Dirty Secrets About the FEMA, Voluntary and Faith-Based Organizations "Family"


What FEMA and its partners are very silent is that since September 11, 2001 they changed volunteerism into slavery and our Chrisitan love into occultic mandatory service at behest of a corrupt corporate bureacracy. 

Over the years you were incremental stripped of your "right" to help your neighbor in time of disaster.  What this program is truly about is:

  • You consenting to be slave labor
  • You submitting to come under FEMA Chain-of-Command
  • You forsaking freedom to help someone in need unless told you may by government or their partners.
  • Background checks
  • Must comply with government mandates

Today President Biden calls upon Americans to unite through national service and volunteerism to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety and put forward a shared vision for a more united America.

Most of this article was written in 2010 with a few minor updates.  Most of the links and images were changed by the perpertrators to protect the guilty.

Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Celeste Solum 

What evil emerged out out of the embers of 911?  The President and corporate sponsors banked on that crisis to unite the  American people to respond to the clarion call to transform the month of September from a tragic memorial into an annual National Preparedness Month very similar to the annuasl remerance of the "Rebellion" in the Hunger Games.  As this service program ripples across our culture there are people in the background weaving magic bands of bondage upon all wrists and making veils to blind Americans of every stature, in the hunt for souls.  Unwittingly, the American people are uniting as ‘citizens’ into a volunteer black-hole.

“Will you hunt down souls belonging to My people, and keep other souls alive for profit? You have profaned Me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, putting to death persons who should not die and keeping alive persons who should not live, by your lies to My people who listen to lies.”  Ezekiel 13:18


While the notion of preparedness is a noble idea, the President, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), in coordination with the Corporation for National & Community Service [2] and in partnership with Citizen Corps [3], teamed up to require each American, young and old, to accept their “societal duty” to participate in the United States Corporate “Readiness Team”.


The government has hired a famous advertising firm to deceive the public with subtle messaging:


Preparation for the 2010 National Preparedness Month (NPM) [5] began a year ago under FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate who said, “Emergency Management Community has to do a better job of capitalizing on public interest,” also stating, that it has been, “challenging the public to step up and accept their responsibilities.” 

The SERVE AMERICA  ACT [7] was heralded as a “catalyst for social innovation, and to support the nonprofit sector. The law both expands our existing programs and creates new initiatives to increase service opportunities and strengthen our civic infrastructure.”  The Strategic Plan is a blueprint for the Corporation’s programs and operations, “defining the unique role that national service can play in building a culture of citizenship, service, and responsibility in America.”

FEMA kicked off their “Ready Campaign” with a Webinar that included 779 Coalition partners who facilitated the controlled messaging with the intention of seducing the average American into federalization under the banner of “emergency preparedness.” Back in 2010 the year’s slogan will be:  “Plan Now, Work Together, Get Ready.”

Who is actively involved in the Ready Campaign Coalition?  Nearly 2700 organizations across the country joined up just last year including:  Amateur radio organizations, Citizen Corp Counsel and Programs, Faith-based Organizations, Federal Government Agencies, Health Organizations, Military, Non-profit Organizations, Private Sector, Schools, State and Local Government, Tribal Governments, and Multi-Cultural Organizations.  Check this out to see some surprising participants. [8]


Organizations are not the only target.  The government and corporate partners are harnessing 30 million baby-boomers who have expendable time to volunteer, and America’s youth from toddlers through college.  [9]

Patrick Corvington, CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service delivered the commencement address for the University of Texas at San Antonio for spring graduation ceremonies.  Representing the Obama Administration he told the 2010 graduates, “You are the service generation.”  Most of these students will find it difficult to find employment and they will be forced to look into collective slavery to fill the void that typically would have been filled through gainful employment.

Our Constitution is a legally binding contract between freeborn sovereign American individuals and ‘government’ which is created to do jobs that we could not do as individuals. 

According to Blacks Legal Dictionary, Sixth Addition, a ‘volunteer’ is a “person who gives his services without any express or implied promise of remuneration (pay) […] A person who pays the debt of another without request, when not legally or morally bound to do so and not in the protection of his own interest.” [10]

Our ‘duty’ required by the President and various agencies is not ‘volunteerism’ it is slavery.   Each one of us, our children, and grandchildren are being mandated to pay a debt of time and resources to society for an obligation that we did not incur.

