Dashboard of Destruction

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What is a Dashboard? How does it impact me?

I introduced this topic after my interview on Ultimate Food Control and other topics with Steve Quayle and Joe Hagmann on the Hagmann Report.  I then did a special broadcast for my patrons and Steve's Q Files TV subscribers.

This is an introduction and backgrounder for this Friday's show on Food Control from the UN to the FDA, including how 9-11 laid the groundwork for the biblically prophesied food control and famine.  I felt it was necessary to complete the discussion so that you have a comprehensive overview of what we are facing and why. 

Remember the early days of space travel when we all saw images of the control room?  Today all the screens, computers, data, events, and people are on a computer system known as a dashboard. 

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From government to corporations, massive amounts of data, people, resources, and disasters are being managed by dashboards.  I first saw my first dashboard around 9-11 in Emergency Management when we transitioned from whiteboards to WEBEOC, a dashboard for managing disaster incidents.  It certainly was much easier to access information and also improved communication problems that often occurred during an incident.  

Currently, we are seeing dashboards expanding into the governmental sector to manage the upcoming global objectives, such as:

Food control-Released October 1, 2019

Depopulation by Bio-Released WHO-September 9, 2019

Space Weather Dashboard

We can expect a few more dashboards to pop up in the days to come, more than likely within the year.  

This brief video shares a little about dashboards so that when you see them in the news, you will know what they do, how they operate, and what they are managing.

With these dashboards the powers that be can watch, manage, and metric out the carnage that is occuring both judmentally (by God-but don't tell them that) and by their design (reprobate minds at work)

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