Counter Unbiblical Conduct

Please be advised that Celeste Solum's video's are exclusively provided to you at the Diamond Disc Channel and and Steve Quayle's Q Files. When I do a public interview the host or hostess can do as they please with the video. You will find Celeste Solum's Signature Video Research and Conclusions at Diamond Disc You Tube Channel and and Steve Quayle's Q Files, exclusivelyDiamond Disc Channel

Some people engage in robbery of my work, the truth is twisted, and some engage in profiteering and exploiting my name or work to gain hits or clicks.  Some engage in blatant and outright character assassination for their own agenda. 

You are searching for the real truth, so please do not patronize sites who engage in unbiblical conduct.

My humble thanks to each of you. The Lord, His calling for my life, and each of you is why I do what I do.

The logo that you see is a Certificate of Authenticity.  You will know with confidence that the video you will watch is not a perversion or copycat. Don't lower yourself to fake news, God knows, there is too much of that already.