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“Come now, and let us reason together,” saith the Lord. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.  Isaiah 1:18

I know you can feel it!  That smell of fall is in the air.  The grasses are beginning to brown, leaves on the trees are turning brilliant colors, fruit is ripening and summer flowers are radiating the last of their blazing colors.  Most of us have learned through the years that as summer fades into fall that it is the season of transition.  What a better way, with the sunny orb still kissing your cheeks with its rays, to enter into the Gate of Reflection, Gate of Self-Accounting, and Gate of Repentance. 

I began this tradition many years ago and I have been so blessed, that I desired to share it with you!  The ultimate goal is to repent of all the accumulated garbage from the year, learn the lessons of a grateful heart, and soar into the wisdom of creation enticing one to live above the sun with its forces and Laws of Nature that so burden us down. 

Many decades ago I began to raise goats, as many of you know.  I began with two darling white Angora goats named Angel and Joshua.  I loved them dearly, even unto today.  About this time of year a local fair was held and I wanted to show-off my two precious goats.  You also know, that it is my custom to live in the wilderness.  I can't begin to tell you how difficult it is to live in the woods with two long haired, white, goats.    As you can imagine they got very dirty in the woods with their hair gathering little sticks and branches.  They did not looking like glowing white angels but two children who just came out from playing in a mud puddle.  This would never do!  I set about washing them which took several days.  When I was done they were as radiant and white as they could be.  There was only one problem.  The show rules stated that Angora's were not to be washed.  Oh my!  Nevertheless, I entered them into the show.  The judge really gravitated to these purely white goats with long curls.  Sigh, she had to mark me down for washing them although Joshua and Angel came home with a Second Place ribbon. 

As a Christian we desire that purity, holiness, and sweet intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus.  When we collect all the debris of life it can interfere with that relationship and more importantly His precious Name for we reflect our Master.

Gate of Reflection

Personally, I love beginning walking into this gate for within it God declares, "God is good to all."  Psalms 145:9 I never want to become too blinded by the cares of this world to recognize the grandeur of God and His love for each one of us.  I need to examine my heart.  Is it preoccupied with the obsession of gratifying my every wish and desire of the flesh?  Am I climbing higher and higher upon the ladder of a higher standard of living?  Do I really appreciate the abounding favors of God or have they become routine and ordinary in my eyes?  We should be truly humbled by the magnitude of favors bestowed to us every moment.

An exercise that is helpful to me is to reflect upon creation and the signs of the Creator's wisdom that is manifested.  I then direct my soul to appreciate God's wisdom and practice to appreciate it through my own perceptions.  I may look at a blade of grass, or a flower or a roaring thunderstorm.  Let your voice sing praises to the Most High! 

Gate of Self Accounting

After I contemplate the Creation I climb towards introspection where I am moved to examine my own life in relationship to Jesus and also my fellow man.  I peer into my calling to inquire of the Lord if I have used His treasures of time, resources, and abilities wisely.  "I consider my ways, and I turn my feet to Your testimonies," writes the Psalmist in Psalm 119:59

I must be brutally honest with myself for this is an earnest deliberation of my spiritual and secular life and priorities.  I must be sober in thought, undistributed, and in privacy.  What are my obligations, my accomplishments, and my concerns?  Do they please Jesus? 

Each of our self-accounting may be different and unique.  We should be quick to extend grace to those undertaking the self-examination process.  Most assuredly if they come to us in repentance we should quickly forgive to restore the person the Body of Christ.

When one fails to examine his concerns and there is no reflection they quickly forget the power of the Living God.  Not only are we to examine our lives but also, Remember the days of old, reflect on the years of generations past,"  Deuteronomy 32:7  "I turn my thoughts far away [and ascribe righteousness] to my Maker.  Job 36:3.  When we look to previous generations we can glean wisdom but with each new season we may discover things that need to be repented of from within our family.  This cleans or reboots our cellular memory to be a new creation in Jesus Christ!

Gate of Repentance 

To enter the Gate of Repentance, at least in my personal walk of faith, I need to cultivate a humble spirit.  For humility is the root and beginning of repentance.  I accomplish this in many ways such as making fresh organic bread for my chickens and always leaving a corner of what I engage for others less fortunate than myself.  There are many ways to learn and exude humility.

We humans are complex creatures with diverse natural forces within us from noble to reprehensible, from good to evil.

I examine the essential scriptural elements of repentance

What are the ways I am moved to repentance?

What things inhibit my repentance?

Is it possible for me to repent of every sin?

Who can I reach out to when I am struggling with repentance? 

Most important to know, is that the Gate of Repentance is always open. Someday it will close but for know we can avail ourselves.

In a nutshell, repentance is making right with your Creator. In turn Jesus wipes away your sin with His blood, as if you never sinned.  It is that complete, healing, and restorative.  Maybe it is easy to repent to your Creator but find it difficult with your fellow man.  There is no joy more satisfying than when you have wronged someone to ask their forgiveness, be forgiven, and relationship is restored-possibly stronger than it was before.  Yes, it does mean that we must submit our offenses and baggage.  In these heated moments a jewel is being forged and laid up in heaven for you.  The most precious treasure though is being at peace and joy with the Body of Christ. 

These are just some rambling notes to myself as I journey to enter these gates myself to prepare myself to be that pure spotless bride who, most assuredly, has oil in her lamp for the arrival of the Bridegroom.  Hallelujah!


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