dying extinction.

30-60 million year Extinction Cycle that may be due to the electric galactic current sheet that ripples, waves, and vortices across the galaxy with earth entering those spiral arms periodically.  This includes the Radcliffe Wave that we will not see in our lifetimes.

The Great Oxygenation Event, occurring around 2.45 billion years ago,

Ordovician–Silurian extinction events, 450–440 Ma (million years ago) at the Ordovician–Silurian transition. Killing off 60% to 70% of all species.

Late Devonian extinction: 375–360 Ma near the Devonian–Carboniferous transition. 70% of all species. This extinction event lasted perhaps as long as 20 million years, and there is evidence for a series of extinction pulses within this period.

The Great Dying.  Permian–Triassic extinction event (End Permian): 252 Ma. Earth's largest extinction killed 90% to 96% of all species, land, water, and insects.

Triassic–Jurassic extinction event (End Triassic): 201.3 Ma at the Triassic–Jurassic transition. 70-75 species went extinct. 

Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event formerly K–T extinction: 66 Ma at the Cretaceous 75% of species went extinct. All non-avian dinosaurs became extinct during that time. The boundary event was severe with a significant amount of variability in the rate of extinction between and among different clades.

There are signs in the heavens that stand as cyclical portents

Did you know that Uranus is in the same position that it was at the time of the Great Depression and the Great Civil War?

That a Galactic electric current sheet is rippling from the center of the galaxy towards us.  Earth spends 1-6 hours every two weeks in the electric current sheet.  Saturn and Uranus spend twice as long on the sheet.  Scale that up and that is 71 years every 12,000 years. Our sun spends 70-100 years every 12,000 years. 

The sheet is here and has been here.  It first hit Centauri and then Bernard’s star the closest stars to us in line producing super flares. 

  • The year 2020 is the mid-point of the 70th Jubilee Week, spoken in the prophetic Book of Daniel, on the integrated biblical calendar.
  • The 2000th anniversary of the resurrection occurs in 2030 within the 70th Jubilee.
  • The close of the 70th Jubilee will be in 2045.

You might wonder about the integrated biblical calendar:

Prophetic Calendar is used by God to encode the mysteries of time and space.  It began with Adam and end with Jesus return, but could potentially be eternal. 

Solar-Pre-Metonic which is a solar and lunar calendar from before the time of Moses.  It began with Adam. 

Equinox Pre-Metonic/Moedic which is a calendar established to determine the spring and fall biblical festivals.

The priestly calendar is connected with the Passover.  It begins with the first Passover.  It is a time-freezing mechanism, whose inner workings are still shrouded in mystery.

What types of cataclysms might occur during this timeframe?

Magnetic Pole Reversal

On December 10, 2020, the World Magnetic Model as released.  It had changed so dramatically it was released early and the teams had to hire more people to interpret the data.  Their conclusions will be released sometime in February.

The World Magnetic Model (WMM) just updated early out of necessity. It is a standard model of the core and large-scale crustal magnetic fields. It is used extensively for navigation bur global militaries. It is also used widely in civilian navigation and heading systems. WMM2020 consists of a degree 12 spherical harmonic model of the Earth’s main field (MF).  The WMM is a model of the core and large-scale crustal fields only. 

Image:  Ben Davidson Team

From what evidence I have seen is that the new poles after a Pole Shift occur will be in the two mysterious and magnetically charged triangles in the world-the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon or Devils Triangle in Indonesia.

This blast itself could be the trigger that sets the magnetic reversal of earth into finality through a tremendous electromagnetic injection of the polarization of an entire body.  This was confirmed in 2019 laboratory simulations.

Rough Timeline

2008 sliding into a Grand Solar Minimum pattern continuing in the cold, deluge and famine until around 2055.

NASA is effectively forecasting a return to the Dalton Minimum (1790-1830) but gives no mention of the cold, famine, war and volcanic eruptions associated with it.

2020-we are at the solar minimum, but the sun is waking up to Solar Cycle 25 which portents to be explosive

As we step down into the Grand Solar minimum during all GSM's there is a severe contraction in the economy, and today’s JIT system relies on credit to keep the delivery chain moving.

2020-2035- The country's food production output is the base of its economy.  Shorter growing seasons and crop failures will lead to increasingly high food costs.  Most cities, states and even countries import 80-90% or more of their basic food supplies.

2022 approximately the grid can go down.  Our magnetosphere is at 70%. It can 50% percent, to 10% quickly by a jerk.  If we get a solar flare which is likely dangerous secondary effects for anything with copper wire that can catch fire.  CME could potentially burn your house down along with environmental fires. 

