Apocalyptic Codex Biofortification

Hearken your ears, dear friends!  A tale of intrigue and deception, good versus evil, revolution, the supernatural with various trials is underway, but bid me please, to begin at the beginning. 

The Perfect Garden

Man and his wife lived tranquility in the Garden.  In the beginning perfectly situated in the middle of the garden, stood two trees. One the Tree of Life, cannot is described for its excellence and sweet fragrance, and its beauty, more than any created thing. and on all sides it is like gold and crimson in appearance, and transparent as fire, and it covers everything.   There was also a Tree of Knowledge. And in this land, there was only one law not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.   This is where the story becomes relevant to you. 

The Age of Techno Image Food

Man crossed the threshold because he did eat of the tree.  Since that time, mankind has been beguiled in his quest to make a new garden of his own creation.

And the on his throne Ancient of Days took His seat; His vesture was like white snow And the hair of His head like pure wool His throne was ablaze with flames, Its wheels were a burning fire.  A fiery stream issued and came forth from before him: thousand thousands ministered unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him: the judgment was set.  The war intensifies as the The Age of Technology had ushered in food technologies that have created the image of food, but in actuality are a drug-delivery system.

In the mid-1950's at the ribbon cutting for a biological experimentation center, it was declared, "Our plans for the future must include an ever-abundant supply of food if we want our people to be strong and our nation to endure.  Science will make the difference in the battle between Good and Evil." 

Our collective journey has begun into the unknown and the supernatural.  Our friends in this quest are small farmers who have steadfastly and maintained the link about food purity and health.  We have professional mentors along our path, such as Dr. Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Katherine Albrecht  through great sacrifice provide us wisdom for our odyssey, so that we might enjoy success.

Trial of Global Biofortification

Humanity would come unto a trial unknown throughout history when this past December, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (Codex)  , began finalizing harmonization of global standard for foods.  Quietly, Codex at behest of Monsanto, inserted a tiny clause to define biofortification.

Biofortification  is different than fortified or enhanced food products  because it focuses on making plant foods more 'nutritious' as growing plants rather than having nutrients added to the foods as they are being processed.  This may sound like a good idea but it is treacherous.

The devil is in the details, as part of the biofortification strategy we are going to be told, "everyone is deficient in micronutrients," hence a concerted global effort is underway to genetically modify all life (plants, animals, and humans) on earth. The incentive will be the eradication global hidden hunger and poverty. The idea was so audacious that when it was presented to policy-makers in 1975 even Rolling Stone Magazine carried the story.

Trial by Fortification

It has almost been 100 years since the effort of food fortification began.  It has weathered a variety of political, social, and technical obstacles.  Fortification of food came in waves beginning in the 1920's and will climax in the 21st century.   This fortification requires collaboration between government, regulatory agencies, international venues, and the private sector all colluding to make their insidious vision to change the purity of food into a reality.

At first adulterating food was vehemently opposed by the American Medical Association but some members were quite impressed and so they hatched a plan that involved: 

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Promote fear in the producers
  • Create a market
  • Raising public awareness and educational campaigns
  • Educational material to classrooms
  • Incentives
  • Scientific evaluation after the fact endorsing the new product
  • Publicizing health benefits
  • Advertising spin promoting a positive cultural embracing of enhanced foods.
  • Stressing that food is not medicine

In the early days it was the medical community who pushed through adulterating the food supply.  The effort to fortify bread floundered in a "quagmire of unintelligible scientific talk about micrograms and milligrams," precisely the model that Codex and partners will use to create food biofortification chaos.

At first fortification was for noble reasons, such as preventing deficiencies or health problems, but it cunningly spread to include rare diseases or health problems that people never heard of before.  Fortification stakeholders feared for the poor, who need fortification the most, would not embrace their efforts and choose unfortified products.

Slowly and methodically, we all became used to fortified foods.  Science made it possible for foods to be produced that had no intrinsic nutrient value or purity.  Marching ever forward by World War 1 the government had issued their first mandatory enrichment law.  As the 20th century came to a close more and more foods were devoid of nutritional value.

As the millennium was about to dawn, in 1999, approximately 66% of shoppers increased their use of fortified foods to maintain good health, an increase from 10% in 1997.

Government and the commercial sector hailed the fortification project because it concentrated industry into relatively few and larger firms that could be easily managed. Another bonus was that concentration of the food industry meant lower prices of enhanced products and allowed easy government monitoring along with excess capital to apply towards technological changes.  Excess monies allowed dividends to cultivate technology-based brand identities. 

Fortification programs created an unnatural cultural change where consumers perceived benefit from techno foods and were willing to select as well as demand enhanced products.

What medical professionals, government, and corporations did not share with us is that these fortifications were not necessary from nature, but rather, from sleazy synthetics created by technology, even in organic foods!  The early days of providing for nutritional deficiencies and health problems were gone with the wind.  Today food fortification is downright dirty and is about power, greed, profit, and lust.