Are You a Coalition Partner?

In September 2010 the volunteer service program was unveiled to the public, with a new attitude of force.  In some cultures an unveiling occurs after a person has died and their headstone or memorial is presented to the public.  You are going be presented with a decision to become a ‘Volunteer Coalition Member’ or choose the fate of being considered a terrorist, radical, social outcast, or worse.  You will be required to make a choice.  As former President George Bush said so succinctly in an address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” A similar languages was used by Vladimir Lenin, Benito Mussolini, and Hilary Clinton two days after the events of September 11, 2001.

Plato is quoted around 400 B.C. as saying,   “This and no other is the root which the tyrant springs: when he first appears he is a protector.”

Volunteerism in the United States has been a tradition held dear too many Americans who do so generously from the heart from everything from disasters to religion.   The government saw this unharnessed potential of free labor they began to build a framework to exploit their human capital.

Former President Bush has asked all Americans to devote at least 4,000 hours, the equivalent of at least two years of their lives, in service to their communities and country.  The current Administration will have a more illusory and forceful approach.

The New Enterprise Deal

The Quadrennial Homeland Security Review [11] has stated that to achieve national resilience: “… individuals, families and communities– and the systems that sustain them – must be informed, trained and materially and psychologically prepared to withstand disruption, absorb or tolerate disturbance,  know their role in a crisis, adapt to changing conditions and grow stronger over time.”

Again, we can EXPECT:

  • Disruption
  • Absorb or tolerate disturbance
  • Know “our role” when it hits the fan
  • Adapt to changing conditions

The term “enterprise” refers to the collective (Communist) efforts and shared responsibilities of Federal, State, local, tribal, territorial, nongovernmental, and private-sector partners—as well as individuals, families, and communities—to maintain critical homeland security capabilities. The use of the term connotes a broad-based community with a common interest in the public safety and well-being of America and American society that is composed of multiple actors and stakeholders whose roles and responsibilities are distributed and shared.

The New Deal volunteerism is a complex matrix of ‘volunteer’ organizations.  These organizations are grass-rooted in the desire for the public to voluntarily participate in a plethora of venues from international disasters to local community support dating back to the 1960’s.  Government noticed this raw labor potential and began incrementally inching towards covert slavery through a series of laws, regulations, acts, even calls for social responsibility.  The American people first saw mandated community service in the early 1980’s when high school students began being forced into community bondage in order to receive a graduation diploma.

 What is a Citizen?

According to Black’s Legal Dictionary a ‘citizen’ is, “One who, under the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of a particular state, is a member of a political community, owing allegiance and being entitled to the enjoyment of full civil rights […]

Citizens are members of a political community who, in their associated capacity, have established or submitted themselves to the dominion of a government for the promotion of their general welfare and the protection of their individual and collective rights. [12]

According to the Bible a ‘citizen’ is a person having full status as a member of a socio-political unit of people—a friend, companion, fellow, member, includes offspring, a transplanted person, or a naturalized person.  A citizen might be ‘a person who belongs to that country’, or ‘one who is counted or enumerated as a person of that country,’ but one could be a citizen of a country without necessarily living in such a geographical area.  Tributes and taxes are collected from governments to sustain oftentimes oppressive regimes.  Before one lays claim or marches under the banner of ‘citizenship’ one might want to consider the consequences, particularly the eternal cost of doing so.  For many of us our abode is the heavenly kingdom thus it would be contradictory to lay claim to being any country ‘citizen’. As a citizen you are uniting and joining other individuals for a common purpose.  Today many would rather adopt the biblical label ‘stranger’ who is a person ‘not known’ and ‘not recognized’.  As God’s people we are to live as ‘strangers in a foreign land.’

 You Have Come A Long Way Baby

The contemporary Civilian Response Corps [13] is a program of the United States Department of State & Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and (S/CRS).  It is responsible for U.S. government efforts to stabilize war-torn societies and rebuild nations, including our own war-ridden country. [14]

The Civilian Response Corps members are trained to be an elite force to address daunting and perplexing challenges of American national security. [15]

This Civilian-Military trains with regular military for domestic, international, and interagency engagements, reconstruction, and stabilization for possible deployment domestically or abroad. 