Alert:  We have a 50% may see earth facing solar flare in the next couple years as the sun activates, that can take down the grid for one-third of the earth, similar or stronger than the Carrington Event of 1859.  Consider that as more flares bombard the earth, much smaller CMEs could do considerable damage.  We must remember that biblical judgment often comes in thirds. 

2025-Solar Cycle Maximum

2030 parts of the planet begin icing up which according to Valentia Zharkova to continues through 2600.

2025-2100- the Magnetosphere could go to maybe 10% or less which is an extinction-level event killing off 75% of biological life.  Currently, the magnetosphere is stable, but it has jerks that can tank it quickly.

Geomagnetic jerks

Seen in 1925, 1969, 1978 and 1992. These sudden changes are known as jerks or impulses and, at the present time, are not well understood and are certainly not predictable.

2030 UVA and B uptick

Geomagnetic Solar Storms:  There is regular daily variations in the Earth's magnetic field there are also magnetic storms. The solar wind is a stream of charged particles continuously emitted by the Sun and its pressure on the Earth's magnetic field creates a bounded comet-shaped region surrounding the Earth called the magnetosphere. When there is a disturbance in the solar wind, the current systems within the magnetosphere are enhanced and cause magnetic disturbances and storms.

Aurora and Red skies:  The amplitude of magnetic disturbances is larger at high latitudes because of the presence of the oval bands of enhanced currents around each geomagnetic pole trapping charged particles and causing auroras.  Speaking of auroras, the ancients who witnessed and documented red auroras believed them to be a sign of catastrophe.  Last year, once again, began world seeing red auroras- not associated with global wildfires turning skies red

2038 Grand Solar Minimum which allows cosmic rays to flood the earth into the core of our planet causing earthquakes, volcanoes, and major deleterious health effects.

From the CIA a recently declassified book, Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas while in the employ of the CIA frankly discussing some of the coming cataclysms. A PDF and audiobook can be obtained at Suspect

2046 high potential for superflare or micronova

  • Supersonic wind bombardment
  • 2-mile-high wall water beginning in Pacific moving east
  • Earth ruptures causing sea of molten fire
  • Devasting earthquakes
  • Volcanoes
  • Frozen hell. Everything freezes. Man, beast, plant, and mud are all rock-hard in less than four hours.
  • Crustal displacement
  • Pole flip

What do we mean by a magnetic reversal or a magnetic 'flip' of the Earth?

The Earth has a magnetic field, as can be seen by using a magnetic compass. It is mainly generated in the very hot molten core of the planet and has probably existed throughout most of the Earth's lifetime. The magnetic field is largely that of a dipole, by which we mean that it has one North pole and one South pole. Magnetic poles are not geographic poles.

By magnetic reversal, or 'flip', we mean the process by which the North pole is transformed into a South pole and the South pole becomes a North pole. Interestingly, the magnetic field may sometimes only undergo an 'excursion', rather than a reversal. Excursions are when it suffers a large decrease in strength. During an excursion, the field does not reverse but later regenerates itself with the same polarity, that is, North remains North and South remains South.

How often do reversals occur?

As a matter of geological record, the Earth's magnetic field has undergone numerous reversal flips. We can see this in the magnetic patterns found in volcanic rocks, especially those recovered from the ocean floors. In the last 10 million years, there have been, on average, 4 or 5 reversals per million years. Reversals are not predictable and are certainly not periodic in nature.

Is the Earth's magnetic field reversing now? How do we know?

Measurements have been made of the Earth's magnetic field since about 1840, some to the 1500s.  The trend in the strength of the magnetic field over time is downward. Some people believe the field may be in the early stages of a reversal. We know from studies of the magnetization of minerals in ancient clay pots that the Earth's magnetic field was approximately twice as strong during Roman times than now.  It has been 800,000 years since the last reversal.

How quickly do the poles 'flip'?

We have no complete record of the history of any reversal so claims based on mathematical models of the field behavior and geologic evidence from rocks The mathematical simulations seem to suggest that a full reversal may take about one to several thousand years to complete.

What happens during a reversal? What do we see at the Earth's surface?

Based on models of the field run on supercomputers, a far more complicated field pattern at the Earth's surface, with perhaps more than one North and South pole at any given time. We might also see the poles 'wandering' with time from their current positions towards and across the equator.

One might see matter escaping from the inner core into the 1300-mile thick molten outer core, and there is a literal atomic explosion inside the Earth.

