Diamonds in the Rough Opportunity

If you are interested in the posts that I write and would like more details, today only, Anthony Patch will make his Patron broadcast open to the public. Once again, this is for today only. Anthony and his wife Kathleen study similar things using different data streams and the Lord reveals different information to us that is complimentary to each other. He will be sharing some very interesting information on technology this is need to know. Check his website for the link and time for your time zone. For me is 10 am MT.


As for my next article, the Lord just took me on one wild research ride this morning. We live in amazing times!  I pray that I can articulate and convey the information that Jesus wants you to know. This article will be on technology and Revelation. 

In subsequent articles I will be breaking down the Exponential Medicine (AI in medicine) conference that just concluded.  That conference an information dense-11 hours a day for four days conference packed with critical information.

God bless you all. Thank you for your prayers with the loss of my Moshe! The Lord just blessed me with a new fuzzy companion that I will pick up this weekend. Her name is Zipporah or Zippy for short.


From the trenches of the Lord Jesus Christ,