Extinction Convergence? Coronavirus and Cosmic Rays Increasing

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What is on my radar?

Extinction Cycles, Cosmic Rays, Coronavirus

Cosmic rays are raining on your parade bringing mutations and extinctions to all biologic life.  Right now, you and the coronavirus are experiencing a 12% increase of cosmic rays than if this situation had occurred three years ago. How does this impact you?

You are receiving sufficient doses of radiation that lower your immune system to fight coronavirus or any pathogen.

Cosmic rays impact your microbiome causing instabilities to occur making you more vulnerable to any disease, of any kind. Every organ in your body and all hormones are impacted.

This radiation can and will mutate the coronavirus and other pathogens making a vaccine option no realistic.  By the time the vaccine is developed and deployed the pathogen such as coronavirus will have mutated, not to mention coronavirus has many faces making it impossible to get a true vaccine. 

Cosmic ray mutation of pathogens is going to increase pestilence and plagues of all kinds around the world. 

Cosmic rays are increasing due to the Grand Solar Minimum and changes to the earth's magnetosphere.  This situation will increase and continue for the rest of your lifetime. This is a 12,000-year cyclical event.

Hiding in caves or subterranean labyrinths will not help, as the rays are potent enough to penetrate the earth's crust. 

There are things you can do.  Provide layers of supplements and foods that are radioprotective.  Please purchase my book, at the bottom of this article for a user-friendly reference guide to these foods and supplements.

Here are the details on the increase in cosmic rays from spaceweather.com:

NEW ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION MEASUREMENTS: We're back from the Arctic, and we have some new results to share. In January 2020, the students of Earth to Sky Calculus and Spaceweather.com traveled to Abisko, Sweden, to launch a pair of cosmic ray balloons. We'd been there before, launching three identical balloons in March 2017. Putting all the data together, 2017+2020, we find that radiation has increased +12% in the past 3 years:

The graph shows the radiation dose rate (uGy/hr) vs. altitude (feet) all the way from ground level to the stratosphere. Radiation appears to be increasing at nearly all altitudes--even in the range 25,000 ft to 40,000 ft where airplanes fly. Polar flight crews and passengers are therefore absorbing ~12% more cosmic radiation than they did only a few years ago.

What's causing the increase? Solar Minimum. At the moment, the sun is near the bottom of the 11-year solar cycle. During Solar Minimum, the sun's magnetic field weakens, allowing extra cosmic rays from deep space to penetrate the solar system. These cosmic rays are hitting Earth's atmosphere, creating a spray of secondary cosmic rays that shower toward the ground below.

Secondary cosmic rays are what we measure. Radiation sensors onboard our helium balloons detect X-rays and gamma-rays in the energy range 10 keV to 20 MeV, similar to what you get from medical X-ray machines and airport security scanners.

Above: Schematic diagram of a cosmic ray air shower. Learn more from CERN.

We've been launching radiation sensors almost weekly for 5 years--mainly from California, the "home base" of Spaceweather.com. Cosmic rays in the stratosphere have been increasing the entire time, a sign of deepening Solar Minimum.

The new data from Abisko, Sweden, show the increase is not limited to the stratosphere. It is also happening at aviation altitudes with a 3-year increase of ~12% even below 40,000 ft. We're planning another ballooning trip to Sweden in August 2020 to confirm these results. Stay tuned.

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