Forests around the world burn could burn off prior to ice ages as the more intense plasma winds stream to earth with rays (cosmic, gamma, Xray and UVC) during Grand Solar Minimum effectively killing off most trees at higher altitudes and latitudes effectively making a black organic-rich layer or “black mat” at Younger Dryas.  Volatile oils given off by the dying trees lower the flashpoint, and increase the intensity of the wildfires.

Have these types of cataclysms happened previously on earth?

Creation of the Solar System and Earth    Catastrophe            4000 BCE

Pre-Adamitic (the first 5 days)                     Catastrophic

Antediluvian World                                                                4000-2350 BCE

The antediluvian (alternatively pre-diluvian or pre-flood) period is the time period chronicled in the Bible between the fall of humans and the Genesis flood.

Geological Catastrophe #1- The first universal flood and darkness

A universal Pre-Adamic Flood that burst forth out of the crust of the earth and universally covered the newly created earth.

Geological Catastrophe # Two:  Six literal solar days of creation. God raised a single continent out of the sea.

On the third solar day, after the gradual elevation of the canopy of the firmament, the solar days were observable.  At that time the Creator abruptly elevated a great single continent out of the sea.

Geological Catastrophe # Three:  The Noachian Flood Second global flood,                                                                      Mega-Catastrophe        2350 BCE

The flood began in the ocean bottoms (fountains of the deep) with the windows of heaven, crustal rupture and displacement, geomagnetic loss

. The wind and tidal oscillations of Gen. 8:1-3 continue well into the Mesozoic deposits until obliterated by plate movement tsunami.

Geological Catastrophe, # Four- -Babel & the division of the Continents beginning 2 to 3 generations later

Peleg’s Division of the earth-2248 B.C., Tower of Babel Destruction – The founding of Sodom and Gomorrah, 2008 B.C.

The major characteristic deposits of this series are wind and tidal wave deposits. These result from the long retreat. The wind and shoreline oscillations of Gen. 8:1-3. When dividing the continents and languages of the peoples took place they resulted in migrations during massive plates suggesting catastrophism.

Job Catastrophe                                                          1663 B.C.

The Exodus                                                                       1447 B.C.

The Long Day of Joshua                                             1404 B.C.

Samuel Catastrophes – the Philistine Phalanx     1080 B.C.

The phalanx composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar pole weapons. The term is formation in Ancient Greek warfare describing any massed infantry formation, They marched or swarm in today’s military language forward as one entity.

Late Davidian Census and Catastrophe                         972 B.C.

Elijah and the Mount Carmel Burnout/Barbecue        864 B.C.

Fall of Troy

Amos-Joel-Jonah Catastrophe                                         756 B.C.

Isaiah’s Catastrophe, Hezekiah’s sundial turning back and Sennacherib’s Nocturnal Bolide                                                 701 B.C, March 21/21

GEOLOGICAL CATASTROPHE # FIVE-. Uplift of the world’s mountains, See Job & Ice "age"

Gen. 12 until today, and in Job the oldest book in the Bible

Enormous heat release of plate movement filled atmosphere with steam and ash from great volcanic vents, transformed the albedo of the atmosphere, thus reflecting solar energy & producing a steady drop of temperature, climaxing in the Biblical, ice age that is described by Job.

Let’s look at a few catastrophes that are coming our way

The Great Day of the Lord                           Mega-Catastrophe        2000 + CE

Scientists are calling this time period as a (12,000) year Sodom and Gomorrah cycle, just prior to the 12,000 catastrophes being unleashed in the sky and upon the earth.  There are those in the scientific community who are beginning to entertain this might be at the hand of a deity, not yet concluding the God of the Bible.

Millennial Kingdom     Catastrophic Era           2000+ - 3000+ CE

New Jerusalem and the New Earth                                  

 Future New World Age

Lets circle close to where we are in a time right now.

Cosmic Lightning

Consider the lightning bolt in Sennacherib in the biblical account in Kings and Isaiah.

“Surely I will send a spirit upon him”, may literally be “Blast” the Hebrew word translated is ruach means a wind and can resemble a violent exhalation, a tempest, an angry breath and by extension a region of the sky such as an air blast.

As Sennacherib had ‘utterly destroyed’ the lands in this scorched earth massacre, so also the Lord of hosts would treat him: the king and his forces would be utterly destroyed.

Sennacherib did not bring his forces to the walls of Jerusalem on 701 B.C.E., but more than likely about 684 B.C.E. On that day the mighty forces of Sennacherib, the king of Assyria were annihilated by a mighty bolide, “Blast”, the electrical bolt or column of millions of volts of electricity that was heard across the land. It incinerated the entire military force of 185,000 warriors, who were camped outside the walls of Jerusalem. The army, lying with the ground strewn with the iron helmets, iron coats of mail, iron javelins, and iron leg armor, became a vast grounding site for a cosmic electrical bolt.