Civilian Response Corps is an interagency body that promotes the “whole of government” (UN) planning and implementation, a one-stop enforcement-to-judicial execution model, for all agencies from agriculture to public health.

The POINTS OF LIGHT INSTITUTE [16] is a deceptive front organization funneling large segments of the population to designated ‘volunteer’ organizations and corporate masters.

HandsOn Network, the volunteer-focused arm of Points of Light Institute, is the largest volunteer network in the nation and includes more than 250 HandsOn Action Centers that reach more than 83% of the nation’s population and extend to ten countries. HandsOn includes a powerful network of more than 70,000 corporate, faith and nonprofit organizations that are answering the call to serve and creating scaled impact.


MissionFish is a social enterprise that enables people to designate a portion of their online sales and purchases to charity.


The Civic Incubator is the newest business unit of Points of Light Institute with a purpose of creating ‘innovation in civic activation’. The Incubator brings together and supports emerging civic solutions and new ideas through social enterprise, mergers and joint ventures. Currently, we are incubating AmeriCorps Alums, a new Youth Service Entity and an Interfaith Service Initiative.  The Civic Incubator treats you no differently than meat animals in a commercial operation, produce or die.

Marking Children through Indoctrination

‘Volunteer’ organizations such as Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and the FBI are brainwashing our children as young as kindergarten in societal demands. Classes held in the primary grade teach them ‘conflict resolution’ and the “concept of helping others without the intention of personal gain,” which according to some AmeriCorp NCCC volunteer’s,  these children have “never seen before.” These government volunteers are eagerly standing in line to teach your children and grandchildren what society expects from them in their KIDS program.

Behind the Scenes

“Ignorance of the law is no excuse” and every citizen is at risk.  The creators of this voluntary network do not share all of the fine print with you who are pledging and committing to ‘volunteer’.  After you sign on the dotted line an invisible bureaucratic machine begins and a background check is run.

According to Business Week today we have over 100,000 federal laws enacted each year and that does not include state, county and city laws and regulations.  State governments add an additional 2 million laws.  Due to the sheer volume of laws and regulations every person is guilty of something whether it is a parking ticket or something more serious.

When this background check is conducted the enforcers will follow through in executing whatever penalty is on the books according to a pre-established penalty matrix. Today, that may mean incarceration, back-breaking fines and penalties, or even the death penalty.

As a freeborn Sovereign individual you need to understand that when you volunteer to become ‘federalized’ you are owned by the federal government. For all intents and purposes you voluntarily renounce your Constitutional, God-given, Natural Rights. You are giving up liberty to power-brokers who grant you only permissions, as they desire. You might be conscripted only to be sent far from family and loved ones to distant lands; Afghanistan to Somalia; to engage in foreign warfare, ideologies, or programs. When you voluntarily signed your freedom away you are no longer free to oppose anything, you are compelled do your masters bidding.

How long are Americans going to continue to voluntarily turn over the reigns of control of our communities to a parasitic government that today is bleeding them through taxes? Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying, “I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industries.” While Hitler said in 1924, “The one means that wins the easiest victory over reason: terror and force.”

“Power, like a desolating pestilence, pollutes whatever it touches.”
Percy Bysshe Shelley 1813


New Pledge & New Standard

With this unbridled power comes a new pledge and standards, not to God, but to become an American worker-bee.

Pledging when the word bara בָּרָא is used, 42 times, is a contract between the Creator who fashions and shapes not only the heaven & earth but all that is in them. The Creator makes possible new conditions and circumstances as well as transformations. The ancient root for pledge can also be interchanged with the concept of ‘cut down’ and to ‘make fat’. Another old word for pledge is cabal. Cabal or pledge is used 29 times with the concept of ‘destroying’, ‘bands’, ‘corruption’, ‘offend’, ‘spoil’, ‘travail’, ‘spoil’, to ‘ruin’, to ‘break’, to ‘writhe’ & ‘twist’. The cabal also requires a pledge, a demand for security or surety, to temporarily possess an object belonging to a debtor as security for repayment of a loan.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a cabal as “a small group joined in a secret intrigue.”

