Creatures of the Netherworld

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Levels of the Under WorldXL

In Jewish Thought

On earth, as it is in heaven

From ancient man to recent history accounts have been told of encounters with what may seem to us as fantastical creatures or hybrid humans.  These accounts were told in legends with some of the conversations being written down in precise detail.  The conversations and eye-witness statements told of beings and creatures not from outer space, but from the dark world beneath our feet.  There is biblical precedent for these encounters.  Just as the bible talks of different heavens, it also alludes to an equal amount of under-world layers known as earths. 

It is time to unearth these legends from all cultures, so that we may all prepare for the days that have unfolded before our very eyes, the Days of Noah.

Trillions of Life Forms

According to professionals who document life forms there are trillions of life forms on the earth’s surface ranging from microbial to giant creatures.  Some creatures on the land and sea have not yet been discovered, and many are found after that were presumed extinct.  So why is it so difficult to believe that there are populations of creatures and even humans under the earth?

In reality, other earths, worlds (planets), and untold dimensions may not be so far removed from one another. They really might be one and the same thing.

While we will be exploring only one culture’s belief of this enigmatic world, every culture has its own version, and yet the account of most all cultures is similar.  Ponder, as we journey to the center of the earth, the likenesses to our world and the events that we are seeing come to pass.

As we explore these subterranean creatures please consider we see these anomalies in our earth.  But I ask you, which came first the chicken or the egg?  Did the anomalies that we see on the face of the earth originate from the bowels of the earth?


In Jewish legend, the ground under our feet is riddled with an extensive realm of subterranean tunnels.  Man is busy boring new tunnels for everything from transportation to nefarious purposes. It is said that new tunnels will appear at the End of Days which did not exist previously. 

Under the land and the sea there are is a labyrinth of tunnels extending around the world.  Some people believe that they follow the lay lines of our planet. 

There is an idea that the Resurrection process may include a journey of the body (skeletal bones) through a series of underground tunnels on its way to be reunited with the soul.

Subterranean Creatures

These underground realms may not be as physical as our surface world.  The creatures inhabiting this world below have a mixture of physical, such as we would describe ourselves, ethereal, and mystical beings.
There are demons, fallen angels, to other mysterious creatures.  Ancient humanity, even up until today have had contact with the seven worlds or layers that lay beneath our feet.


It is possible, although conjecture, that when Adam lived in the Garden of Eden his garment was one of light.  This is intriguing, as many of us have aura to this day.  Might our aura be a primitive or diminished form of Adam’s covering of light?  When Adam was banned from the garden animal skins were then used as a covering. 

Legend has it that Adam was a giant, although not of the gigantism resulting from the fallen angels mating with human women's offspring.  This makes sense because Adam was created from the dust of the earth at a time when the earth was highly saturated with nutrients in the air and upon the earth.  Even the light at the dawn of life was different than what we experience today.  

Seven Subterranean Worlds

Habitation of Erez is a world of darkness without a ray of light and utterly void.  This layer of earth is the abyss which contains the Tohu and Bohu, a sea and waters.  It is a statum of howling winds and storms.  The winds which blow on earth and the underworld are managed by an angel and subordinate angels.  It is said that the managing angel glows brightly like a flame.  These angels prefer only the darkness.  The habitation of the Erez would be what most people refer to as the center of the earth.

Habitation of Adamah or Tevel (Tebel) is the second earth.  This layer is the scene of the magnificence of God. It is where Light pierces through the darkness.  Light is said to be reflected from its own sky and phantom-like stars and constellations.  On our earth you can see the stars and constellations clearly in remote and dark places. What better place, than the layer next to the center of the earth to witness this celestial apparition.  

It is believed that this is the domain of phantom-like beings who always at war.  It is a world of great sadness.  The emotion of joy is not known to these creatures. 

Ancient tales relate that this earth layer has 365 living creatures, all different from our own earth.  It is a land of chimera’s, where animals have mixed with humans.  The result is a variety of mixed human-animal hybrid abominations. 

Adumah is inhabited with ‘human beings’ with two heads and four hands and feet.  All the organs in their bodies are doubled except for their trunk.  These beings are much like conjoined twins that we see today.  It is relayed that these particular ‘humans’ are greedy and often quarrel while engaging in eating and drinking. 

Legend relates that these beings leave their world to come to our earth where they ‘are changed into evil spirits’.  When their mission is accomplished they return to their abode.  It is said that they till the ground for agricultural pursuits and are avid hunters.

It is provocative for visitors who came to this second earth with memory, left the Land of Adumah with memory loss.

In Adumah there resides a great angel who is in charge of minor angels.  They ‘cause people to walk in an evil path’.

Habitation of Arka (Yabbasah) is the third earth.  According to the Legends of the Jews the Arka contains Gehinnom, sha’are Mawet, Sha’zalmawet, Beer Shabat, Tit ha-Yawen, Abaddon, Sheol, the place of wicked souls.  It is guarded by the Angels of Destruction and his minions whose mission is to lure people to sin, each in a different way. This earth receives some their sun so it does contain light and flames, but they are diverted into purgatory to punish wicked souls.  The Arka was surrendered to the Canaanites forever, as their perpetual domain.  If it was surrender then there must have been some type of battle which occurred.  Arkians till the ground and plant trees.  The land contains rivers and springs.

In the Arka, reside Canaanites who are giants and some of which are dwarves.  As fantastical as it may sound, some of the giants have two heads.  This is a land of indecision.  Stories accounted that they are always at loggerhead with each other.  This may seem impossible, but on earth today, polycephaly is known in medicine.  It literally means many heads.  This is true in the animal kingdom as it is with human beings.