Signs in the Sky

 A cosmic clock and calendar are embedded within the heavens and in the Bible.  We can understand that pre-Adamic civilizations came and went extinct as the clock and calendar progressed.  Many times in earth history she has entered the Galactic Electric Current Sheet. The sun has spent 60% of her time going through the spiral arms of the Milky Way. 

To understand catastrophe, we must examine the grander scale in the physical heavens.  Do we see evidence outside the Sun and the earth of such a cataclysm? 

Those gazing into the heavenly see numerous nova events, superflares, galaxy gamma bursts, and X-Ray Bursts from pulsars. These events are the unique Biggest-of-the-Biggest and are so distant and obscured by dust clouding our vision that we can only broadly see the heavenly landscape and not small individual things such as a solar flare. 

Much as we watch inbound weather systems astronomer track the Galactic current sheet as she hits various constellations.  First, the Galactic current sheet disrupts the Alpha Centauri system or the tiny Proxima, known for decades as the ‘Beast,’ because it is a flaring star.  These flares now routinely hit ten times the previous ceiling with one burst being 10 times higher and approximately a hundred times greater than the previous roof.   How does this work?

How do we know where this electric current sheet is?

The Alpha Centauri system appears to have entered the Electric Current Sheet creating a superflare in 2012. It is four light-years away from earth, so it took until 2016 to see with telescopes.  Peer journals and news did not begin their discussion on the phenomena until 2018.   How close our sun is to entering the Electric sheet nobody knows so we watch for signs in our nearest neighbors in the heavens?  Do we see evidence in our solar system? 

Mars, we are seeing seismicity surging.

Earth is showing geomagnetic and pre-seismic electromagnetic anomalies.   

Saturn, A once every 30-year superstorm arrived a decade early. Also, there was a coronal mass ejection (CME) that hit the planet during the last solar cycle maximum

Uranus had record-breaking solar storm activity complementing the brightest auroral activity seen on the planet during the last sunspot maximum.  This should indicate to us that there is a change in its magnetic field interactions with the solar winds. 

Venus has shown changes in accelerating winds, planet rotation speed, to extreme brightness during the last sunspot maximum which we do expect to see again as maximum sunspot returns.

Jupiter has seen the most changes in that the atmosphere has changed more than the combination of Saturn-Venus-Uranus and most importantly, it's radio signal is changing something never seen before!  This is produced by its magnetic field and resulting radiation belts.  Electrons caught in the magnetic fields, accelerated to high energies, emit those electromagnetic frequencies resulting in a change or new never-before-seen event.   

Soon we can be expecting changes to our sun. 

Dangers of Electromagnetic Injection in Low Magnetosphere Conditions

The best working theory is that the current galactic is a coherent galactic structure, that cyclically impacts our solar system, just as the Sun's current sheet hits the earth every two weeks.  As the current sheet crosses the Galactic equator, the earth can react magnetically.  In this situation, the sheet affects the Sun and can produce that massive electromagnetic injection, with lightning not only inducting current to the mantle but all the way to earth’s core. 

This is problematic because some cosmic rays are infiltrating earth’s crust with strangelets that bore down to core minutes, but we also have strangelet’s being engineered by CERN-like facilities that are also gravitating to the core of our planet. 

Alert:  Potentially, one cosmic flash from the galactic electric current sheet is all that would be needed to explode earth into a neutron-like star. 

What physical evidence is there of their occurrence?

  • Ice core samples- Based on Greenland ice core data, the Younger Dryas began and ended very abruptly. Its start dates to 10,900 BCE and its the final warming began circa 9700 BCE and may have occurred within an incredible three years. Ice core samples show elements not commonly found on earth but more common in the celestial heavens such as beryllium and iridium.  Psalm 145 in the Bible talks about the earth violently vacillating between ice age conditions and searing heat in a day.
  • Tree rings
  • Stalactites and stalagmites
  • Rocks and Sedimentary evidence

Many igneous and metamorphic rock are thought to be associated with the very creation of the world in the primary first-Adamitic period.

Sedimentary rock and sediments containing copious fossils (no humans) are thought to have been laid down in the secondary- antediluvian- Pre-Adamitic

Tertiary rocks sediments are thought to have been put down after Creation and possibly in connection to a flood event thus associated with the Adamitic

The Post-Flood period was termed the Quaternary, used in geology.