Trial by Organic GMO Scheme

Codex in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) gathered some 27 committees to establish uniform global food-safety standards and guidelines today simply known as The Food Code for purposes of global trade (not your health). Agri-tech giants like Monsanto hold powerful influence within Codex. On the table in December was the hot topic to define biofortification.

Biofortified crops are now grown and consumed by more than 20 million people.  The United Nations demands biofortified foods be provided to 1 billion people by 2030.  To achieve this goal the whole global infrastructure is positioning itself to make biofortication mainstream, build consumer demand, and integrate biofortication into public and private policies, programs and investments. 

Codex purposing to list and label genetically modified (GE/ GMO) food ingredients as 'biofortified,' therefore deceiving consumers.   Biofortification originally referred to increasing certain vitamin and mineral content of basic food crops by way of cross-breeding of plants, excluding genetic engineering, so that malnourished populations would receive better nutrition, and in addition provide for nutrients to be bioavailable after digestion.

Humanity appears to be utterly lost and helpless against powerful international governance and Monsanto peddling their drug delivery foods by deception.  Will we survive this abyss?

As if awakened from a deep slumber, pockets of people were awakening to the dangers of unfettered technologies invading their lives.

Monsanto Bait and Switch

The sirens of Monsanto sung songs of redefining the definition of biofortification to include genetically engineered 'biofortified' foods.  Seemingly, Monsanto has influenced Codex delegates to allow GMO synthetic products, under a name 'bio'," to be allowed inspiring a lively debate about biofortification.

At the 2016 CCNFSDU meeting, chairwoman Pia Noble, married to a former Bayer executive, had declared that the definition should be as broad as possible and that recombinant technology should be included under biofortification. By the 2017 meeting, the proposed definition had morphed to include GE foods.

Organic is synonymous with 'bio' in the EU and so they objected to using 'bio' for GMO biofortification.  The EU thought using GMO and bio in the same word would cause mass public confusion on what the public was purchasing.

The bottom line is the Monsanto wants to cash in on the organic market.  GMO foods are not real foods but an abomination of genes from various animals, plants virus' and bacteria mixed together to create what is often term "Frankenfoods".  Nobody knows what the long term effects of GMO in the population because Monsanto forbids independent studies, but we are beginning to see a cascade of biological breakdown from the introduction of GMO products

92% of American consumers demand GMO labeling  but have been thwarted thus far government-corporate resistance.  With the new Codex definition of biofortication Monsanto can cleverly hide GMO's.   Americans are not alone in their disdain for GMO products, most countries loathe GE foods, but are often compromised with back-door strategies to get these countries to adopt the GMO cycle-of-death.

Due to our industrial agricultural practices we have witnessed a 50% decline in the vitamins and minerals in our foods  over the last 50 years. What we need is to return to traditional farming practices and avoid definition trickery.

Trial by Evolution

As the food wars continued, in the year 2016, Codex and most of government operated within their evolutionary belief system and biofortification was being defined as:

Agro-fortification is the process by which the nutritional quality of agricultural food produce (e.g. plant crop) and products (e.g.eggs) are increased through any agricultural practice without adding the nutrient through normal food processing in a beneficially absorbable form*, in order to correct or prevent a demonstrated deficiency and provide a health benefit.

After member consensus it was decided that biofortification should not only be applicable to plants, but also to other organisms such as animals, fungi, yeast, etc. so the word agriculture was removed.  Members indicated that there was no need to specify methods of production in the definition since this may inadvertently impose arbitrary limits or limit innovation. In line with this criterion, the term "agricultural practice" was removed from the definition and replaced by the term "intervention." (pave the way for GE). 

Nutrient quality was then attacked and changed to be in alignment with a 'nutrient' as defined by Codex in 1987 as any substance consumed as a constituent of food. 

Nutrient content for foods on labels are reflected in the food composition tables and are not a reflection of the bioavailability of the nutrients.  Another skirmish was between supporters of bioavailability and biofortification.
Committee members wanted to highlight measurable change in nutrient content of a food through biofortification going further than the physical but also include providing a physiological benefit.

The last conflict resulted in a provision that national/regional authorizes could choose the type, methodology, and intended purpose of biofortification.

Early pioneers of fortified or enriched foods discovered the reward for adopting and integrating vast biofortification foods into their country was the global trade pot-of-gold.

Wrestling the Angel of Death

Biofortification is the process by which the nutrient content of food produce and products is increased by a measurable amount in a readily absorbable form, through an intervention* in the source organism for an intended purpose*

This definition, when approved by the whole will be used in dictionaries, as guidance by researchers, regulatory authorities, food manufacturers, packers, traders, consumers, risk assessors (e.g. scientific bodies) etc.  Once adopted, the definition can be used by other United Nation (UN) subsidiary bodies.

The definition can be used in the development of:

  •  New breeds,
  • Labeling of foods,
  • Development of food regulations,
  • Acts and policies, Risk assessments,
  • Marketing of products
  • Codex texts

We can glean other highlights from the definition process:

"Biofortification" has been used in the past twenty years in various languages, and is widely known and used throughout the world. Members also felt that the term "agro-fortification" would limit the definition to agricultural crops and may not adequately capture all methods such as UV irradiation, genetic engineering, etc.