This is a mysterious and shadowy world that contains dark jungles and forests, as well as orchards.  The inhabitants live off of the trees, or so it is said.

The Habitation of Harabah (Ge), is the forth earth.  It is a very dry place and yet has brooks and streams, despite its name.  This world is a very bright place, even having two suns. 

This is the habitation of the generation of the Tower of Babel and their descendants as well as the generation of Korach who were swallowed up by the earth.  ‘God banished them thither because the forth earth is not far from gehinnom and therefore close to the flaming fire’. 

The inhabitants of Ge are skillful in all ante-diluvium arts, and accomplished in all departments of science and knowledge.  Their abode overflows with wealth.  When an inhabitant of our earth visits them, they give him the most precious thing in their possession, but then lead him to Nishiyah, the fifth earth.

The cities here are rich and wondrous, but the dwellers were constantly looking for a source of underground water. It was said that these people had fair features.

Habitation of Nishiyah is the fifth earth and is a land of ‘forgetting’. The translation of Nishiyah means something like ‘dreamlike’ or ‘amnesiac’, or if you will, ‘zombie’. As we look into this realm, consider the pandemic of memory losses that goes by different names, with our loved ones and friends of all ages.  A person in this territorial layer becomes oblivious of his origin and of his home. 

The inhabitants of Nishiyah are small stature dwarfs without noses; they breathe through two slits or holes.  It is said that they are all male, or perhaps, androgynous.   They have no memory.  Once a thing happens they forget it completely.  The forth and fifth earth’s are like Arka in that it has trees.

The descriptions of the inhabitants of Nishiyah resemble what we refer today as the malevolent ‘greys’.  So are the greys extra-terrestrial or from a world below our feet? 

These beings are said to be of small stature. These descriptions sound very similar to the malevolent alleged extraterrestrials called the “greys.”

The people here live off the land and seem to be a bit simple-minded. Their world has a red sun and is very dry.   The air is extremely thin. 
Some of the dwellers in Nishiyah are demons (mazikin). Some demons manifest visibly, while others do not.  Whether they are visible to humans or not, it is very possible that they have corporeality in their own world.
Scientists, politicians, and the media are filling the news with stories on gender confusion where people are changing sexes, and sometimes becoming both sexes.  God is turning us over to our reprobate minds.  The implementation of technologies such as CERN is being allowed to change the ‘times and the seasons’ as is mentioned in the Book of Daniel 2:21.  Experimentation and assault against the Laws of Nature is in actuality a war against God.  We are seeing a thin atmosphere,

planetary dimming, and dramatic climatic changes.  Red suns and blood moons are in the increase.  The combination of technology, pharmakia (drugs), and environmental fluctuations are changing our world into a dream-like zombie habitation, much like Nishiyah.   All the while, our world is becoming increasingly hostile to humanity. 

Habitation of Ziah is the sixth earth is Ziah.  This is the earth next to ours, and as such, is inhabited by handsome men, who are abundant in wealth and who live in palatial residences.  But this earth lacks water, as the name of their territory, Ziah indicates ‘drought’.  Vegetation is sparse for these inhabitants.  Agriculture is met with limited success. 
Instead of searching for water to quell their drought conditions these ‘people of Ziah search for water sources.  They then utilize the underground aquifer channels as a transport system up into our world where they feast upon the resources of our lands.  They are a ravenous ‘people’.  These inhabitants sound very much like the privileged people on the surface of our planet who exploit resources for their own wealth while the vast majority of humanity is forced to live in drought conditions.
The seasons in Ziah are very long. The inhabitants can travel from earth to earth (layers) and are credited with being able to speak all languages. Were some of the ancestors of the generation of the Tower of Babel? 

This earth is said to be the place where Hell can be found, all seven layers of it one on top of another. The topmost layer being Sheol followed by, perdition, the gates of death, the gates of the shadow of death, silence, the bilge and pit.                                                                               

Habitation of Helel (heled) is the seventh earth.  It is separated from the other worlds by the abyss, Tohu, Bohu, a sea, and the underground fountains.  This is our world.  It is the habitation of the physical the body with a soul in a constant struggle balancing the spiritual and the physical worlds.  Once a person dies he is present with the Lord.  He leaves the domain of the Seven Worlds of Earth and enters the heavenly realm.

When Worlds Collide

We live in a time like no other in history, nor ever will be again. We live in the ‘Days of Noah’ on steroids.  There is a convergence known as the bridging between the earth layers, other dimensions, and celestial realms occurring.  Up unto these days there were distinct realms with protective barriers.  Technology has pried open the gates and where once there were infrequent visitations between worlds, star-gates now allow free-flowing access between worlds. 

What that means for us is that the gates of hell have been opened.   We must remember the words of Jesus, “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it”.  Matthew 16:18:  As Jesus stood at the mouth of the gates of hell, Caesarea Philippi, He declared how to fight hell and its hordes.  Your assurance is in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

In the days to come, bring the story of the spies (meraglim) into your recollection.  In the days of giants, it is critical to give a good report of the situation at hand and God’s provision, because this reflects on how God is perceived throughout the world.  If one fails in giving a good report to others, causing them to dismay, there are consequences, as many of the Children of Israel discovered.

As the darkness, wickedness, and giants flood the earth, the accuser is busy at the Divine Council accusing day and night pleading to God for our destruction.  The truth is that we can have a triumphal victory with three easy to remember tasks from Revelation 12:11:

  • Victory with the shed blood of the Lamb
  • The word of our testimony of Him
  • And that we do not love our lives unto death
May God bless you and protect you during these days and times.  And be blessed with discernment in an age of deception.

There will be more coming including the non-corporeal creatures and spirits residing below our feet.


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