For those interested in geology, space weather, and extinction you might want to read the peer paper:  The Role of Geomagnetic Field Intensity in Late Quaternary Evolution of Humans and Large Mammals, published 2019

The strength of Earth's magnetic field in the past, recorded by rocks and sediments, provides a proxy for past flux of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) to Earth's surface due to the role of the field in modulating stratigraphic ozone. About 40,000 years ago, it is recorded in Europe/Australia that large mammals had an important die‐off which included the Neanderthals.   of large mammals that included Neanderthals in Europe.

In the Americas and Europe, a large mammalian die‐off appears to have occurred ~13,000 years ago.

Both die‐offs can be linked to minima in Earth's magnetic field strength implying that UVR flux variations to Earth's surface influenced mammalian development.

For the last ~200,000 years, DNA and Y chromosomes can be linked to minima in the earth’s magnetic field implying a long‐term role for UVR in biology.

Ancients peoples must have witnessed some of these events is there any record or transmission of what they saw?

Ancient peoples witnessed cosmic phenomena and wrote down in petroglyphs hieroglyphs, written scripts and oral transmission from peoples around the world unknown to us in our skies.  Dr. Peratt, a specialist physicist in this field, believes are the records of a solar disaster on the scale of a micro-nova or some form of superflares.  Robert Shoch and Dr. Peratt also believe a plasma discharge w/ with asteroid or comet, hit near the sphinx turning sand into glass beads such as were found on the moon by astronauts. 

Dr. Peratt believes the ancient records are:

  • Birkeland Sheath Filaments
  • Plasma Discharges seen in petroglyphs as the famous Squatterman
  • Toroid Discharges
  • Z Pinch Instabilites as they interacted with earth’s magnetic field

Does earth face the significant risk of a micro-nova or even a superflare?

Instead of surge from the surface of a magnetar, the surge of energy would come from the outside.  It is worse because it would compress and push the L shells down into our atmosphere.  This is not unimaginable because this happens to a small degree with both the fields and the Van Allen belts.  In the most severe ones, the lowest level L shells need only to reach threshold energy and they will begin to discharge down to earth surface.

CIA Classified Adam and Eve Story by Chan Thomas is available at

About 11,500 years ago — in 9,550 B.C., as dated by astronomers from Potsdam Observatory from writings in the ruins of Tiahuanaco — the 60-mile thick shell of the earth shifted its position once more in ¼ to ½ a day, 7,000 years after the previous shift. The North Pole moved southward, and the Sudan Basin in Africa shifted to the North Pole.  This is the time when ancient Hebrew texts say that when the setting of the Pleiades below the horizon the Holy Land was moved into a "region of terrible cold" for many generations — actually for 5,000 years until Noah's flood, 6,500 years ago.

1700’s:  Captain Cook discovered the Polynesian Maori tribe (NZ) told him of ancient legends of Saturn's rings — and they hadn't even heard of telescopes.

Tiahuanaco shows that their great civilization was wiped out so suddenly that people were caught in the middle of their normal daytime activities by catastrophic inundation, sharing the same fate suffered the same fate as Easter Island.  Tiahuanaco was buried undersea for 5,000 years, then heaved up to its present altitude of 12,500 feet in the last cataclysm 6,500 years ago.

At the same time, the Rockies and Andes were formed in this cataclysm.

11,500 years ago the Hudson Bay and the opposite polar area, just southwest of Australia both rolled to the equator on opposite sides of the Earth.  The Sudan Basin region roll to the North Pole, to remain there for the next 5000 years.

 While this shift was occurring, taking the only ¼ to ½ a day to complete itself, the earth's oceans and atmosphere, through angular momentum, rotate with the oceans violently inundating most of the lands of the Earth, and the atmosphere bringing unimaginable hurricanes of up to supersonic wind velocities. Whole continents were subjected to tremendous upheavals and earthquakes. The molten layer below the earth's shell broke through all over the world, and was thereafter called "earth-fire". 

Alert:  We appear to be re-entering this cycle of time.

How did past cataclysms affect society?

Most Temples and Megalithic were constructed during a solar minimum

Cultures rose dramatically during the solar maximum

While there was a cultural collapse of near 70% during solar minimum primarily due to drought.

Interestingly agriculture did not advance or decline but stayed status quo during both a solar minimum and maximum. 

Rise of agriculture (this indicates a world-wide event) Solar Minimum.  The caveat is that these are the regular 11-year cycles which are not Grand Minimum where the sun goes silent often accompanied by global cooling that directly affects agriculture.  

Mass global migrations were more likely to take place during a solar minimum from drought.