Members felt it was sufficient to use the word 'sufficient' in place of 'to correct or prevent a demonstrated deficiency and provide a health benefit' for a broader more, inclusive language, leaving avenues for forth coming technologies.

The CCNFSDU noted that the term biofortification did not always translate easily, as "bio" had different meanings in different regions of the world and this can cause confusion.

Will Biofortification Spell Doom for Humanity?

Codex made a defiant intentional decision to refrain from defining distinction between biofortified foods and non-biofortified foods until all guidelines and their applications was passed.  This is akin to passing a bill without defining the language in the bill.

As it stands now the consumer will not be able to distinguish between a fortified and unfortified food.  Biofortification leaves the door open to insert GMO's, synthetic biology, irradiation, chemical adulterants, nano-particles, pharmaceuticals, barcodes, delivery systems carrying undisclosed payloads, and other emerging technologies into our foods and via that mechanism into our bodies for unknown purposes.

One Final Test

As we plunge into our darkest hours the Lord has something to say:

The angel of the LORD encamps round about them that fear him, and delivers them.

God provides angels, wisdom, and all the tools to surround us with protection and deliverance from this evil situation.  We must avail ourselves of His protection.

O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trust in him.

One way we connect with God is through eating His provision.  God's intent is pure while our adversary's intent is destruction.  The food that God creates is awesome, great, and amazing!   Food strengthens us, nourishes us, delights us with its diverse colors and flavors.  Food helps us to become a better person.  The very act of eating is a blessing. Ponder for a moment, food is a sensory experience and through that experience we see a glimpse of God.  Like it or not we become what we eat, not literally, but the body regenerates with that food and our cells respond to the various nutrients.  Just as the body processes food so too we must internalize spiritual lessons as we draw close to God.

O fear the LORD, ye holy ones: for there is no want to them that fear him.

Those who fear God will have no food shortages.  They will not miss out on any good thing. Fear of God is a layer of protection from evil.  Detach yourself the world's clarion call for abundant food outside God's provision, stand firm, in awe of God's provision. 

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing.

Those who seek God are content.  We are secure.  We resist foods manufactured beyond traditional boundaries that God that created.  Don't be blinded by these powerful government and companies who are skillfully and deceitfully destroying our food supply and the environment.  Separate yourself from the march towards techno-food.  When we are happy with established food boundaries we will not be missing any good thing.  It will be the foolish who stray from God's provision who will then suffer lack and hunger due to arrogant consumption of artificial ingredients.

In essence when we turn from God's provision we are saying that God's food is not good enough. It is this stand that our very foundation is shaken with the whole structure destroyed. 

Come, my children, hearken unto me and I will teach you the fear of the Lord.

Go, all you peoples.  Be curious as a child and be comforted that the ways and fear of God will keep you safe and secure.   Let what you learn become a part of you.  While you are moving forward God provides to you the tools to be successful.  If you do not listen you will falter.

What man is he that desire life, and love many days, that he may see good?

Do you want an abundant physical and spiritual life?

Keep thy tongue from evil, and thy lips from speaking guile.

Guard your tongue and your lips from speaking words deceitful words and lies like those whose tongue speak evil to deceive, like Monsanto.  Poverty and hunger are real and so is suffering.  But the answer is not to be found in techno-food.  It seems unfair but do not be perplexed, God is in control of the bigger picture, one that we cannot perceive, nor understand.  Instead, desire life, contentment, and happiness.  Make each day a special day.  We all feel bad about certain situations but gushing out, letting loose of those feelings from your mouth causes problems. Internalize and grow from the lessons you are learning in this battle.  In the heat of battle it is very easy to become discouraged with God's provision if you verbally speak aloud that you are not happy with it.  This begins a cascade of unhappiness, ungratefulness, blindness and so forth.


Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.

It is critical that we all move away from evil in our journey towards the good.  We need to develop good behavior and character.  It is critical that we distance ourselves from bad traits, such as consuming processed foods.  We just need to start doing good.  We may fall, but we will succeed when we persevere.  Once we have achieved overcoming detrimental habits, we will attain peace with ourselves, God, and with others.  On our path we need to live away from negative influences.

Mankind stands is standing upon a precipice.  We are all fellow travelers experiencing the created world together.  This war is a long and torturous engagement.  Let us map this odyssey step by step together, examining every hidden corner of the natural and spiritual world to make it the best that we can. 

The truth about our food supply is knocking at our heart.  This truth has been wandering from mountain to mountain, and hill to hill, along winding roads, and twisted paths.  We have yearned and pleaded for the moment of truth.  It is here. 

Will you stand still and watch in silence?

Resurrection of the Garden

A crescendo of evil will encircle the globe with catastrophic loss of life. At the last possible moment when all appeared lost, a miracle will occur.  Ancient of Days intervenes and the evil hordes will be destroyed.  The Garden returns unto its pristine condition.  Once again mankind walks in the Garden with his God, in peace.