According to Black’s Legal Dictionary, Sixth Edition a pledge is, “A bailment, pawn, or deposit of personal property to a creditor as a security for some debt or engagement. Personal property transferred to pledge as security for pledgor’s payment of debt or other obligation. [22] A pledge is a promise or agreement by which one binds himself to do or forebear something. A lien is created by delivery of personal property by one owner to another, upon express or implied agreement that it shall be retained as security for existing or future debt. [23] Many of the laws of pledges have been replaced in Article 9 of the U.C.C.

The AmeriCorps Pledge [24]
I will get things done for America -
to make our people safer,
smarter, and healthier.
I will bring Americans together
to strengthen our communities.
Faced with apathy,
I will take action.
Faced with conflict,
I will seek common ground.
Faced with adversity,
I will persevere.
I will carry this commitment
with me this year and beyond.
I am an AmeriCorps member,
and I will get things done.


The logo of the ‘Corporation’ taking the helm of the volunteer ‘free’ labor gives the average American insight into the core values and beliefs of ‘volunteerism’.

  • The Logo reflects the imagery of the U.S. flag, demonstrating graphically the connection between patriotism and service. We believe that serving the country is a patriotic duty and an obligation of citizenship.
  • Demonstrates visually that the Corporation is made up of three programs—Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America. (All older, middle-age, youth)
  • Each program is represented by a white star in a blue field, which appears together with red and white stripes. The three stripes represent citizenship, service, and responsibility. That imagery is carried over to the individual program logos.
  • Begin to reduce the number of logos used so as to increase the public’s understanding of our programs and the connections between them.
    • Never run the logos sideways, upside down, or placed within a shape.
    • Use logos proportionally—don’t stretch or squeeze.
    • Do not alter the fonts or colors.
    • Obtain written permission from the Corporation before using the logos
    • Do not use the image of the star in a red field (or in any other color field other than the specified blue) to represent the Corporation or any of its programs. [25]

The Placement

The commands and controls above are becoming self evident. The scene now makes a change to a counter-biblical stance where one takes the Corporation logo as ‘two elements’ that places itself before blessings to God before the symbolic “Communion” of taking wine and bread. As you read this list, ponder the occult meaning of its placement:

The Corporation logo consists of two elements:

1) The name of the Corporation;
2) Three stars representing our three programs and three stripes representing citizenship,
service, and responsibility. (Three wise men, three stars in sky, triangle-pyramid)

The program logos consist of several elements:

1) A black, serrated seal;
2) Two white outlines of circles; (Masonic and occult)
3) A white sunburst; (bright white star of the morning – Lucifer!)
4) A capital letter representing each program;
5) The full name of the program; and
6) A stylized American flag with one star, to represent the program, and three stripes
representing citizenship, service, and responsibility.

  • The proportion, spacing, and size relationships have been carefully developed and must remain intact.
    • The logos should always be used as shown—never split, altered, redrawn, flipped,
    added to, animated, or recreated in any way.
    • The logos are service marks and trademarks.
    • Creating variations of them is unacceptable from both a legal and an identity standpoint.

On the flag the colors mean:

  • Black often represents determination, ethnic heritage, and/or defeating one’s enemies.
    • Red often represents courage, revolution, hardiness, blood, and/or valor.
    • White often represents peace, purity, mountain snow, and/or innocence. A simple white flag represents surrender. [25]

The Power of One in Truth

In America we organize ourselves through chains-of-agreements. The good news is that an agreement which uses force or deception (fraud) is NOT BINDING. There will be consequences to pay if an American has voluntarily signed up for some program but American law is based upon Constitutional and Common Law. That law is the basis on which you can stand and reclaim your God-given, Natural Rights. These Rights really cannot be taken away from you unless you voluntarily give them up.

To ensure your continued liberty and freedom, Americans must establish that establish their sovereignty through a Signed and Notified AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH. [26] There are a few instructions which you must delete and then fill out, print, and notarize. You will not be sending this document to agencies, which would raise red-flags.

Please continue reading and adding to your biblical & constitutional library. There are so many excellent books out there with the banner of liberty.

We were born for such a time as this so: Be of good courage, stand firm, and draw your line in the sand for the freedom that was purchased through blood, sweat, and tears.



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