Three-quarters of calendar systems began during a solar minimum

100% of geologic records confirm worldwide volcanic activity during a drop in global temperature associated with 100% solar minimum, especially in 1530 BCE.

High probability for earthquakes leading to mass migration during solar max.

Ancient people were particularly adapted to changes in their environment, and when possible described these changes in literature. Changes in patterns of the solar cycle (0-9800 BCE) show that during periods of solar minimum cooling, civilization collapse, catastrophism, and mass migration occurred.

Reacting to environmental changes during periods of solar minimum activity, ancient people built megalithic temples and developed calendar systems.

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What is an Extinction Level Event?   

Extinction Level Event- An extinction-level event (ELE) is an event where most species on the planet become extinct.  It is an event when the magnetosphere drops below 50% to maybe 10% allowing cosmic radiation to flood the earth causing DNA and RNA damage to all biological life.  It is coupled with a drop to Ice Age Temperatures and vulnerability to inbound space debris, comets, asteroids such as Apophis named after the Egyptian god of chaos, some hailing it as Wormwood, predicted to hit earth 2029-2030, and Near-earth objects.

There have been five: 

  • Ordovician Extinction,
  • Late Devonian Extinction,
  • End Permian Extinction (Mother of all extinctions),
  • End Triassic Extinction, K-T Extinction. 
  • You are living in the 6th extinction. 

The CIA, R & D programs, academia have concluded that synthetic life is the only way to survive extinction-level events.  That is one of many reasons you are seeing an explosion of research, development, and deployment of these technologies.

Did any life survive previous extinctions?  And how?

On May 15, 2018, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted an exercise to illustrate high-level strategic decisions and policies that the United States to prevent a pandemic.  That exercise was named Clade XClade X was held in the manner of two other catastrophic exercises Dark Winter and Atlantic Storm.  Unlike the previous exercises embedded in Clade X is a provocative name with a dual-purpose meaning.

Clade X

Veiled secrecy is associated with Clade X. It rivals any science fiction movie such as Jurassic Park. 

Certain extinct species such as Orciraptor and Viridiraptor held distinct ecological niches.  They are 'necro-Phyto-phagous' whose mission was dedicated to the predatory behavior, grasping its prey and consuming it These species, that have been recently spotted around the world, are incorporated into Clade X.  Scientists have extracted mutated DNA and RNA that are used in biological warfare testing. Their proteins are amplified, contain DNA barcodes and are released while researchers watch the symbiotic explosion of biological life cataclysm hits earth hits and these species come face to face in what appears to be a hostile environment.

From Aristotle to Linneaus biological life was classified in taxonomical rank, in groups, within a hierarchy-that define them in terms of necessary, intrinsic, unchanging, and ahistorical properties.  For instance, a human will always be human.  Today there are over 1.5 million described species, perhaps millions more uncategorized.

Biological Clade Coup d'Etat

A biological Clade Coup d'Etat was essential to the Darwinian Revolution to accommodate a plethora of ‘new’ species, aliens, reanimation of extinct species and entities, genetically modified organisms, and synthetic biology, a new system was coined by Julian Huxley in 1957.  It would be based upon clade instead of rank. Clade comes from the Ancient Greek “branch” and is a group of organisms that consist of a common ancestor and all its lineal descendants. 

This new clade system simply is called the International PhyloCode. It was proposed in 1968 then the Asilomar Conferences laid out a trifecta framework:

  • Genetically modify all life on earth (1975)
  • Deploy geo-engineering framework (2010)
  • Deploy the artificial Intelligence frameworks (2018)

Synergistically this roll out maximums and seeks to govern the mutation and adaptions all biological life on earth will experience due to extinction-level forces we will experience. 

PhyloCode is evolutionary.  It can be problematic as in that system humans are categorized in the same clade with reptiles, birds, and tetrapods. 

  • Breaks barriers between species
  • Claims the right to semantic trickery, such as what is ‘natural’
  • Creates distinctions between kinds/classes and individuals by contribution
  • Defines what is ‘real’ and what is not ‘real,’
  • Rejects the issues of reality and the metaphysical such as God and the afterlife
  • It establishes a war between classes and individuals
  • Holds that individuals are unnecessary emphasized the collective
  • Exterminates what it means to be human with a new convoluted system
  • Given free-reign in literature and On May 24, 2007 the Committee on Phylogenetic Nomenclature (CPN), consisting of 12 elected members from the International Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature (ISPN), adopted a new article in the International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature (ICPN or PhyloCode.

PhyloCode, inserts alien life into the family tree and that we must accept it as diversity due to catastrophes that will decimate species populations.

Humans are simple waste products to be eliminated or to become prey (food) for the alien entities

What life went extinct during these extinction events?

Extinction of the Neanderthal at 40K years when the magnetosphere was down to about 7-10% percent. 

During the Younger Dryas Event with the magnetosphere hovering between 25-30% percent where it remained for 3K years when it began dropping off.  It has been 12,000 years since the major reversal, and the magnetic field is changing like it hasn't done in thousands of years, making it entirely possible and something that we cannot ignore, a 12,000-year event.

Extinction and Practical Considerations

There are discernible six extinction cycles that match up with magnetic excursions. Whether it is extinction or disruption level event, you want to be in good shape as the radiation rises. 

Extinction does not mean that every man and woman will die because people have survived through these events.  What is evident from antediluvian civilizations is that civilizations, kingdoms, and empires do collapse.  Other life forms may go extinct, while others may flourish in the newly formed environments.  Nevertheless, it is a horrible catastrophe beyond anything you might imagine.

While some people differ on their take of an extinction-level event history show, some people and species make it through.  As we begin to formulate preparations in our minds, we must think of physical practicality but more importantly, keep our spiritual destination in our plans.  In the first stages of an extinction-level event, some people will make it, as in the past. 

 According to many cultures and religions including the Bible, this is the last cycle before life takes its first step into a supernatural eternity.  Therefore, it is critical to stay out of the beast system hive.  The United Nations knew this cycle was coming and prepared for it by driving people away from preparations of any kind by giving them false information and setting up a massive global empire and tax system during the cosmic changing of the guard.

Recent Grand Solar Minimums:

  • Oort Minimum
  • Wolf Minimum
  • Sporer Minimum
  • Maunder Minimum
  • Dalton Minimum

Carbon 14 and Beryllium increase with cosmic rays and when it gets colder

Research on extinction-level events correlated explicitly to spikes in Beryllium-10 (10Be) a radioactive isotope of beryllium. It is formed in the Earth's atmosphere, mainly by a cosmic ray of nitrogen and oxygen.   A recent paper which just came out in July has extrapolated it further.  Antarctica beryllium data have a direct correlation with ultraviolet light and so-called Mini Extinction Events and the much larger 41K year extinction of the Neanderthal – that saw the highest spike in UV on earth for five million years.  This is a UV spike that clearly is UV A&B and would bode trouble for biological life.  UV A&B will affect the food cycle. I am already seeing my plants literally burning up from ultraviolet radiation outside, and others are reporting this also.  One more reason that I recommend indoor gardening.

One of the first web pages on the Internet was the UN Desertification and Biodiversity website.  The UN knew certain species were going to be directly affected, especially in arid climates because when we enter these magnetic excursions, there are areas that get desertified, while other regions get incredibly moist. Weather patterns shift to extreme and chaotic.  Isolates of whole groups of a biome will die off while others will survive by adapting or through mutations.   

The primary consideration for these types of events is to consider your eternal destination.  If your plan is to survive and thrive during a solar proton storm:

  • You will need to have seed saved besides your food storage.  
  • When your food runs out what is your plan to eat and replenish your supply?
  • Monsanto has locked up most of the world’s commercial crops into contracts where only the company can provide seeds. 
  • Commercial agriculture will be over because working infrastructure the power grid and everything else will be gone. 
  • You will not be able to turn to local farmers as they are going extinct. Many farmers are giving up farming and with each day- thousand-year-old skills are lost. 
  • Have you accounted for the nuclear radiation from defunct power plants that will be unleashed once the grid goes down?  Radiation, from power plants, 5G, cosmic rays, will kill or mutate plants and animals. 
  • Hunting game will be like playing Russian Roulette as wildlife has been seeded with diseases such as Chronic Wasting Disease to depopulate any small human enclaves who manage to survive.
  • Are you familiar with wild eatables?  You can wildcraft, even in the city
  • Do you know how to store and eat roots and vegetables indoors? 
  • Do you have a plan for a UV proof home?

The Gravity of the Situation

You must understand the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves in.  We need to prepare spiritually and physically for the signs in the sky that Jesus said would occur just before His return.   The clock is ticking, and you need to act quickly to ensure spiritual and physical preparations.   

  • Try growing and live off a small backyard garden, grow food in container gardens on your porch that can be moved indoors when needed.  Grow food in your windowsills. 
  • Avoid large cities, especially SMART cities, the military has plans-terrible plans.  I can assure you, you do not want to be there closed in.   

Alert:  Depending upon the acceleration in the rate of decline of the magnetosphere we may 50 to 100 years, but based on the information and math, it is HIGHLY probable you only have 10 to 30 years until things get very bad on earth.

How does an extinction-level event impact humans, animals, and plants?

As we discussed typically 70% of the population dies during an extinction-level event.

Cosmic rays can cause heart problems, arrhythmia, stroke, aggravate chronic health problems, increased anxiety and stress, diminished cognition, increased suicide and mental disorders, violence, impact blood sugar, endocrine (hormone imbalance), accidents, radiation mutation, cancer, migraines, and visual impairment.  There is more. 

Mutations occur when the DNA is exposed to radiation.  Radiation tends to trick the body into uptaking the radiation instead of calcium leaving the body of a person, animal, plant deficient in calcium.  Brittle bones-teeth so forth.

NASA was concerned about poor nutrition.  The best solution is nutrient-dense food and supplementation for any gaps.  

Alert:  Famine is in the wind…earth is cold,

Small plants,

Small fruit

90% less fruit or product than 5 years ago

Many types of deformities in plants, animals, and humans

Weaknesses that promote pathogens and parasites.

As it appears that there have been past events, why haven’t people heard about them?

  • Classification of research.
  • Obscuring truth as in the case of the Smithsonian and their partners in academia.
  • The agenda, we all know the agenda items.
  • No matter the discipline from astronomy to physics to weather it is extremely difficult to find the truth on various topics, even in peer-review periodicals. There are things that can be said to get published and things one can’t say if they want to get published. In other words, censorship, or at the very least a large filtration system.
  • Busy lives.
  • Information overload.

What preparations is the government making for catastrophes? For themselves, or the general population?

Gov Preps include:

  • Subterranean caves and labyrinths
  • Weapons caches
  • Food, water, medicine storage
  • Safe havens Talk about the CIA Safe Haven in MT
  • Everything is hardened
  • Security systems
  • Gov Preps for General population:

Not much is being done except to establish COOP and global governance after disasters.

I get asked to answer questions about the FEMA Camps.  Only globally qualified persons would go to the FEMA camp.  If you have used up your carbon credits or do not believe in the ideology of the government, you will not go to a camp.

Public Reception centers have been established with stores such as WalMart in case of a nuclear attack.  Should you have children and a nuclear event occurs be prepared that it has been established your children cannot be reunified with you until the radiation event is over.  This was determined post-Katrina.

What are some of the ways that ancient man survived in the past, and will those be effective strategies moving forward?

  • Subterranean caves and labyrinths were almost essential. Today we could use caves, mines, underground tunnels
  • Adaptable mindset. They made use of what was available.  That will be the same for the coming events.
  • Food and water. It will be the same again.
  • Durable, warm clothing, high-quality hiking shoes that will last a long time.
  • Wildcrafting skills for gathering food. It is possible to even in urban settings.
  • Skills and resources to document, record, or entertain while confinement.
  • Tools for cooking, protection, or hunting

 How does one prepare for biblical proportion catastrophes?

  • Take time to spiritually prepare to meet your maker.
  • Try to be aware of the hazards or threats, as well as resources, in your area or an area that you might flee.
  • Layered protection. The atmosphere has layers, the earth has layers, our skin has layers… think layered protection.
  • Put together a resource and surveillance notebook for situational awareness.
  • Have a positive mental attitude.
  • Keep mentally and physically fit.
  • Eat the right food. The military is advising a keto-diet for warfighters.  Take note, but get to know your body requirements. In a catastrophe, you will need higher protein intake and yes, those dreaded carbs.
  • Be prepared to shelter in place and flee. These require similar, yet different items and preps.
  • Faith promotes many health benefits and reduces stress.
  • Learn any survival skill you can. Skills do not add any weight to a to-go bag.
  • Remember, mankind has survived other extinction events.

    • I am putting together a Hazard and Treat Matrix that will be available sometime next week.
    • 200 threats and hazards to your life, a brief description of the hazard, one education link, one surveillance link to watch the real-time situation, and in some instances such as extinction-a survival link.
    • My Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Solutions is user-friendly guide to supplements and foods that can provide you with layers of protection from cosmic, 5g and nuclear radiation.
    • My Behind the Scenes with Celeste comes out approximately 5 times a week with real time situation and news
    • Celestial Report provides in depth video coverage, breaking news, and special reports.

    Other resources for real time coverage, education to understand, and practical solutions, can also be found: Ben Davidson at Suspicious Observers, the Suspect Sky Team, David DuByne at ADAPT 2030, Diamond at Oppenheimer Ranch, and Christian at Ice Age Farmer.


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